Special Project #4: Solstice Meditation and Jumps/Meterage [UPDATE6]


Since we seem to be working together so well, we might as well all meditate an hour before the summer solstice. Howbout if we imagine…


…for all? Then hit everyone in the world with the mantra? Or you can just meditate and commune with SOURCE. That’s what meditation’s all about, anyway.

This is a new (big) sculpture in Venice.

Note that the summer solstice begins around 15:53 UTC (8:53 am PDT), but we’re gonna start an hour before. If you can’t make it, you can of course meditate in advance — or after the fact — and just imagine that the meditation you’re doing applies to that time.

[NOTE: In case you don’t know what the mantra is, or you’ve forgotten… just say the following to yourself silently, broadcasting it to all: “You are perfect, immortal spirit, brothers and sisters, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.” Or again, you can just meditate and not do anything specific.]





We’ve had another timeline jump:



Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 11.20.13 PM

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 11.22.33 PM







Be thankful. We’re jumping away  from all kinds of nastiness.


Another timeline jump at 13:02 UTC (6:02 PDT) this morning… which set off some CATs’ smoke detectors… that’s one way to wake up:

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 6.50.59 AM


Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 6.43.51 AM




Look at the timeline jumping/adjustment detail.


We also had a proton surge at the same time…

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 7.07.32 AM

…and a neutron surge:

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 7.19.21 AM

This could be that CME landing and offering up its reprogramming.

And there was this from the previous jump:

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 7.14.04 AM


A little solstice drama…



…which looks like a timeline jump…


…but we can find no corroboration just yet… though some CATs are feeling pretty wiped. We’ve not heard from some, so we’re guessing they’re asleep.

Be careful out on the roads. People are downright nuts behind the wheel with all this energy.


Ok, a little corroboration… well, kinda. Thanks to the reader who pointed this one out. (Those CATs who could still function yesterday weren’t all that sharp.)


Check this out:

See that thin white line all the way to the right? Doesn’t look like much, right? That was when the Saturday CAT crew (at your service) woke up, simultaneously.

What you don’t know is that, in science/cabal/ptw circles, THIS…


…is starting to freak people out. They deny Wave X energy, so they have no idea what’s causing all this energetic electron flux…

Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 7.08.54 AM

…not to mention the muon fluxuations. Their philosophy actively denies SOURCE, so when evidence crops up that something cosmic is going on, they become very afraid, though more so because they crave control. This is one reason we do what we do with all these various graphs, as some intelligence agencies read everything we write as part of their daily culling of data for briefings. We’re using their own “scientific” meters to show them the truth of their world. Mercifully, it’s pretty quiet this morning. We could all use a down day and SOURCE knows that. Well… quiet is a relative term:






This is what yesterday looked like… and a bit of today, various terrestrial freqs. Looks bumpy.

Speaking of bumpy, look at Medicina, Italy…





The RIP is gaining definition:

Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 7.30.43 AM

Hey, it’s tough getting out of this rhino:



Seems we’ve all had oddly notable moments today that correspond to the white lines on the Tomsk meter:

They don’t look like much, but most of the CATs seem to have felt ’em, from 6:00 am PDT (20:00 Tomsk time) onward. We’ll have to check into this — esp. that last energy burst.

80 thoughts on “Special Project #4: Solstice Meditation and Jumps/Meterage [UPDATE6]

  1. Thanks for reminding us Charlie! Love the sculpture! Till 4:53 am est, Sweet Dreams for All, Peace.

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  2. Will do –
    ~ guess my body is getting ready for the energy- rib pain and sore diaphragm today (6/20)- the semi consciousness in afternoon and intestinal purging with chills. this evening.(granddaughter cooperated by taking a nap this afternoon – which is rare lately – she also had an episode this morning of agitated hand flapping, head shaking, foot stomping, in pattern – not mad) She has wanted me to do something with her head this week, but the old melon swooshes and pressure then pulls offs aren’t doing it any more,,yesterday wanted pressure over her ears then pull offs – there is some combo of pressure/pull offs that she wants, but I can’t seem to get to what she needs… I’m sure she knows something.


