728: JAFO, etc. ~ [UPDATE11]

Now for the hard part. We’ve been remiss in not covering this sooner.

We talk about being students of The Course and about this being an Illusion, but we don’t talk about the actual Course much. That’s because it’s a personal study course and we’re not going to tell you what to do or how to do it. It’s self-explanatory, and if you have the desire, you can do it yourself. Note that the full title is A Course in MIRACLES, and that is what it is. We experience these actual, very real MIRACLES all the time — esp. ~AM who does all kinds of things none of us ever expected. (He zapped a room full of low-vibe Negative/Neutral ETs meeting in a skyscraper in L.A. and changed all their mnds to POSITIVE. They work for the light, now.) Some of you have experienced these miracles through us, directly and indirectly. (Of course, it’s The Holy Spirit doing this work, not us.)

That said, we’ve been guilty of letting The Illusion get to us (which is its job), right down to several CATs being made intentionally sick with the latest variant of that thing everyone’s afraid of but shouldn’t be; we’ve been recovering the past few days (it’s no big deal). In the case of ~AM, he knows that anything that happens to us happens for a reason which he sleuths out tirelessly. [In the case of the latest variant of the beer bug, CATs were actually set up to be dosed via Spirit (by way of a sick burrito maker!) such that now we have antibodies for something that’ll help us later.]

~AM also reported being awake all night thinking about… JAFO.

JAFO: Just Another Forgiveness Opportunity

This is a term coined by someone on Gary Renard’s reddit Course boards. Forgiveness is how Brother J ate with sick people and never got sick. He overlooked their illnesses (to forgive means to overlook), because he knew the illnesses didn’t exist, they were only in the sickees’ minds (and your mind manifests you and your surroundings). J’s iron will and clear SOURCE mind could heal the sick and raise the dead. MIND, WILL, LOVE. What he did was very real. The Course itself is of course about forgiveness and healing the mind of your perceived separation between you and SOURCE (there is no separation). But it’s the forgiveness part that we all need to start working on, globally.

~AM was feeling poorly last night and decided that this was a JAFO moment, so he forgave the burrito guy who gave him the illness, and a bunch of other people who were getting on his nerves (it happens), and today he is completely healed. This reminded other CATs that we’ve had a number of things “disturb our peace of mind,” lately. Anything that disturbs your peace of mind needs to be looked at. We had a lot to look at.

JAFO Lessons

So, it’s time to go to work. You remember that Coursian mantra we use all the time?

You are perfect immortal spirit, brother
whole and innocent.
All is forgiven and released.

Write it down. Memorize it. It’s damn handy.

And now, use that mantra on all those world leaders who’ve been disturbing your peace of mind. There are a lot of them. Use it on Trudeau. Use it on the Canadian Parliament. On the Australian police. Use it on anyone you know personally whom you’ve had an issue with. Anyone you’ve known in the past who did something to you. Anyone who appeared in a dream you found disturbing. Each one is Just Another Forgiveness Opportunity. This inner work has to be done or you’re not going anywhere.

We had to do it to the TWBs. On a bunch of Team Fallen (boy, were they not happy). On Trudeau, of course. On annoying neighbors. Each of us spent at least two hours doing the mantra on various people. (NOTE: You can’t do the mantra on a THING, since things don’t exist. One woman who runs a unicorn rant blog was angry with SOURCE for not fixing the planetary situation we’re in. This is ridiculous, of course. If SOURCE thought any of this was real, for even an instant, it would become real — a real nightmare. No, thanks. Do your own work. SOURCE will do SOURCE’s work. SOURCE helps those who help themselves. You’ve heard this before.

And now…

Book your reservation now.

The Glass Room Exercise

One of the M’s created this exercise — an exercise for people who are sick, or who need to process something. It involves you sitting in a small, imaginary room in the middle of nowhere, like some lonely glass room atop a windy desert plateau. The room stands by itself and is made entirely of strong glass: walls and ceiling are all glass. A comfy orange couch is in the room. Have a seat.

Now imagine a huge sandstorm is coming. You can see it on the horizon. It represents your illness (or whatever it is you want to process). While sitting on your couch totally protected in your safe room, you watch as the sandstorm envelops you and savages the windows, and you watch as you let it take it’s course, storm… then weaken… and eventually move away, leaving only the empty desert plateau and blue skies. A fresh wind now blows.

Come on, get going.

A Future Experiment

FYI, ~AM’s going to start jumpstarting people’s forgiveness of themselves — but not for any of you. He’s going to concentrate on those who have lots of forgive, focusing on high-end cabal first. We’ll let you know how this goes. You might notice the effects (once ~AM starts).

More as it comes up.

Wake up!

