Special Project #3 [UPDATE]


Hello, all. We were guided toward another Special Project: Lily’s daughter, whom she’s calling “Elsie.” (Not her real name, of course — UPDATE: We got our name-wires crossed.) Anyway, here she is:

(Image removed at mother’s request)

We of course blurred her out since she’s a minor. But if those of you who are participating would kindly look into her *eyes* and say ‘The Mantra’ (to yourselves)…

You are perfect, immortal spirit, whole and innocent.
All is forgiven and released.


Tooth pain and tummy issues… begone!

And please accept our grateful thanks for your efforts.

[Note to mom: THIS kiddo will be fully telepathic after The SHIFT.]





130 thoughts on “Special Project #3 [UPDATE]

  1. She’s beautiful Lilly 💕
    I did the mantra twice, but got so dizzy, maybe still from the recent TLJ or solstice energies…. or maybe her abilities?

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  2. I did mantra 5 times. Hope it helps! My Goddaughter who is 12 has a sensory form of autism and won’t hug,touch. Sound bothers her too. She can’t go to movies. But she is brilliant in science. I keep thinking she is going to soar after the shift.

    CATS, I have a torn rotator cuff that is killing me. Would this mantra help me? I’ve guides, but I think they r busy, or they want me to have surgery. I dont. 😉

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    1. & I Love the ‘A-Cat-a-dabra’ pic….fabulous green eyes, the ‘ocean within’ fish, the flowing purple cape….illuminated by candle light….means much more than surfacely seen….xo

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  3. Done. Lily, your daughter is beautiful in all ways. Helping with the healing brought me to tears. This often happens for me when Spirit is moving for good things to happen. Thank you for letting us help. Sending love to you and your sweet little one. 💜

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  4. Did it 3 times. Second and third time it felt as if she was talking back, or better said feeling back. Like: Oh hi, thank you for helping. First one was for making connection.

    Glad to be of service.
    Proud member of Anonymous Cat Crew – ACC.

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  5. It’s done! ❤

    I was sending her and Lily the Vajrasatva Ray yesterday in my meditation
    She is so beautiful. Bless you Lily and your sweet daughter ❤

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  6. The love I felt in my heart when I looked into her eyes was beyond words…
    Elsieif and Lily – with the greatest joy and honour – it is done💖🤗
    Sending all my love to both of you💕

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      1. It’s ok CAT Eds❤️🤗. It was my mistake – I should have reloaded the page after the beautiful connection I had with Elsie before I wrote the reply. Elsie it is💗

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  7. I got my head nods, Lily – I almost did a double take when I looked at her picture/eyes – looking like my granddaughter, but not. I think it’s the Way she is looking, seeing more than we do, not 360 viewing, but 720? sort of… with new dimentionalities (not dimensions, different somehow). crazy cool – I wonder if the girls are connected in some way??


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    1. @Kathleen, oh Wow! That’s amazing, maybe they have already connected. When you said your grand daughter gave the nod….Who knows, maybe they are chatting away to each other telepathically! Much love ❤️🙏


  8. I was drawn to say this several times, like 5 or 6, and each time it got faster and faster. And she seemed to get clearer and clearer, as if her field needed a “push” to jump her own motor, and then it took off on its own power. Be well Elsie and Everyone! ❤️️✨🌎🎁🐾

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  9. Thank you for the opportunity to send healing energies to Elsie. I sensed her Higher Aspect was looking down on us and smiling. I am visualizing her entire physical being 100% healthy.

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  10. Hello CATS, Ms and CAT Crew!!! I want to say how utterly moved and grateful I am to the CATS and M’s for posting this and to everyone who has taken part and taken the time out to do this. I am really overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity and I can see the effects already on ‘Elsie’! She had a few tears just before bed nothing like the previous nights. She seemed so much more relaxed and something was tickling her as she was giggling and smiling! I think she may well be able to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ a lot that I (as yet) am unable to. I do believe she has connected with each and everyone of you through this mantra and knew something was happening! She is fast asleep now which is unusual as she usually finds it so hard to settle…So lovely to see her peaceful! ❤️


    Much love and light to ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. @lily144 I’m a ginger just like you’re little girl and we are a feisty bunch! I was called strawberry shortcake as a kid. I was also very teeny tiny. still am. Any way. Redheads are very rare, strong and stubborn. Redheads are FIGHTERS! 😀

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      1. @duganknows. She is such a strong, quiet/gentle and I believe an ‘old soul’ or maybe quite a newish soul straight from Source! She was born with folded ears and looked just like an elf for a while before they straightened out! She has only just started to get that reddish tint. She was almost white blond when she was very little! Apparently my great grandmother was tiny and red headed and from Norway, apparently she was a force to be reckoned with! That’s the story anyway!

        ‘Elsie’ is very tall for her age! She looks about ten years old but is only 7!

        Much love! ❤️

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  11. CATS, I’ve read people are crying and can FEEL “Elsie”. I’m not. Am I making a difference with the mantra! ? With first mantra of the List of characters, I didn’t get “guilt” messages or stay away like others on this blog did. I forgot the mantra and had to re-read it several times in many characters. Weird. While writing, I picture Elsie and i holding hands playing red rover and falling down in the grass on a bright summer day. I really just want to help and not just have my imagination thinking it’s helping

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  12. Elsie , you are gorgeous new kid who came here to elicit our deepest heart and bring us together. Your eyes are an ocean of unconditional love. Thank you Elsie for being! And for healing us with your presence.
    A mum

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    1. I love this song so much! Thank you, Sifoo, for posting this! It was good to hear Leonard himself sing it again, gave me a very helpful emotional release!