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    1. Hi. I not aware of your granddaughters background story, so I’m sorry if this is off point, but have you looked into Cranialsacral Therapy? It’s a light touch therapy (almost no pressure often) that deals with the pulse of the cerebral spinal fluid rhythm in the body. Can do wonders with adjusting pressure or blockages in the brain, head, face, jaw, spinal cord, etc. It’s pretty amazing stuff! You can find info on Upledger dot com if you wanted to check into it. (((Hugs))) to your granddaughter ❤️

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      1. @Susan Worthington,
        Thank you for your suggestion and help…
        I was a registered massage therapist for 19 years before becoming disabled – kind of a life saver for me as I was kind of killing myself with too much physical empathy, no matter what I tried, when I worked with people – higher self etc took matters in hand. I’m glad you picked up on cranial sacral work, I used some of that in the different modalities I mixed while working – The melon sqwooshes I did with my daughter growing up, helped her migraines and other headaches and worked with my granddaughter, too – she’d come to me and put my hands on her head and push down HARD, re-attaching her head 🙂 Also pressure on each side of head pressing inwards and front/back – third eye and occiput – the last two you can’t really press too hard, but should release slowly/gently or can cause a bit of dizziness – it helps to re-set the cerebral spinal fluid pulse. – then with energy pull offs afterwards – this last week or so these measures have become less effective for her and wants some other combination – definitely with pull offs though – we just haven’t been able to hit on the right thing yet… She is a bit past 4 1/2 and Autistic only started using words/speech about a year ago, but doesn’t use them for direct communication of her needs. She wouldn’t be able to lie down or still for real cranial sacral work to be done.
        Thank you so much for being of help!
        much love,


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        1. ~ just in case this was ambiguous… ” the last two you can’t really press too hard, but should release slowly/gently ” I meant that the skull can take a large amount of pressure as long as it is balanced and slow- not that you have to use gentle pressure – only removing pressure gently… My granddaughter wants immense pressure, esp in reattaching head, lol… 🙂

          peace to all this day,


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  3. Okie dokie… it’s 1:23 am MT, I just looked out the window and the gibbous moon is pinky/orange or orangy/pink – no clouds- no stars either… NEVER saw this color no less the moon being so… NM, USA
    the adventure begins, as it has been –
    – for some reason I REALLY welcome tonight’s TLJ…
    – I set my alarm, but will do some as go towards sleep – Please, I ask for uninterrupted sleep tonight… thank you…

    Much love to ALL, ❤

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  4. It’s a wicked world we weave if we believe that what we pay attention to is what we create. If you hate something then look at it you created it, you fool.! I don’t believe a true soul creates anything but awareness. Observe the untruth and never accept blame.

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    1. We live in what is fundamentally an energetic creation, and matter is our illusory perception of it. Where attention flows, energy goes. Why do you think reptilians deliberately stimulate strong emotions in humans…they live off these energetic secretions…this is the whole basis for what has been termed “loosh”. Negative emotions are food for parasites.

      If you see something you don’t like, acknowledge it and move on, but don’t feed it more emotional energy, that is just adding fuel to the fire. Even just laughing at problems instead of becoming outraged helps. I notice that drama queens trying to make a scene just hate it when they are mocked and laughed at, it sucks all the air out of their creation.

      Think of what you do like, and try to attach strong positive emotion/love to that. It can’t hurt, and at the very least it will make you feel better.

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  5. Yes. We’ll actually embrace all of Gaia in Love!
    Find it meaningful.
    We seem to have formed a powerful group.
    “In God, everything is possible.”

