Grounding UP — The PULL [UPDATE3]

Going UP… Some of you may now be experiencing what we’re calling “The PULL” in meditation, when you set a grounding cord to the New Earth, and/or to SOURCE, you feel this upward PULL. Some have been experiencing this for a while, while others are getting it now. Ground UP!  Additionally, we’re continuing to see interesting activity elsewhere. Here’s a current snapshot: Recent Moscow SR … Continue reading Grounding UP — The PULL [UPDATE3]

Your 5D Earth Help Desk

What some astronomy enthusiasts call “Steve” is actually… a “Love Dragon” (there are all different kinds). Yes, it’s a special dragon just for all of us at this time. Pretty darn nice of them. Hi. In a really remarkable personal session one of us had today, we learned for the first time that the 5d New Earth — 5th density earth, as opposed to the … Continue reading Your 5D Earth Help Desk