722: Preparing the Way ~ [UPDATE12]

To get this Ascension process moving, we needed a new/old approach. We encourage everyone to re-read this post, as it’s changed.


We’ve been wondering about something ~AM said the other day… and so we did some checking… and what he said was accurate. (Even CATs check up on other CATs with Guides, Spirit, et al.)

You know those entries in the bible about the “End Times”? Those were written prior to 350 AD. indeed, the main Gospels were written between 34 and 100 AD. Well… there really WAS an End Time, a horrible cataclysm around 525 AD where a supervolcano (near Krakatoa) exploded and blotted out the sun for almost two years. The literal root of the term, “The Dark Ages,” it wrecked most civilizations and broke the crop cycle. All told, it took about 80 years for things to return to “normal.”

Meanwhile, The Catholic Church (which had survived because of its Roman infrastructure roots) popped up and added 400 years to our calendar (after they made our calendar from old floor-cleaning equipment). They did this to give us some mental distance from this cataclysm, as well as give themselves lots of wiggle room to insert whatever BS they wanted into the narrative. So, 1000 AD is actually 600 AD. Does it matter? Probably not.

Anyway, some of the ‘End Times’ mentioned… kinda already happened, so those who are waiting for (some of) them are gonna wait… as they have been waiting since the various prophetic books were written. There might be more stuff coming, but the whole “moon to blood, blotting out the sun, sackcloth and ashes” part… this already happened. Sure, it might happen again… one day… but we are currently in a totally NEW time, governed only by our thoughts. Basically, if we decide to do something as a group… it happens. And we have been expecting The Apocalypse for a very long time (as Da-da wrote about back in… 2014?). Let’s let all the past expectations about this go and move forward on our own dime.

More Thoughts

Speaking of things happening as a group, we’ve been wondering again about biblical events and the Miracle of Pentecost back in 33 AD. This occurred ten days after Brother J Ascended into the sky after his Resurrection, and visitation with his disciples for 40 days. Before he left, Brother J instructed his followers to wait 10 days before going home to Galilee, as something was to happen. (Pentecost means 50 days, or 50th day.) And happen something did.

The Apostles were gathered together in the Temple at Jerusalem on Pentecost, along with 120 of Brother J’s disciples, and more people waiting in the wings (3000+), to celebrate what was originally a jewish holiday commemorating when Moses got the tablets (technically, Moses was the first man to download files from the cloud onto a tablet!). Then this happened:

And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” [Acts 2:1-5]

When each life begins, each soul (part of a larger Spirit we call ONE, which is an Extension of SOURCE) is imprinted with an extra spark of SOURCE, with various gifts and mind upgrades inclusive. That is how we all connect and how psychic phenomena works. What the folks above experienced is the Holy Spirit stamping them, basically giving them ‘the mark of SOURCE,’ if you will. They were then inspired to go out and tell others Brother J’s story throughout the world, starting with the 3000 people right outside their door.

It’s this self-identifying feature we’re interested in. CATs were talking about all this when ~AM brought up his own initial encounter (in this lifetime) with Brother J, which is similar to what happened to some other CATs. They literally had Brother J pour a bucket of light on their heads and say loudly: “PREPARE THE WAY.” This is similar to what happened above, but with a difference.

Preparing the Way

Before we begin, note that ~AM and the M’s and CATs checked with Spirit and AAs and Guides… and the following appears not to be necessary to achieve the next levels, but it is highly recommended. The beauty of this process has been maligned by organized religion (and esp. the MSM) over the years, but what else is new? Put simply… for those who want to walk the higher path sooner, there is a simple way to jumpstart the process. The more people who do this, the faster this will resolve.

How to do it? It’s simple.

Go into meditation and clearly state that you CHOOSE SOURCE in your heart. Since so many are so far from SOURCE that SOURCE can barely hear you, Brother J took it upon himself to be the bridge between you and SOURCE. The surest way to get this all jumpstarted is to hold Brother J/SOURCE in your heart and commit to this in some clear way, so SOURCE knows you’re serious. Think of it as free will on steroids. This can be done via what happened at the Miracle of Pentecost, or in our modern case… it can happen by being BAPTIZED — that is, cleansed of all past-life negativity, sins, and questionable deeds.

