723: “Groundhog Day”

Time for a little truth-diversion.

We’re sure most in the U.S. now know that Punxatawny Phil saw his shadow this morning: Six more weeks of winter in the N. Hemisphere. (“Winter” has all kinds of conotations, but we’ll leave that subject for now.) Rodential meteorology aside, those who visit Punxatawny, PA for the first time are usually more than a little confused. You see, the movie “Groundhog Day” (which most CATs have memorized) was filmed in… well, not Punxatawny, PA.

It’s Woodstock, Illinois.

The gazebo.

The TipTop Cafe (created in what is now that taqueria).

The bar/dance scene address.

The movie theater.

At least there’s a map.

What have we been saying about everything being an Illusion? The whole world is fake. Only you and SOURCE (and Bother J and all the Archangels and Angels and spirits and ETs and elementals, et al) are real. At least now you know where you can visit and see for yourselves… if you like that kind of thing.


We’ve been hearing about how today, 2/2/22, was a “magic gateway portal” — which builds, 21 days, to 2/22/22. It might be. Tune in in meditation and find out. Personally, CATs don’t go in for numerology. There are magic gateway portals all over the place, all the time… you just have to peel back the Illusion to find one.

There is ALWAYS an extraordinary influx of Divine Potential coming into you. Just be aware of it.

Hold the fort. Dance like no one’s watching.

Q: What is Chuck really doing?
A: Meditating.

[ NOTE: AA Metatron is offering a heart chakra “ray” to anyone who wants it. (It shines ON your heart chakra; it doesn’t give you a chest laser.) Go into meditation, G+P+C, and then connect with him and ask about it. ]

What a gyp.