UPDATE1 ~ 2/21/22

We forgot to mention… those bags we’ve been seeing…

…those are people’s bags of things they need to forgive. Some people had small carry-on bags, others had steamer trunks and shipping containers full… and freighters-full-of-shipping-containers… well. That’s what time is for.


Also looks like we’re in the midst of a timeline jump which started in the wee hours of the morning for some, but about three hours ago officially for Tomsk:

21 Tomsk is 6:00 am PST.

Jim in WA writes: “At around 2:30 this morning i was awakened by what i can only describe as collapsing timelines. Hard to describe, but when i tried to connect to them (i think 3 or 4) it was as if one of those old fashioned spring-loaded window shades had slammed shut.  i know it’s a poor description, but it was as if that timeline was suddenly snapped shut or collapsed.  i could no longer connect to it.  this happened about 4 times.  finally after about the fifth time i re-established with this one here. “



A comment on this post, one we were expecting:

“I find myself really annoyed with post #728 and would like some clarification (feel free to post this comment or a variation of it publicly since there are probably others with the same thought). Basically, you’re asking us to forgive our aggressors, but they’re still in the middle of hurting us. When the threat is gone it would be easier. You’re asking us to forgive the California politicians who are still trying to mandate mandatory jabs for employees and children as of today, and forgive the local power mongers who still as of today relish demanding proof of jab to participate in life and allegiance to Biden or be shunned. These people won’t stop until we comply or they are gone. If this is an illusion, what’s stopping me from getting the jabs like 85% of local residents and moving on to the metaverse and cryptocurrency and all that garbage, I’m tired of holding out while getting pounded from all sides.”

Yes. We’re asking you to do just that. (But we’re asking you to FORGIVE, not to OBEY.) The first sentence of this post is, “Now for the hard part.” You can still fight for common sense, just realize that this is all Illusion and that technically no one is doing anything to anyone, you just think you are. Nothing is real in a dream, and this is a dream. Everyone on and in the earth is sleeping inside SOURCE right now, dreaming this dream of Illusion. No one is hurting anyone else. No one is being victimized. YOU ARE ASLEEP. Your level of agitation should tell you something.

Brother J has been telling people this forgiveness thing for almost two thousand years. He even forgave those Roman soldiers who tortured him and nailed him up on the cross, but that’s a rather extreme example. Could you do any less in this scaled-down cushy environment? To quote J himself: “Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and they will reign over all.”

As always, don’t shoot the messenger.


CATs and others have been confused about exactly how to ground these days and to what, so we checked… and we were told to “think of the core of Gaia” and ground to that. You can ground to SOURCE too, if you want, but you’re already fully SOURCE-integrated.

Also, in terms of Trudeau… he’s not technically Trudeau. He was ‘black-eye droned’ and his soul has been… “nearly destroyed,” is what we’re hearing. All current world leaders (and lots and lots of celebs) are black-eye drones. We could describe the process, but it’s revolting.


Some CATs are out sick, so some are playing (computer) solitaire ’cause they can’t think… and it’s a mindless time killer… then ~AM and some of the M’s noticed something. We inherently knew that decks of cards are basically controlled by Mr. Nasty, because he created them from ancient tarot cards, so we put the link to the test. On a whim ~AM asked J and the Holy Spirit to give all control of his computer and everything on it to SOURCE, solely — including that game, in perpetuity. He won the next game; it wasn’t easy, but he did it. Give this a try yourselves. (NOTE: You can’t use this for gambling, duh.)

After playing one brand of solitaire, ~AM was only winning one out of about 500 games, if that. It felt rigged. Since he and some other M’s ‘returned their games to SOURCE,’ they had EACH won twice in a row since they cleared the link. While that might seem boring to you, it’s relaxing and… it’s nice to win for a change. (They’ve since asked for it to be fair, but random.)

Just a curiosity, nothing important… though it does suggest that everyone needs to set better protection.


Hm. A number of CATs (four) just said that they started getting headaches and hearing the old ’60s “Outer Limits” theme. Sounds like an Outer Limits episode. (Weirdest episode: “Cry of Silence,” hands down.) If we start seeing tumbleweeds…

(Huh. Someone created a bunch of tumbleweed photo bombs.)


FYI, if you’re feeling oogley it’s because we still haven’t landed fom the (multi-cohesive) timeline jump, yet. Lots of timelines have vanished. (And if you start seeing people dressed as pigs, or anything else weird, send in your reports.) At least the energy is pretty:


Well, the Tomsk filled in, but we had lots of jumps to get us… somewhere. We felt them but they aren’t really showing up on meters since we’re growing beyond all things 3d.

A rough day, energywise.

UPDATE9 ~ 2/22/22

A Neg ET base got caulked yesterday. Be interesting to see how the broken chain-of-command sorts out.


A double WAP, just like clockwork:


Have no fear as you experience the ending of a world within fear. Keep the normies grounded.

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