727: Pot’l Bucklage, Jumps ~ [UPDATE4]

All kinds of bucklage might be needed for what’s coming.

CATs have been seeing racks of magazines (?) in dreams and visions, over and over again. Well, today we finally saw them from the front and realized what it was that we were seeing:

It was a calendar (the above is an example). We were seeing a calendar with thick magazines (the way magazines used to look!) for each day. Might be next month, might be in 2.5 years… might already be happening.

We also saw… we almost don’t want to say… a Big Bad from the depths of time. A robed, hooded figure decorated with flames and a certain recurring number between 5 and 7. (That’s a first, vision-wise.) Next we’ll start seeing multi-eyed horned goats and lakes of fire.


This may or may not have something to do with that:


There was a big badaboom CME on the opposite site of the sun a couple days ago — NON-earth-facing — but that region is rolling around to our side (or rather, we’re rolling to its side), which will roughly coincide with the end of this month/beginning of the next. We might have a sunzap starting around 2/25… but this has vanished before; the sun is not predictable in the least. Zappage represents a huge batch of fresh Illusion programming (as the sun is one of our multidimensional projectors), but the biggest projector of all is of course all of us.

Note the location of the eruption:

That upper region has typically been associated with higher timelines, the lower band of sunspots the lower.


Like we said, we could be talking about THIS MONTH. This is a bit of an important week for the already bankrupt U. S. Corp. of America, kick-the-can-down-the-road-or-risk-ultimate-bankruptcy-wise. And an important week for Canada. And for those Australian idiots using energy weapons on their own people. And for a bunch of others.

There’s been some interesting meterage of late (which is illusion, o’course), but check out this Kiruna drama. Note the first graph is a continuation of the one below:

Could be they just turned the meter off and back on, but…

Of course, someone might’ve just bumped the Kiruna meter(S) in Sweden… but did they also bump meters in Belgium? And Japan? And Germany… at the same time?

Yes, even the U.S. instruments took notice:

There was also a big gamma dose:

A glance at the headlines and none of this is any surprise.

More as we find it. Keep your seatbelts loosely buckled…

UPDATE1 – 2/18/22

Oops. We were in such a hurry to get this out yesterday that we forgot a big piece of the puzzle. When those CATs who connect to AAs connected to them in their first meditation of the day, the AAs pulled out…

…flaming swords. And they encouraged us to pull ours (that we’ve earned over the years).

A rather important omission.


Several CATs are feeling the energy rather keenly the past few days:


FYI, if government officials are doing the exact opposite of what they’re supposed to be doing en masse… if they’ve mass-violated their oaths of office… you don’t have to do anything they tell you to do. They have voluntarily forfeit all authority. Don’t be afraid of them. They are afraid of YOU. The PTW have no juice, now. You are free.

UPDATE4 ~ 2/19/22

Ok. The CATs have suspected this before for ourselves, and we don’t know if it’s for everyone… but we are being “rebooted” at the moment. Don’t ask us how. Don’t ask about “the new earth” or anything else, we don’t know. It’s a long story.

Also, we had a GRB after exactly a month:

We also had a little timeline jump last night around 1:30 am PST:

And… there’s separation going on in the frequency bands:

AND there was this interesting tidbit.

For those who are asking us what to do next… give your hearts and minds to SOURCE (by way of Brother J and The Holy Spirit)… rig your lighthouse the way you like and turn it on… man the post, wait for instructions. Work on yourselves. Grow past your abilities. Imagine you have no limits. You can literally do anything. Be ready for anything… and we mean ANYTHING. In the meantime, be good to yourselves. There’s no need to suffer. You don’t get any points for self-suffering. Service to Others, yes. Brother J says it many times, “laying those gifts you receive aside for later.” You’ll be glad you did. Best is to trust SOURCE. Everything will happen perfectly — not comfortably, but perfectly.

In the meantime, keep the light on:

When a big wave comes, close the door:

And beware of (some) CATs in the morning:

Grumpy grumpy. You know who you are!

OMT: ~AM had a vision this morning of a future solar chart that looked like a forest of extreme energy spikes, a solar superstorm. Might be metaphoric, might be literal, might be spiritual, might be all of the above… [shrug]. Things appear to be boiling to the 2/22/22 date, but numerology means nothing, so… [shrug].