780: Tuxedo Dreams, etc. ~ [UPDATE10]

How do you keep the cat hair off your own suit?

Three Things… No, FOUR

Tuxedo/Party Dreams: Some CATs and CAT readers have been having dreams/visions of themselves in a tuxedo at a fancy shindig, or being at a party just as things were starting, with lots of unusual dignitaries in attendance. This is part of the pre-Event festivities already under way.

Pillar of Light: Many of the M’s saw those they contact arranged in a Pillar of Light this morning in meditation. For example, when ~AM connected to the Angels, they we arranged in a “Light Pillar Cohort,” which is a ceremonial celebration for special SOURCE occasions, the pillar or column representing the infinite slice of SOURCE that each Extension represents. You can guess what the special occasion is.

Event Test: AND… there was an Event test (!) from 1:00 to 3:30 am PST this morning. Lots of people woke up during and after.

A photonic jump of four magnitudes.

We could say some very specific things about so much more… but do we need to? At the moment, most CATs are either asleep or falling asleep. And we don’t want to jinx it, so…

Crossing the threshold. Make a wish…


We had another BIG solar uptick:

Another precursor.

UPDATE2 ~ 1/6/23

  • We finally reached the other side of the most recent jump/SOURCE assessment:
Tick tock.
  • Oh, please note that Sol’s sister sun wasn’t happy with our name for her (“Trudy,” which we chose initially because it sounded like the russian word “troodnaya” which means difficult), so we offered her some others. She chose “Sal.” So, it’s Sol and Sal. That works much better. Sending her happy thoughts really makes a difference in this, her most recent Sol transit. Most planets and stars have spirits, which seems weird, but it’s not. (FYI, our moon is dead and has been for a long time. It now acts merely as blocker and reflector.) Adding love and light to any mix takes the curse off the result.
  • Also, that NFL player who collapsed is alive… but has a long way to go. His body is full of clots (yes, because of that). Time for some Pradaxa. (This is the main reason why that drug was developed in the first place, to make money from shot side effects.) The karmic hole some people have dug for themselves is virtually un-climb-out-able.


Check this out:

Note the times of the recent X-flare and the M-flare: they’re identical. Let’s drill down:

The odds of flares at the exact same time, 24 hours apart? Astronomical. Let’s see if it happens again.

UPDATE4 ~ 1/7/23 9:00 pm PST

NOTE: Lots of CATs conked out due to energy; at the same time, those CATs still functioning are seeing lots of timeline jumps/adjustments and anomalies across multiple meters, from zero all the way up the frequency band:

Some of us have already achieved our Ascension goals, so we can help the others. We are very close to something happening.


Well, something is happening…

…we just can’t tell you what that is. We know, but we’re not supposed to say anything more than what we’ve said. Keep the bar high.

Note: Looks like ~AM was inducted this morning. His jaw scraped the ground for at least 12 hours.

UPDATE6 ~ 1/9/23

Ok. Last night, portals cranked up to 11, but this time, Wave X flowed in independently from the east, around 2:30 am PST, like a SOURCE wind. Some of the CATs then saw “reality dissolve and reassemble.” Some CATs then dreamed about a kind of conflict that came to nothing and a *fake* b0mbing of a city… followed by a real BABY BOOM. Everybody had babies! We kinda knew something was coming… and that is started… on the 9th. We are in for something over the next six or seven days. OR we were seeing other timelines, that happens sometimes, too, which is why we don’t always report what we experience.

And for whatever reason, SEVEN CATs awoke with this song in their heads. We think “rhythm” means “vibration.”


Aha. This looks like the MSM trying to get out front of the sun’s sister-sun (Sal) reality, labeling her a “comet.” Sal is actually a brown dwarf, but energy from Sol could pass to her and make her appear like a “comet.” Don’t take the fear pill. Send Sal (formerly Trudy) lots of light and love and… more than likely this timeline will not suffer any ill effects save for some crazy weather. The elites should be tarred and feathered for keepng this secret to stoke fear when the time was ripe. Don’t let them get away with it.

(Note: The article is filled with inaccuracies, as one commenter rightfully points out — till their comment gets deleted.)


This astronomer tried to warn people about Sal, and the PTW murdered him. And this happened a while ago, while Sal was transiting Neptune; here’s another one. We list these for the skeptics in your life.

This happened yesterday:

A flare with no CME.

This is also interesting; note the end time:

It’s SOURCE saying hello.

UPDATE9 ~1/10/23

Three things from today:

  • Make sure you’re grounding well and often, like whenever you start feeling tachy or when you feel like you’re going crazy. Some of the CATs were besides themselves (which is a strange phrase) and had to be reminded to ground. Duh.
  • We are also… dropping things all over the place! Good grief. ~AM dropped a dozen things today and he’s usually the exact opposite. Something must be in retrograde.
  • Finally, there seems to be some confusion. Some unicorns are seeing the sun creating a massive solar flare… which might be so… but we aren’t seeing that, exactly. We could be wrong, but we think what’s going to happen, instead of a flash (which we’ve all seen in lots of dreams and visions) is instead going to be a bunch of HUGE energy shifts… and what those look like no one knows. One of them happened back in December and we all felt it… but we didn’t know it was so important until someone said, “HEY. THAT WAS IMPORTANT.” CATs are just as guilty as everyone else when it comes to expecting some kind of OBVIOUS thing, especially after all these years. Knowing SOURCE a little bit as we do… The Event might be a bunch of intense-but-subtle things over 20 years until we’re suddenly wearing grass skirts and wearing tiki masks. For the most part we’re FEELING what’s happening, but it’s often not something we can see (unless you’re one of the M’s).

We need a vacation.

UPDATE10 ~1/11/23

FYI, CATs are wiped out b/c of the energy. All but two are unconscious. Those awake are AWAKE.