726: Onward ~ [**UPDATE2]

NOTE: We wrote this post BEFORE the previous ‘break-out’ post (#725), but decided to post the other one first. Some of this post presages that, as you’ll see.

Anyway, we are in a “Post-Stack” luggage-sorting phase. [NOTE: Interesting that the above luggage graphic we picked out was the day BEFORE the ‘light brick‘ pic.]


From what we can tell, SOURCE is in the wrap-up phase of finalizing various groupings (we’re not sure what for). Some CATs have had dreams to this effect, along with transport/timeline occurrences, while others saw the future, as you’ll see. Our comments are [in brackets].

  • [NOTE: This dream was the day before the stupor bowl.]: i was sitting in my car, in a parking lot. some people were in amongst the cars talking about mundane matters, meeting informally. i noticed that there was a woman at the edge of the lot who was singing — or practicing singing? — against a big flat-slatted fence which you could kinda see through. there was a BIG pile of dirt on the other side of the fence that had been there for a while, about 40 feet tall. i figured the woman was singing this way so she could better hear her own voice reflected back to her, like a professional singer trying out a technique. it really made no sense. she was really shouting and singing her guts out, i couldn’t figure out why, but nothing was coming of it. anyway, the people in the parking lot weren’t really paying attention, and they eventually left. the singer got tired and was getting ready to leave, so for some reason i jumped out my car (and left my ‘team hat’ in the car for some reason, not that i wear a ‘team hat’) and i went over to the singer and asked if i could ask her a few questions. i said i was writing a musical (?) and was curious as to what position the notes were in the staff for various singers for any given pitch (notes in the middle of the staff, below the staff, etc.) and she said… it was something about “O-HI-O.” ohio? [Then this CAT waited a day and thought about it.] aha. in the dream from the other night, it was BEFORE the stupor bowl. i saw people milling in a parking lot… then a singer ‘singing at’ the flat slats attached to a big chain-link fence… but there was no response. i just remembered something… on the other side of the fence was this giant mound of dirt that had been there for a while… and it had green growing on top of it, like nature was taking it back. the New Earth? [NOTE: Those of us who recorded the stupor bowl and glanced through it noticed how BLAH everyone looked — even those players who won seemed like they were in a daze. Then we remembered this dream and that one of the teams was from O-HI-O…]
  • Some CATs had dreams of business meetings on a high floor of a skyscraper, where some members of their “team” met basically told the CATs that they hadn’t been doing their jobs, and that they frankly had better things to do. So, seeing these people were being no help at all, the CATs got up and left, taking those key players with them. Once they got to the ground floor in the elevator, and walked outside talking about starting their own enterprise, a secretary came out of the building and called back some of their cohorts… as the boss wanted to see them… and they obediently followed. Meanwhile, the CATs stood waiting outside… 
  • …then they were in a car with a bunch of the same people (who finally came out), driven by someone else, hurtling pell mell through lots of heavy freeway traffic. there were a few overturned trucks to be avoided, with one more truck wreck (in the left lane) coming up that we’d have to steer around… 
  • …then several CATs dreamed about being in “a new place” (that looked like a dorm) where they were working with others to sort everyone’s bags and luggage into little piles here and there inside, figuring out what room they’d be in. one of the AAs looked kinda like thomas from downton abbey, helping me sort bags.

Bad Unicorn: Reiki Alert

An important FYI.

Those of you certified in reiki… please go into meditation and REVOKE all ‘inner rights’ given to any spirits you’ve dealt with in the past, for any reason, when you were training or getting certified… then invite Brother J in to be your new reiki healing go-between. Zillions of reiki practitioners are inadvertently working for Team Dark. The one CAT who was doing reiki finally did this and her Mr. Voodoo Hat Guy (we won’t use his name) completely dissolved… and Brother J winged in and gave her a hug.

[NOTE: Afterward… reiki practitioners, ask Brother J to go back and redo all your past reiki healings. He can ‘miracle it,’ no problem.]

The Gospel of Thomas

We’ve been encouraged by Brother J to share The COMPLETE Gospel of Thomas as dictated to Gary Renard by an Ascended Master who used to be Thomas. For the record, CATs can vouch for Gary Renard and that he was being visited by Ascended Masters for his first three books… but his last book about Brother J’s past lives… Brother J was a one-time incarnation, his own Extension from SOURCE… he had no past lives. We dunno. Something here doesn’t add up. However, the Gospel of Thomas (basically important things the Apostle Thomas remembered Brother J saying) is legit. It wasn’t included in the final cut of the bible because it was frankly too difficult to understand (without reading between the lines). The Nag Hammadi version that was found in the late ’60s had been messed with, so this is the edited version. (Note: Some lines have been wrapped into others, as they were redundant, hence the missing numbers.)

More as we encounter it.


We tried a new ‘mechanical transmutation’ on certain things today. Keep your fingers crossed. ~AM and some of the M’s had dreams about something we’d rather not discuss at this point.


Ok, let’s have everyone pile on. Please, when you get the chance, meditate for five minutes on nullifying all firearms and incendiary devices and explosives for all hot spots in Canada (Spirit will know where we mean). In particular, imagine the metal in firearms swelling 2 mm so no moving parts work. Then imagine all current to explosive devices going dead and dark, making them inert lumps. Do it NOW.