725: V-Day Break Out ~ [UPDATE1]

Knock. It. Down.

Some weeks ago, some of the CATs had a vision of where we really are: In a small glowing-white cell — of our own creation — with what look to be transparent blocks of crystal or glass (formerly dark stone) all around us, with bright light streaming in from the other side. One block at the ‘front’ of the cell had been pushed out by us and we could SEE blinding-white SOURCE light in that blockless space.

WE built this cell a looooong time ago to keep SOURCE out because we were afraid of SOURCE… because of something we thought we did wrong, loooong ago. We’d thought (as ONE), “What would it be like to *be* SOURCE?” Then we forgot to laugh at how ridiculous this thought was.

SOURCE is so incomprehensibly gynormously INFINITELY BIG next to us, that… well, it’s utterly ridiculous. Instead of realizing how silly this thought was, We got scared and decided we needed to hide from SOURCE, because SOURCE would be MAD and punish us, so we divided Ourselves into a zillion tiny pieces (to better hide) and built cells of dark stone (that we created) around each piece for protection. We’ve been there ever since.

This is where you are right now, walled-off inside SOURCE.

And that’s where the CATs WERE, until this morning. We aren’t there, anymore… not exactly.

This morning, we each saw ourselves in our cells, locked away — locked away by us. So, we stood up… and we each pushed all the blocks over. We knocked down our walls and let the light in (we could SEE the light flood in) and we rejoined SOURCE completely. You can see and feel the difference immediately.

We are now infinite white pillars with our bases resting here, in the Illusion. We are transforming things right now, around each base. Anyone can do this.

SOURCE isn’t mad at us. And we did nothing wrong. So… let yourselves out.

You don’t wait for the military to save you. You don’t have to wait for ETs to land and free you. You don’t have to wait for some magical unicorn, or some WAVE FROM THE SKY to save you. SAVE YOURSELF RIGHT NOW. This V-day, skip the “New Earth” thing and go right to the SOURCE. THESE WORDS YOU ARE READING RIGHT NOW IN YOUR MIND ARE THE SECOND COMING of the LIGHT. You literally create your own EVENT.

Everything around you is Illusion. Talk about “fake news,” none of what you see is real. Not one single thing. Only SOURCE, and All of Us (as ONE), and Our Memory of SOURCE (The Holy Spirit) are real. And the walls came tumbling down.

SOURCE is already in your heart. Feel It? Now, all you have to do is invite The Holy Spirit into your *mind.*

So, what are you waiting for?

[NOTE: PLEASE keep in mind that this is a process. It will probably take time for you to SEE once you invite The Holy Spirit into your mind. For some, it will be instantaneous. It depends on where you are in the ‘waking-up’ process.]


Those of you who don’t like that high pressure off of California? Imagine there’s a wall of glass blocks there and KNOCK THEM ALL OUT. Do the same thing with anything you want to change. Don’t like the C-narrative? The political situation in Sacramento/Canada/Australia/NZ/USA/UK? Imagine a wall of glass bricks and knock ’em out! You can do healings the same way. Knock down those walls.