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  6. Yes, I will happily join in doing this💗

    Today it’s Midsummer’s Eve – my absolute favourite holidays of the year.
    To celebrate the sun, the summer, nature and it’s beauty, and to share love and joy and laughter…
    I will share it with all of you along with Love, Light and Peace for ALL💖💞


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  7. ok, this song has been running for HOURS. every time I wake and then being paired with the phrase, “school me”. I will leave the the context with today to each’s interpretation, but I get a feeling that there is heart behind it.
    below is the lyric video.. I did the meditation several times during the night, got some nice visuals…

    Peace – love and light, to ALL…

    Kg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0imaSCnSuA

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    1. That’s a whole lot better than a ton petty song. Yup. It gives a mind something to do!


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    In our discussion last night, Kevin gets into the roots of this project and describes his dream for it to unfold in a way that we all will feel so much better about what we are doing in our lives.

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  9. Amazing idea on how to make our world a better place!

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  10. Did the meditation by blowing rainbow bubbles to protect and encompass ALL after grounding. Started with home and gradually expanded to universe. All the bubbles joined to create one enormous bubble of love. It helps me to visualize in meditation. Woke up this morning with, “Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, etc.” poem echoing in my head. That was followed by the song, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”. We shall see. Cay

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  11. Amazing… just… Amazing.
    Did the Mantra & Meditation for 1 hour.
    It began slow… then arms started moving in time with the Mantra.
    Had a good balance going.
    About half way through, I had a drink. I had the computer screen on the words of the Mantra just in case I forgot them. I then realized that my arms where moving in the same way as the new Sculpture in Venice.
    I also saw myself floating above and near the Earth at times, with a cord connected to the middle of the Earth and up to Source.
    At these times, my arms opened wide, and it felt like I was holding hands with others. I could see others doing the same. Floating/standing around the Earth.
    The Beauty….. I could feel her Breathe.
    All the people were hearing this, on some level. I felt that strongly at one point.
    How utterly Amazing.
    Thank You Cats, this is now a daily Meditation for me.
    With so much Love to you All,
    Tea Kay
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I had a similar experience Tea Kay, during my meditation, at one point, it felt as though I were floating in space viewing the Earth, there were many Light Beings, and we all joined hands, beaming Love and Light to the Earth. I really enjoyed this group meditation, and could really feel the Collective Love, Light, and Energy.
      Thanks Cats and to All who joined in.

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  12. I’m going to be honest, it was hard for me to connect. I was there for 20 minutes. I’m in a deep fog today.

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      1. I’ve got a light worker telling its only going to get worse at the end of the year — like much worst. I think that is a good time to book a vacation and not move.

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    1. Me too, woke up in a complete dense fog. Headache/head pressure, exteme dizziness, nauseous. While in the meditation though I did feel a bit better and lighter.

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    1. Hi Mark, I experienced this feeling from about half way, and continued all the way through the rest of the time. The healing Given, & Received is Amazing ❤

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  13. I kept sending out in waves to All on the planet The sounds heard were the sound of the gentle breeze in the trees, the sound of the fountains, and the sound of birds. Very soft and gentle. Sorta like a sweet caress. Must have nap to complete the work.

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  14. FYI, about half the CATs are feeling energy crunched. Perhaps it’s our proximity to portals. It’s even causing some of to be short-tempered. I actually only felt relief WHEN I STUCK MY HEAD IN THE PORTAL. Needless to say, this is not advisable, by anyone. I was actually taking my tuxedo cat’s (feline) lead: he jumped up to the portal like it was going to say something, so I mirrored his actions… and I could breathe better in there. Less head pressure, too. And that’s the most normal thing that’s happened today! (I don’t even know how to describe what happened, since we really don’t know, yet.)


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    1. Har! Short tempered doesn’t even begin to describe it! More like pissy. I was snortin mad before the actual time of solstice. Fortunately my natural good temper has returned after my nap. (Or at least I think it should after my afternoon latte) Cheers!