What It Does

Baptism self-marks you for SOURCE. While you don’t have to do this, it makes the Ascension process much easier and helps you to have a gentler transition of vibrations from one density to the next. The real key is to have an open heart. There are people of all faiths out there and even though the CATs ground more with Brother J, we cannot in good conscience say that someone else of a different upbringing is wrong. All paths lead to SOURCE, but some are shorter than others. The key is to open your heart chakra and welcome in Source/God/Brother J — something bigger than yourself. Baptism does mark people, but they are marked with a blessing or some willful acknowledgement. It is almost like a contract or agreement (AND protection).

Note that some people see this as a religious thing… but this was done before the Christian religion had even been invented. John the Baptist (Brother J’s cousin) baptized Brother J in the Jordan river, resulting in Brother J suddenly being imbued with the Holy Spirit, Our Memory of SOURCE (which for all intents and purposes IS SOURCE, as are all of you), and took on a whole new focus for his ministries — so much so that all those around him saw it happen. This can happen for you, as well.

But before you rush out and get your cassock all wet (and there’s there’s nothing wrong with that), note that we have another way.

How CATs Can Help

We were frankly surprised by what we’re going to tell you now — what ~AM told us just recently.

Brother J and the Archangels have instructed us that Brother J baptized ~AM — and some of the other CATs — with that ‘bucket-of-light’ thing. And after realizing this, ~AM has since (just yesterday, actually) been charged with the ability to do it for you. (~AM was never baptized as a child; his family was not religious.)

So, we are offering (free) ‘virtual baptism’ using the same virtual techniques that ~AM developed for healing, etc. You don’t have to physically be present, just do the work in your mind, in meditation. If interested, you’ll need to do a few things beforehand:

  • Choose SOURCE/Brother J in your heart.
  • THINK ABOUT/meditate on what you’re doing. Give it some thought. This is a big deal, a life-changing event, and should be treated as such.
  • Sign up in advance and express your free-will choice for Brother J and SOURCE in the email.

Afterward, you’ll need to sleep on it. That’s all you need do.

If you’d like to sign up for this, please send your affirmation to: thelist < a t > schrodingersothercat < d o t > org.

You can of course get baptized conventionally — and we highly encourage this as the best possible choice. There are a million churches all over that do this. However, to get a bunch of people on this rock baptized in a big damn hurry, we can do it this in a virtual energy way that is just as valid — and offer more baptism events in future. It is time to take a clear, positive step toward SOURCE. The more of us who do this, the faster that new positive future will unfold. We make our future.

Preparing the way in 3… 2…




~AM’s first test of the above “service” (for the irrepressible Jim in WA) appears to be a success. Jim actually wrote a spontaneous product review for it:

“I rate this product at 5 stars + infinity!  Not only is my smile wider, my eyes are brighter.  I would unequivocally recommend this product to anyone.  (the preceding response was unsolicited) (truth be told, i seem to feel much lighter and unburdened!)   Yaay!!!  Thanks muchly!”












See Update 8.

UPDATE8 ~ 1/27/22

PLEASE RE-READ this post, as it’s been edited — esp. the section, “How CATs Can Help.” Please forgive us, but we had to pull a bit of a fast one with the previous verbiage and updates, pretending to be setting up an external/internal event so ~AM could baptize the people who signed up. We even set up a decoy energy field atop the Eiffel Tower! This was subterfuge to thwart any Team Dark interference. (Several people had reported a mean-spirited voice trying to goad them about their choice for baptism — before ~AM ever got to them!) ~AM also found that the individual sessions worked much better than the mass event we had planned, so we allowed this ‘group fiction’ to float around for a little while. We knew this post and tactic represented an important milestone.

If you’d like to know how it went, ask any of the 150+ people ~AM baptized. They’re around.