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  13. Thank you Lily and Cats for this joy-filled opportunity! I love you dearest Elsie ❤️

    I love All of you – Infinitely ❣️


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  14. I don’t normally post, but I just wanted to say that as I was saying the mantra and focusing on her healing I got a huge gust of wind like spirit move through my body and I felt beautiful shivers of love from head to toe, it was a lovely experience being able to do that. I wish you and your beautiful daughter peace and love. It’s wonderful to hear it made a difference.

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    1. Awwww, that’s amazing Anonymous! I’ve been told she is a very powerful and special soul, I don’t doubt it! Thank you! Much love ❤️


  15. What a beautiful being! A sweet angelic energy radiates from her picture. Honored to be able to be a part of her healing. Hugs and💞

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  16. Hello Lily,
    Your daughter is a beautiful soul 💖.
    I said both mantras 3 times. I will do it again later. I really hope she feels better soon. Sending you both love, healing and strength.
    Hugs 💗

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  17. I’m sorry I’ve missed quite a bit here! Lily, with permission that was granted here, I did energetically reach out to your daughter’s energy via the photo. While I fully emulate and repeat what all the others mentioned, felt and experienced – I did pick up a bit more. She is an amazing and beautiful soul/spirit and you are an exceptional, loving and beautiful mother! 🌹❤️🌹

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    1. Awww, okay, tears coming (of sheer joy and gratitude!) Thank you so much NLNL8 It has been a really tough road and I know at times I have been much less than perfect due to trying to balance incredible stress. that was part of our path, bit nonetheless tough! I just want her to be happy and to do what I can to ensure that happens. I dare to visualise a much, much brighter future…for us, for every soul really!

      Much love and light 🙏❤️

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  18. I did this early on, right after it was posted. Just checking in now. I am not one to “feel”’people yet but looking into her beautiful eyes felt “swimmy” or “woozy”. I imagined I was helping her feel loved and with no ouchies, so it was done. Love to you lily and your little one.

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    1. Also One Who Believes, thank you so much, I think ‘Elsie’ has this kind of magical effect on everyone!

      I am blessed to have such a beautiful soul come into my life!

      Much love to you ❤️🙏


  19. OMG! She is sooo lovely! I am so glad to help her! Did it a few times.
    Could feel her energy rising! I hope she feels better today! 🙂

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  20. It’s like her operating system is too great for the limitations of the human body – is that part of it?
    I felt it was difficult to breathe while I was doing it.

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    1. Yes, I think you are spot on Anonymous. I think ‘Else’ struggles here, in 3D in her body. she often stims like crazy flapping arms and legs, throwing herself back against the cushions and repeating this over and over, like she is trying to throw off the density/the noise/everything about this place…I hope NE comes soon, she will SOAR! Thank you and Much Love ❤️

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  21. Lily, I forgot to mention yesterday, when I first say Elsie’s eyes, I immediately got Oracle of Delphi’s eyes. All knowing and seeing. Very precious soul. Hugs, J

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  22. Just a little update on how ‘Elsie’ has been…

    She has been SO MUCH calmer today despite a hospital appointment and despite a man being in our home fitting a door yesterday. She did have a restless night, woke not longer after initially falling asleep and from there it was almost impossible to settle her again! But…. she wasn’t distressed or in pain at all, just wanted to play! After a few attempts at calming and a couple of nappy changes I fell asleep! When I woke up this morning, the entire contents of her book shelf were strewn across the floor including a bag of cardboard pictures and words, some little ‘phonic’ bean bags and small toy characters from her favourite nursery rhymes! She has a padded, high sided bed so she cannot hurt herself but somehow manages to get all her stuff off the shelf! As long as she is safe and happy I am happy!

    I have noticed what appears to be smiles and giggles and facial expressions in response to someone/some energy I cannot see! A bit strange when she is looking directly over your shoulder! As long as it’s benevolent I don’t mind! Or….could it have been some connection with everyone here as you all connected with her!?

    Thank you again everyone, I am so grateful! When we finally get to New Earth. Please do come and share brownies, strawberry shortcake and blueberry muffins…Oh and coffee and chai tea too!

    Muchus lovus and huggles to each and ALL ❤️🙏🙏❤️

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  23. @lily… felt a, not concern, but a wishing that SPIRIT was on the monitoring end of all that lovely love juice heading for your daughter – that the rate and amount was regulated so that she wouldn’t get overstimulated/overwhelmed – perhaps she has a drip-feed now for the final? rounding out of the energy 🙂 – love never ends…

    much love and bestest wishes for you and her.


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    1. Kathleen thank you, that is so thoughtful and I think it worked, she slept through last night and seems so calm and peaceful today!

      Much love to you and your beautiful grand daughter and little dog too ❤️😊🙏

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  24. Lily, Elsie is beautiful, what a special child! And she looks so big.

    I did both mantra’s 3 times and felt the energy rising in my shoulder blade area, very powerful.

    So amazing to read all those changes you’ve noticed in her.
    How is she feeling now?

    Sending you both much, much love! And thank you for this beautiful initiative.

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    1. Thank you Nuni, so much appreciated! Yes ‘Elsie’ is very tall for her age! She looks about 10 but is only 7 years old!

      Much love ❤️ Xxx


  25. Dear CATs and Ms thank you so much for taking ‘Elsie’s’ photo down. I think the mantra experience/exercise was incredible and I know ‘Elsie’ is so grateful for everybody’s input as am I, thank you 🙏❤️🙏

    It’s making me chuckle, the rag doll (maybe Birman?) cat you put in place looks a bit like Willow, the lovely kitty we will be picking up on Saturday! How did you know 😉

    Much Love ALL ❤️


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