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    2. Same here. I told the banana bread I made to go to hell it stuck to the bottom of the pan even though I greased it good. lol 😉

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  15. Howdy? – feeling the afternoon energy drain early today and steel wool muzziness in head esp behind right eye and nostril accompanying headache – like a REALLY weird allergy attack, really want to take off my head and put it somewhere…

    Wishing you all the best you can do with the energies – nothing you feel you need to cope is wrong, just ask guidance concerning it if unsure…

    @lily? missing your presence this morning – hope all is well with you two – much love,


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    1. Hi Kg, I’ve also been getting the allergy thing, for about the last week. I haven’t had this happen for many many years. I can’t even remember when the last time was. I used to have allergy’s regularly way back when, and took ‘horseradish, garlic and c, with marshmallow and fenogreek’, all in one supplement. I went with my gut feel on how many to take and when, and then after a while, the monthly allergies (which also used to turn into sinus infection) were gone.
      Much Love ❤

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      1. @Tea Kay – oh, do I hear ya! In my early 20s back in CT I would sneeze, literally, 1/2 an hour straight in the morning, then throughout the day.- I got into nutrition research – back in the day it was mostly Adele Davis’s books, Prevention Mag., Linus Pauling and few others – I learned about the connection between allergies and the adrenal glands and that the B vitamin Pantothenic acid( one of the B vitamins that mostly go by a name not a number (Oooo, a ‘Prisoner’ reference, lol ) is the most used by the adrenal glands with stress and histamine response. Started taking it, feeling out how much my body needed for this – When I did the sneezing would stop and be gone that day… Yay! Have tried to keep it on hand ever since – it’s usually inexpensive. I’d have chronic sinus infections, too, which often led to bronchitis . – Ct was not healthy for me – only took me 57 years to leave permanently (not counting out of state college years). 🙂

        luvvies and huggles,


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        1. @ Tea Kay and Kathleen G, thanks for the allergy tips! Had not heard of the B5 connection, awesome! Have y’all tried NAC ( N-acetyl-cysteine ) for mucus? I tend to get bronchitis with a cold and it always helps to break up that mucus fast (2 caps 2/day).
          Thanks and hugs!

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    2. Awww I’m here Kathleen ❤️ Managed a bit of a rare lie in this morning 😊 ‘Elsie’ is very happy today, bright as a button! Lovely to see! I’m hoping I can entice her to snuggle with me this afternoon and maybe watch the jungle book! We are having a pyjama day! Hope all is well?

      Much love ❤️🙏❤️

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  16. Came to the mantra an hour too late but did it all the same. I could not connect very well although I tried. Too much distraction and have been buzzing/vibrating like crazy all day.

    I did see the whole planet there in space surrounded by light, pink/golden glow. I did see some random people’s dramas/lives and also saw many people just like Lowry’s matchstick men and women but all over the earth and visualised them growing out of the duality and drama, being liberated….Being filled with light.

    I will incorporate this into my meditations from now on.

    Much love and Happy Solstice Cat Crew! ❤️

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    1. Hi Lily, sounds like you connected awesome! 🙂
      Thank you for sharing what you saw. It’s so great this is happening Now.
      Love Hugs ❤

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      1. Thanks Teakay! It was strange, everything I saw was a bit disconnected as if there was a blurry window between mysf and my visualisations. Wanted to get a cloth and wipe the ‘glass’ clean!

        So happy to be part of this beautiful cat crew, feels like we are moving mountains!

        Much love ❤️

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  17. A curious Gaia Portal ❤️

    Hemp attractors seal the physical.

    Sparkling generations are now in the forefront.

    Specialities are displayed and employed.

    Penetrators lead the way.

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    1. @ Lily. I wonder if it’s referring to bees. As I read yesterday that hemp is helping save them as it has lots of pollen. Same here re the meditation. I struggled and then couldn’t get to sleep. Talking of bees, my body was, and is still, buzzing these three days.xxx

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      1. @Newlynn, that’s an interesting thought. I came across this crop circle. Do you think it’s a bee? Maybe it’s an ant! Hmmm!

