779: Tick Tock ~ [UPDATED3]

Those CATs who live near Gaia portals felt the energy coming from them this morning — but more importantly, we SAW waves of pale green SOURCE energy emanating from the portals. We saw this with our eyes OPEN (that is, not with Second Sight). This is a sign.

Another sign: Light beings have been coming in through Portal One for about a week, to “get a good seat.” They are now seated. And from our various dreams and meditations, CATs are expecting something to happen very soon. Not sure what it is, but it’s coming.

Please note that The Event and various cataclysms may happen concurrently. It’s nothing you can control, and it’s nothing you need worry about, so remain calm and do what you came here to do. Don’t worry, you’ll know what that is. In the meantime, don’t get caught up in the Illusion, and…

Ushers usher. You are where you are for a reason.


Oops. Looks like moe than one of us misread the Tomsk SR date! It appears we’re in a jump (you were right AC!):

So that’s why some of the other meters look the way they do.

UPDATE2 ~ 1/3/23

Wow. All kinds of things happening:

  • ~AM blasted a really bad thing (‘atomized’ it temporarily, though it was spirit) and portaled the pieces far away (he said we don’t want to know what it looked like). It was in the process of killing someone nearby (actually thousands of people all over), but sadly the person ~AM intervened for was too far gone to be saved. They transitioned. The thing preyed on people with addictions, and looked to be the main feeder for this manner of thing. The earth is lighter today.
  • Timeline jump still under way as SOURCE sorts out the final kitchen-sink denouement in terms of Divine Timing.
  • Lots of people are starting to transition, even more than before.
  • The sun’s sister sun (we call her “Trudy,” she’s actually nice) is on the other side of the sun, out and up a ways, but we may see/sense her effects, along with those of her satellites. Nothing to fear here (for those who follow SOURCE), but the PTW may use the MSM to stoke fear (like crazy) if word gets out. The PTW have been actively murdering those officials/scientists in the know and who wanted to warn the public. The PTW have known about Trudy for some time, but wanted to control things and use the situation for their advantage (of course). The earth’s weather has already taken notice of Trudy and her system.
  • SOMETHING big will be here soon, we’re guessing about a week, in some form or other. ETs do not control what is to happen — and never have. Those saying otherwise are lying for various purposes. And no, this doesn’t involve n00ks or anything from team dark. What is to happen is a GOOD THING. We can’t see this NOT happening.
  • SOURCE is fully in control. Free will of the (very) few will be subjugated for the many… for the first time ever.
  • Keep those lighthouses beaming.
Cape Egmont Lighthouse and Taranaki Mount on background, New Zealand


We checked and Trudy appears to be about 1 AU from the sun, so… pretty close. Should start seeing some effects soon. Again, if you embrace SOURCE (via Brother J, et al), you have nothing to worry about.

Oh, and we’d like to say HI to all the operatives following us around here and there. (We think talking about Trudy is what’s doing it.) You’re really quite terrible at blending in, aren’t you? And you got that dog today, right? Btw, what will you say to SOURCE when you see SOURCE? It will be very soon for you. Might we suggest going back to SOURCE on your own? It is never too late to start back toward SOURCE. SOURCE is really quite wonderful — and is actually rooting for you (for you personally). Below ground, above ground… it’s really all the same to the RBDs. And the AAs. And the SFs. Then again, ~AM doesn’t need much help in dealing with the in-your-facers these days, does he?

A special hello to all our professional spiritual friends of various faiths visiting these words. So long as we all serve SOURCE (in a STO capacity), we’ll get along famously. So many codes! Such a waste of time when we are all ONE.

LEMONS, imaginary thing in the dark. LEMONY FRESH!