Special Project #3 [UPDATE]


Hello, all. We were guided toward another Special Project: Lily’s daughter, whom she’s calling “Elsie.” (Not her real name, of course — UPDATE: We got our name-wires crossed.) Anyway, here she is:

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Welcome to the Post-Historic World [UPDATED 7-2-17]

Dark entities? Neutral/bad ETs? POOF. Gone. THIS IS THE FIRST SITE TO REPORT THIS. Some credit, please, reposters. Folks, something has happened. We’re not sure if what just happened was The Event, or one of them, but after tremendous energies last night @ 8:15 pm PDT (even the M’s were nauseous)… the dark beings/entities plaguing the earth are ALL GONE. Completely. POOF. Even the dark … Continue reading Welcome to the Post-Historic World [UPDATED 7-2-17]