782: CAT CSA ~ [UPDATE2]

There’s more than one way to develop blood clots, folks.

This is a Community Service Announcement from The CATs.

Those of you who have cellphones on your person, carrying them either in your pocket or within a foot of your body, and those who use laptops ON their body (on your lap or legs), please heed the following warning.

Rf (Radio Frequency) and EM (Electro-Magnetic) radiation can literally COOK tissues in proximity to rf tranceivers that talk to WIFI. Ten years ago, one of the CATs who used to rest his laptop balanced on his leg while writing developed blood clots in that leg. Another CAT a few years later, who always had her cellphone in her back pocket, had the same thing happen. Both unknowingly developed blood clots; both had clots dislodge during physical exertion, and both suffered pulmonary embollisms which almost killed them, landing them both in the hospital for seven days.

Exposure of this type is like putting a body part in the microwave.

ALSO: Please stand back 5-6 feet from microwave ovens while in operation. Their shielding isn’t always effective. Same goes for cell towers ANYWHERE.


To answer a recent question from a couple of readers…

Putting devices into airplane mode reduces the threat, but you should still never keep them on your body.


FYI: Bluetooth hearing aids and earbuds are HORRIBLE for you. It’s like a brain cancer countdown. Throw them in the trash.