724: The Sorting Stack ~ [U.8]

There is activity.

This morning’s CAT discussion: Some had read something somewhere recently about SOURCE currently assembling people into small groups/units, of different numbers, for various jobs in varied locations… and this was brought up as several CATs talked about having had dreams last night, and over the past 30+ days, about meeting various people whom they’d never met before (meeting in ones and twos), totally at random but in pleasant settings… sorta seeing how they got along with people. Felt like a compatibility thing, to see how we meshed as a team. Then someone remembered ~AMs dream from a month ago.

In late december, ~AM dreamed that he was climbing around white scaffolding built around the top of a pointed white structure (like a church perhaps); the white structure was elegantly/outwardly curved at the top, with six or seven points around a central point at the top, like finials.

Sorta like this.

Atop the finials he saw six or seven “heads” on the poles — but they were representations of heads, like sculptures, not actual heads. He was told that each was part of a specific team. He remembers in the dream someone talking about the teams SOURCE was fielding, and who would make up each team. The head at the top of one stack ~AM saw had red hair (like ~AM’s, when he was younger). He was then told that he’d been chosen to be the lead-off hitter for his group, to which he replied: “Me??”

~AM then recounted that, this morning after he awoke from a “sorting” dream with people he’d never met before, he meditated… and saw a vision of his little white mouse friend, again. (The last time he saw his little mouse friend, he got his wings back the very next day.) Highly significant.

Bottom line: SOURCE is doing something… and that right soon. Stay sharp.


UPDATE1&2 (w/add’l meters and jumps)

We have MORE than crossed the Rubicon:

Latest dream/vison reports are frankly extraordinary. More as soon as we’ve had a chance to better examine them.


More sorting dreams last night.

Note: Be sure you question your dreams/visions. Sometimes we’re being tested — or tricked. ~AM and some of the M’s had an ET/UFO “people of earth” announcement dream that was actually a test, to see if we’d see through the subterfuge. We did. Finally.

Also, more fresh Illusion programming inbound:


Sorry, everyone. CATs have a different interface to the site so we failed to notice (till AZ Lynn kindly pointed it out) that we still had the Xmas post pinned to the top of the site. It’s been rectified. Also note that we’re not putting out as many updates/posts… because the things that are happening are geared more for various individuals than for the group as a whole.

UPDATE5 — 2/8/22

Ugh. Many CATs were hammered by energy Sunday, which meant other CATs got it the next day — and some are being WHOMPED today… which means the rest of us will get it tomorrow. The source of the whompage is All of the Above: SOURCE, cosmos, sun, etc.

What we haven’t mentioned are the ET/mass ship dreams some of us (just four) had on Sunday night… because… they felt like something was fishy about them. We won’t go into details, we’ll figure it out. It’s either psychic misdirection, or a test. Perhaps both. Half-truths mixed with dead crabs and speculative real estate. Whatever it is, it gave us a funny feeling, got our spider sense tingling. (Those of you who’ve been bitten by radioactive spiders know what we’re talking about.) In the meantime, if a bunch of ships suddenly land, DON’T GO JUMPING INTO THEM. Be cool. Hang back. Develop a healthy skepticism. Set up a lemonade stand and see if someone comes out and buys a cup. Wait and see what’s going on before you leap. CAT Rule #457: ETs lie just like everyone else (those of low and Neutral vibe). All those poor human unicorns channeling ETs could be channeling lies. We won’t know till we look at what each one is saying. We’re looking at one right now. Looks like a giant dead crab on the beach: that is, fishy.

In our dreams we saw lots of ships, a female voice that said, “PEOPLE OF EARTH….” Whatever. Smoky/dark clouds/LIGHTS/commotion in the skies. Could be the snow of a dead TV screen. Could be something is coming. We debated about bringing this up, but decided you were adult enough to view the data without fear. It might’ve just been dream metaphor… we’ll wait and see.

UPDATE6 — 2/9/22

Look at this post from a channeler:


Pleiadians: We Are Waiting For You

Dear Brothers of the planet Earth! I AM KALIGHAL!

It has been a long time since I came here to chat a little with you. But no, I didn’t leave. I was worried? no, I wouldn’t say worried, busy, getting the house ready to receive you. We are all very much looking forward to the big moment. For the moment when we will open the doors of our ships for you to be with us.

Honestly, I would very much like this to be a moment of just a lot of joy, of exchange of love, of exchange of friendship, and it will be this way for many. Of course we can see, we can feel the heart of each one of you. And we know exactly those who, after the fright, will welcome us with open arms. No, do not claim that you will not be scared. We are different, the vast majority are different from you.

We, the Pleiadians, are the closest to the earthly forms, but the other races, within proportions, some are even similar but many are not, have almost nothing to do with the human form. So don’t say, don’t claim, that you will not be scared. I can tell you, going back a little bit in time, that when all of us, the commanders, were assembled by your master Sananda and Ashtar Sheran, we were a little bit uncomfortable with the closeness that we were going to have to you.