        Are you still buzzing? Seems to be an everyday occurrence now!

        Much love ❤️❤️


    2. @lily144
      yes, lily, i got short-tempered when seeing it!
      I always read the meaning on the spot.
      this time text is confusing.
      some negative notions of earth, try playing transmuted.
      i even checked the sanity of ÉirePort/Earth Portal in Ireland,
      a higher dimensional HQ of ArchAngel Michael & Crew

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      1. @ Oro, yes, it is a little confusing but then again, I find them all cryptic! I quite enjoy sussing out the meaning though…If I ever get it!

        Much love ❤️


  18. Feeling crunched since mid morning with stomach distress, body aches and headache/shoulder pressure. Have tried to nap but unable with various abdominal rumbling and heat waves. No more coffee, as the benefits are now outweighed by somatic regrets. Boo hoo. Cay

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        1. @ Cay, Awww, bless you that’s lovely ❤️ Daughter is struggling a bit today with a combination of the heat and humidity, nappies and an upset tum. She has a really sore bot. Going through a fair bit of nappy cream. have put a fan on in her room as it’s just roasting here. Feels like a thunderstorm might be on the way.

          Hope you’re doing well? Big hugs and love ❤️


  19. I forgot to mention, I had a really long dream a few nights ago where I spent an evening with David Bowie! I seem to remember being in his dressing room and having a really good evening, talking, just being…!

    Much love ❤️

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  20. Good god!!! I was just going on line to see if any of youse had noticed an increase of energy this afternoon or was it just me. After 2 naps, my head feels like it is in a vice. Then I see your update4 and all doubts were dispelled. If you hear a thud it’s just my head hitting the keyboard. (I don’t think key lime pie is the answer tonight.)

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  21. Tonight in Kansas giant mother ship looking clouds with giant bolts coming out of them that make no noise and now a clear night sky flashing blue over and over with no noise. Okay lol. 😉

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  22. That was so amazing! At one point, as I was speaking the words of the mantra in my mind, I heard all your voices saying it with me, it felt so powerful and peaceful and very strange at the same time. I also went into space and flew around the earth shining love and light at it, and then I saw this incredibly bright, almost blinding light shine through cracks in the surface of the earth. Breaking through the crust, like the earth was transforming from the inside out, I kept hoping to see what would happen, but it never went beyond a certain point in the process.
    And I had a powerful emotional release afterwards as well, so beautiful! I definitely will be doing this again.
    Oh, almost forgot, later in the meditation, when I was sending light to specific people, I saw these giant hands, that I knew to be Brother J’s, cupping some people ever so gently and carefully and transferring these people somewhere else. I didn’t know where, maybe a different timeline? It felt like sorting was going on, but it was so loving, there was no feeling of judgement, just care and love, they were being cupped like one would cup a beautiful butterfly to rescue it from an environment that’s not safe for it. And I felt that truly all was well, all was in perfect order and taken care of! So much love!
    Happy Solstice hugs to all of you!!!

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      1. That cracks me up, Cay! One of the many things I love about this group of people, we don’t take ourselves too seriously….


  23. Hi Cats n All,
    I have created an event for a missing person, Theo Hayez, with the Mantra.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  24. Correction…. had to change the words. I really gotta remind myself more frequently that so many are still not awake.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  25. I’m sitting here watching one of our Cats (well… we are their’s n all that..) having a dream. She is a Beauty, Miss Mindy-moo. Ginger & Fancy. Her tongue is sticking out just a tad, and the end 4 inches of her tail is going this way n that.
    Just wanted to share.
    Hope Ya’ll getting the rest you need.
    ❤ Head buts n Purry Love to All ❤

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  26. “Those CATs who could still function yesterday weren’t all that sharp.” I decided to go look for a new car, but the drive was depressing, the roads were unkempt, I visited a Kia dealership and a Nissan, drove around them slowly looking at the offerings, but never got out to test drive. Schizophrenic, I know. I just felt no joy.

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