What This Does

CATs aren’t religious. We’re not selling anything. We have no courses, no t-shirts, no egos. We are students of Brother J and his (channeled) book, A Course in Miracles. Brother J himself was baptized (by John the Baptist) before any of his more famous actions; afterward, he was infused by the Holy Spirit and given his mission. This and the Miracle at Pentecost gave us the idea for all this.

So, what does this CAT baptism do?

  • It causes you to recognize and surrender to a Higher Power
  • It invites Brother J and SOURCE in (as the Holy Spirit, Our Memory of SOURCE)
  • It removes residual negativity and negative mental constructs (the only “sin” that exists is the separation you think exists between you and SOURCE), as well as helping you to forgive yourself and everyone else you’ve ever known
  • It deepens your relationship with SOURCE.

We personally did this because we want a deeper relationship with Brother J and SOURCE. If you don’t want this, then this probably isn’t the blog for you. SOURCE is necessary to fix the problems facing all of us, and there’s no way around this fact. What the CATs have done here helps you to find your own short path to SOURCE. The New Earth happens from the inside out, not the other way around.

If you’d still like this kind of session, they are still available at the email address in this post.

When we looked at the effects of what ~AM and Brother J and the Archangels have done, we see that there is now a golden glow associated with this, propagating throughout this locality — and it’s growing.


~AM told us today that he heard this song right after he was given the idea for the baptisms. We’ve been listening to it all day. (Note: We don’t invest too heavily in the potential AI meaning of some of the lyrics, just the chorus and horn line. It’s from 1982 after all.)


The results from this have been overwhelming. There is so much to tell but we’re not allowed for a number of reasons. It is literally all good.

Ok, ~AM talked us into allowing comments for this post. People keep sending us ‘product reviews’ and it would be better for them to do this in the comments section. Comments are now open for this post only.


Ok, ~AM did a bunch more sessions for folks. He and the AAs and Brother J also did one for Gaia (in a particular place we won’t mention for now), as well as group sessions for The Ukraine, and for those 50,000 Canadian truckers en masse-ing across Canada. You KNOW things are changing when CANADIANS get riled up. Please send those motorized folks some light and love. They are carrying the weight of the world with them.

We also found this post… interesting.

Note: There will be no war.


Answering a few questions:

  • The Canadian convoy is not made up of military white hats. It’s blue collar folks who’ve had enough.
  • The PTW want to get cases to spike once the protocol is lifted to “prove” the protocols work. Watch for the attempted bait and switch.
  • Grewsom has been damaged by his latest booster and has been removed from the public eye. The PTW is actively looking for a body double. MANY “leaders” are now body doubles.
  • Trudeau is in hiding, as are some other “leaders,” truly terrified about what’s happening with the masses awakening.

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  1. Took a bit to read all the comments. So nice to see everyone is doing well and hanging in there.

    This baptism gave me a nice nudge up the ladder. Overall it’s given me a sense of relief, some much needed peace. That’s not to say everything is all roses. I’m still having bouts here and there of tiredness, and wondering, just how much more of this must I endure? But I’ve also had some very nice uplifting moments where I’m energized and motivated, remembering that I am part of Source and capable of anything.
    I just hope those moments continue to increase!

    When I was 12 I was baptized. Grew up Southern Baptist – not by choice. The baptism was by choice. It was the rage at the time for those of us in my age group. Lol. Certainly wasn’t the Holy Spirit speaking to me. But ever since I attended church, from the age of 6, I didn’t like the Bible stories, and I thought God was mean. I’ve attended many different types of churches over adulthood, but I just find religion not my thing.

    So thankful for AM and CATS and Brother J in helping us return to our true selves and giving us alternate ways to strengthen our connection to SOURCE!

    Much love and light to all – VonKitty 💖

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    1. HELLO all you BEAUTIFUL 🤩 PEOPLE!

      I grew up Southern Baptist, so I was baptized twice I believe because I was told I needed it 😂

      That baptism was such surprising fun! WOW what a light show. Thank you soooo much AM and all.✨💛✨ 🌈 ✨what a great gift 💝 for us to ride through the rest of this storm.

      Much love to everyone! ❤️💛🧡💚💙💜🤍

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