Understand the following: In the whole universe, the inhabitants of the same planet are almost all the same, with small differences in each one, but there is not the variety that exists on this planet. Here it really is like a big parade of the races of the universe together. And in fact you are exactly that, the mixture of various races of the universe that generated the bodies you have today.

The mixing that has happened over time has created new forms, new combinations. But each person on this planet, has in his or her origin, cells, DNA, of galactic beings. So we were frightened by this great variety that exists on the planet, and we were a little fearful at the end of the process of how we would be received, because you are nothing like the original beings anymore. But the love of Master Sananda filled our hearts with faith, strength and joy; explaining to us that the human race was not responsible for everything that happened on the planet; that you had been induced to many things and that it was up to us to free you from this judgment of evil and unloving.

And because we vibrate only unconditional love, we accepted the challenge and have been in your skies for a long time now. And I can tell you, that the vast majority of the commanders that are here, have never regretted it. The battles have been hard, they have not been easy, and there is still much to do for this planet. And we are extremely excited about this moment when we can help you in many ways; when we can bring healing to many illnesses; when we can bring balance to your bodies, and for sure, it will bring a joy to the hearts of many, and the necessary strength for the next steps of the process.

Now it is a pity that this will take a while, because many will not believe us. They will think that we are trying to change them, manipulate them, or even abduct them, as many believe on your planet. But today, at this time, many of you are participating in our treatments and have seen miraculous healings, especially the soul healings that end up by themselves, healing the physical body as well. So right now, that’s what we are hoping for the most, to be able to land a big ship, you call it a hospital; so I’m going to call it that, a big Hospital ship where each one of you who wants to, can come in and undergo a healing treatment. And we will stay there, as long as necessary, until the first one has the courage to enter. Because we are sure that, after that first one goes in and out, all of you will go in, because you will see that he came out healed, normal as he has always been, and that we have done nothing against him.

So my brothers and sisters, we are preparing all this. These healing Ships are ready now, ready to work on the planet, on you, and on everything else. Ready to clean up the garbage that you have accumulated on the planet for eons of time, and that with the technology you have today, you could never do. This all has to be transformed. There is no energy that is eliminated, everything is transformed. So we have to transform all this garbage into something productive for the planet. For example, we can transform the garbage into small seeds that you can plant back on Gaia’s surface, eliminating the holes that you have made over time. We can do this.

So just wait. You are anxious and so are we, but not the anxiety that harms and makes you sick. It is a good anxiety, that the moment is very near. We keep giving you “Hello!” in your skies, you just call us by heart and we’ll send you a little flashing light, a “Hello! We’re here, it’s us!” Many have an urge to recognize which ship is whose. There is no standard, a ship is a ship; but soon you will be able to know whose ship is whose.

We are standardizing our transmissions, and then you will be able to know who is answering you. We are working on it. The more crystalline we are, the easier it will be for you to recognize us. When you see a landed craft, you will know what race it is, this is very good for you, because there will be no doubt. There will never be ships of those beings who enslaved you; these no longer exist. So there will only be on your soil, ships of the friendly beings that are around your planet. And we will identify ourselves; soon you will know us in form, in manner, you will know our history. This will come to you in a very easy and simple way, and you will learn to know us.

To tell you just wait, I am already afraid to say this. I’m kidding, I’m not afraid of anything, but we notice when we say soon, soon…; your heart fills with doubt, it fills many times even with anger because we say soon, soon, soon, and this soon never comes. So I won’t say soon anymore, I will say when it is determined by Father/Mother God, we will be there on your soil, landing our Hospital ships to be able to give to this humanity the cure, to practically all the diseases. Practically, why? Because much cannot be done by the lesson of each one, but we are asking the Father/Mother God for a dispensation of the physical lessons, so that we can heal everyone.

We hope to succeed, and then yes, humanity will be free of this dependency on medicines, on remedies, and everyone will be balanced to live in the New World, to live in the new form. And this will be very important, because the balance of body and mind, brings health and brings elevation. And we are sure that in this way, a large part of humanity, which today perceives nothing, sees nothing, feels nothing, will begin to understand what unconditional love is, and will begin to live it.

Unfortunately, we also know that a large part of humanity will collaborate against all of this, slandering, setting us against you, so that you will not be helped. It will be up to each one’s heart to decide who to believe: us, who have fought for you all these years to free this planet out of pure love for this race, or those who have only deceived you for so long and have taken you further and further to the negative side. It will be up to each one of you to choose.

So, wait for the Father/Mother God’s decision, and the moment He authorizes us, we will be there, posing our ships and introducing ourselves. With much love, with our impeccable uniforms, and with much celebration. Because we will have a party in our ships and you will be invited.


We don’t mean to be overly critical (we wish channelers learned to set good protection). But “impeccable uniforms”? “Party in our ships”? What is this, exactly? It’s complicated is what it is. (And ‘Kali gal?’ Uh huh. It’s like naming yourself, “Hayt.”)

It’s a bit of hopeium, a bit of telling people what they want to hear, and a bit of distraction/misdirection… but it’s more than that. It isn’t just one thing, but a lot of things. People are surrounded by such negativity, they want to hear something positive or uplifting… CATs included. In a way, it’s keeping your mind prisoner.

