791: Think You’re Alone? ~ [Update4]

Hardly. Check this out.


See all those proton events? You probably never thought as to why there were suddenly so many, out of the blue? (You weren’t? What’s wrong with you?) Well, SOURCE is sending in all kinds of ‘dismantling’ energy for various reasons, mostly to wake people up and help them turn things around, but also this latest proton influx is defeating the cabal’s weather/earth tampering, among other things. Things were slated to be MUCH worse, but they’ll turn out to be quite mild.

In the meantime, here’s another mystery solved:

More later.



Note the poles saturated with energy:

We’ll see it hit the core and bounce back, shortly.


The past few days of energy…




We’re going to bury this in this post, for various reasons. It’s simple, but complicated, and a little difficult to describe.

To reiterate and frame what has recently happened… which is an exceedingly big deal… SOURCE, Who’s been let’s say channeled by all of us SOURCE enthusiasts over the past XX years who came here to do such a thing (hence that Stillness so many of us have experienced more and more the past few years), is now fully BACK, here, now, in the center of things, because of us volunteers. Earth and Gaia and Sol and Portal One are sort of the center of all this omniversal stuff, for many reasons, which is why so many kind ETs and beings from all over have been sending us good mojo the past XX years, not to mention Spirit and SOURCE (via Wave X), and why space wars have ravaged on and off for so long on our doorstep. Basically, all of us volunteers have, with Brother J’s help, each become a kind of ‘J-model singularity’ separately, then found each other, then bound ourselves together and created what might be termed a SOURCE Mass, or a Woven Knot of Intractable Spirit here, or a SOURCE BEACHHEAD, thus anchoring and allowing SOURCE to FLOW to this equilibristic center of things en masse and take charge in the odd interim, which we’ll get to. The tricky part is that… since this is all Illusion, SOURCE has to do it through us, ’cause if SOURCE for one picosecond thought any of this was real, IT WOULD BECOME REAL. It is of course NOT real. We are simply pieces of SOURCE, non-local beings having a local experience. Those of us who volunteered for this are here to awaken hearts and heal minds: the hearts and minds of humans, of ETs, of former angels, of all who are present, of all who have fled. This is actually one aspect of what was meant by the “Second Coming”… with another aspect being Brother J speaking to Helen Schucman, the scribe of A Course in Miracles and giving us the complete version of all of J’s teachings in plain, modern english, and… the final aspect has yet to be seen. (You can guess what that is.)

Why is this a big deal? Besides the whole salvation thing (!), there’s something even bigger going on.

SOURCE breathes, or perhaps oscillates… like the tides. No one knows why, or how. It’s just one of those things. What we do know is that many of the existing Extensions came into existence on the most-recent Breathe-Out/SOURCE Exhalation… with a very long time between breaths, even though technically there is no time… and now, with what we have done here as basically the SOURCE Beachhead for the entire omniverse in this momentary space between breaths (the interim)… SOURCE is now bringing us all back in with the next Inhalation. And so now we get to see everything from another perspective as we return Home. Some will go fast. Some will go slow. All will go Home.

And… btw… what’s coming up next week? THE EQUINOX.

The real question is: What happens on the NEXT EXHALATION?!


To answer that one question, YES: Djinn are real — and they are not to be messed with, or made light of. They are evil, literally fragments of Mr. Nasty. Give them their space and keep clear. All this stuff will get cleared out and moved elsewhere, eventually. That said, elementals ae also real, and… well, give these beings respect. Don’t invoke them, don’t taunt them, and pay attention to locals when they tell you to keep away from a specific location. Look for trouble in the spirit world and you will get it.

Also, BURN all ouija boards.