781: Ugh ~ [UPDATE6]

Upgrades never felt so good. Yeah, right. Ow.

Those CATs and readers who could report have done so. The energy the past couple days is akin to those debilitating Ascension days of ten years ago, but worse. All kinds of body pains, bizarre sensations, ultra-fatigue. To think we signed up for this. Actually, it’s worse: We beat out at least a billion spirits EACH who wanted our seats. It’s like winning the sledgehammer lottery: Winner gets slugged repeatedly all over with a sledgehammer. ERs around the world must be packed today with head-scratching doctors and grumpy patients rife with weird symptoms. Welcome to Earth, 2023.

Note that Sal (which is a strongly gravitational brown dwarf, barely visible) will be inducing all kinds of energy shifts, even more than before, and some of these will be VISIBLE. We’re expecting multiple events, but they probably won’t be the same. Besides the overall Ascension and Wave X waves coming in, this latest period is perhaps the source (so to speak) of most of our visions and dreams of The Event we’ve been having all this time. They just look different to the “third eye” than our normal vision. Such energy shifts — which we’re being prepared for at this very moment, ow — could propel you into a new reality at any time… or simply augment the existing situation positively. For those of us getting older and older, it can’t happen fast enough. We’ll take whatever we can get.

Note that the sun’s sister sun Sal (not Trudy) is due to be closest to earth TODAY: Within 26M miles. That’s a third of the distance from the sun to the earth for a highly gravitic object. Strap in and hang on. Note that Sol and Sal and Gaia and SOURCE all want us to survive this!

The current Tomsk SR def. looks like we came through something:

We’ve been having jumps and adjustments all over, the past few days:

Our dreams said, “Check in on the 9th, check out on the 15th.” We jokingly said that probably means that CATs expire on that day. How would anyone be able to tell? Actually, it pertains to this six day period of intense growth and activation. Hang in there.

Wake me when I’m alive again.


We were too tired to say all this… luckily, Brenda did it for us! Thanks, Brenda. (And thanks to Maria for pointing it out!) It is right on.

UPDATE2 ~ 1/13/23

FYI, that odd SR “jump” we showed above…

…was an energy surge (at 18 Tomsk time, yesterday). Looks like something came at us and we were jumped away from it. SOURCE is keeping an eye on things.


FYI: Sal (the sun’s companion, who’s older) is right “behind” the earth… but not on the same plane as the Sol-ar system. Sal’s system is UP above us… it’s hard to say exactly how far, as we’re seeing Guides holding one hand to the right and above another hand… but we’re going to guess about 40M miles UP and to one side of us, transiting steadily. Sal is a little smaller than the sun and has burnt most of her nuclear fuel (brown dwarf), so she’s too dim to see with anything other than an IR telescope. Those astronomers who use such devices have had their jobs and lives threatened by the PTW… but surely someone could step forward and tell the truth.


It’s official: “Coincidence” is now the leading cause of death.


It should be noted that X-ray events are coming to us differently than in the past. The ones this week are PACKED with Wave X/SOURCE energy, like never before, the OUCHNESS of which meters aren’t really picking up. For example, this one (highlighted)…

…which hit around 2:00 am PST was STRONG (according to CAT nervous systems), though it should be noted that being near portals turns this energy up to full OW levels. We still feel fried. All of the ~M’s woke up an hour before this hit so they got extra crispy.


  • Btw, this ship, captured on film in 1971 by a Costa Rican pilot (and making the rounds anew on the internet)…

…is Lyran.

More as we find it.