This brings us to the baptism thing ~AM has been doing. People keep asking for it, but precious few seem to understand how to fully get the most out of what it actually does. To begin with, you need your heart and your MIND open to Brother J/The Holy Spirit for it work. To make a long story short, We (as ONE) once wondered what it would be like to be SOURCE — then immediately felt guilty for this thought and thus created this universe to hide in. (We’re just one Extension of an infinite number of Extensions; perhaps other Extensions did this, too, we’re not sure.) Anyway, when we created this universe and fled into this Illusion (’cause none of this is real), we took Our Memory of SOURCE (which is perfect, since We are perfect) with us. THAT’S the Holy Spirit… which is basically SOURCE, since Our Memory is such a perfect representation of SOURCE that it meshes with SOURCE completely. It’s a bit of SOURCE genius, really.

Back to the bap. What ~AM’s ‘energy baptism’ does is flood your MIND (and heart chakra) with the Holy Spirit — aka, SOURCE — by way of Brother J, who set himself up totally unselfishly as the Permanent Bridge to SOURCE. This is exactly what happened at the Miracle of Pentecost when the Apostles were suddenly imbued with The Holy Spirit and could speak in tongues: Not just their hearts, but also their MINDS were totally filled with The Holy Spirit.

This is doing a lot of things all at once. It’s reminding you of who you are. It’s healing your mind. It’s waxing your driveway… ok, you still need to do that. While it might kinda sound like religion, it actually isn’t. “Religion” is a codified set of rituals built around a mystical event, first designed to teach, but later used to control the masses. The experience of The Holy Spirit we’re describing happened to Brother J and the Apostles before the Christian religion existed. As such, it can happen to you — without any religious overhead. You don’t need us to do it for you. You can start healing your own mind right now by expressing your desire for it.

What’s most interesting about all these ‘ship’ dreams is that they’re partly coming from Spirit, and partly from all of us, the collective — which is SO FULL of hopeium it can create a biased perspective. It’s literally lots of us manifesting. So… try wanting/manifesting something better.

Addendum 6-1

You can sorta achieve some kind of enlightenment on your own… we did this back in 2002, getting deep in meditation, becoming ‘one with the universe’… but until you invite Brother J (and thus the Holy Spirit) into your mind, you’re still stuck in the Illusion. It can’t just be in your heart, it needs to be in your mind as well. You can be pure of heart but still need your mind healed. 

After some of us asked Brother J in at that point, that was when we got the buckets of light poured on our heads and heard J’s voice say, “PREPARE THE WAY.” (Note: J used to call his teachings, “The Way.” The short path to SOURCE.)


~AM paraphrased himself in a meeting today, speaking about sickness and healing. We recorded it, and tried to stress his emphasis:

“This isn’t exactly religion, it’s advanced spirituality-meets-metaphysics. As I said in the most recent update… one can sorta achieve a form of transient enlightenment on your own… one can get deep in meditation, become ‘one with the universe’ blah blah blah… but until you invite Brother J in (and thus the Holy Spirit) — invite him into your mind — you’re still stuck in The Illusion, still stuck with the idea of sickness. That’s all it is, an idea. There is no sickness. It’s in your mind. Brother J and the Apostles cured the sick by simply reminding their MIND about who they really are, rewriting their idea of themselves. To heal yourself, SOURCE can’t just be in your heart… SOURCE needs to be in your mind as well, flooding all the corners of your mind. SOURCE knows exactly who you are. And because of the interference most people set up between themselves and SOURCE, you can’t fully communicate SOURCE without Brother J (who is basically now The Holy Spirit). Sure, you can be pure of heart, but still need your mind healed. Virtuous pagans get nowhere. Wishful thinking won’t get you where you want to go. You have to lose your pride and ask J for help. You can’t do it on your own. Why would you want to?”


Just so we’re clear… like FB/meta and twabber et al, CATs think VR and “the Metav3rse” are crap. ~AM and Brother J and the AAs are only doing baptisms and healing in an ‘energy way’ because they can — primarily because we don’t have a convenient physical way of connecting with zillions of disparate people all over the world. We choose to do things spiritually as much as possible. If we DO do-what-we-do in person, everyone gets all emotional and huggy and weepy and we waste $300 on Kleenex. Then there’s the cat hair issue… dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria.

We can do baptisms with water, we can do them with energy. (Could we do them with Jell-O?) You don’t have to participate, but by NOT selecting the SOURCE path you automatically choose that other path (with all the broken glass and stale cheetohs). No matter who you use for The Bap, you can’t get anything out of it unless you take Brother J/The HS into your mind and your heart.

As many know, CATs are “Coursians,” so we don’t need a church (though we do occasionally like to meet and sing “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”). We prefer to have a personal relationship with J and The HS and SOURCE and AAs, et al. (FYI, A Course in Miracles is an advanced course in spirituality. It’s not for everyone — esp. those without a sense of humor.)