691: Thursday CAT Tarot, etc. ~ [UPDATE3]

A new feature.

We’re not fortune tellers. But given how personal the CAT info is these days — info we can’t share — and how symbolic everything else is, we’re going to dip into the tarot more than we usually do. The only difference with CAT tarot readings is that we place everything in the hands of SOURCE and the Archangels before we begin.

Card for Thursday 8-19-21:

This is a good card, a lucky card actually. It is in fact the perfect card, given what we were just doing (more on that in a sec)… which completely shows us the Hand of SOURCE in all this. Totally amazing. This a card of infinity — which keeps showing up! It shows a spiritual centeredness, hope, confidence in needs being met, etc. Like much of the tarot, the card’s name is ambiguous: “L’Étoile” can also be “Le Toille/Le Toule,” which believe it or now means “source” in the Langue d’Oc, the old Oc language (learning this language really deepens your french). It also shows that we are actually spirit (the star), manifesting “below”… here as a cat… and like our cats, this cat is spilling things all over the place, but is darn happy about it. There is something in this card about “comic generosity” and how Spirit visits us, creating places to communicate… kinda like this blog. What’s really interesting is that we physically pulled this card after our morning ISP meditation (Infinite SOURCE Pillar), that we do every morning and evening, winding up by mapping this spiritual Pillar energy to all Gaia portals, as well as the core, and the poles. We had also just performed a healing on certain elements that the card shows literally. Quite fascinating, really. Alas, we can’t help but be vague because we can’t have the PTW knowing what we are doing.

We encourage you to look up additional meanings for this card elsewhere. We’re certainly not experts.

“I see you looking like Groucho Marx and sitting in leaves….”


Hi, this is actually a tangential update, for those who got the shot and now regret it. We created a special page for this info on the main masthead of the site, so it’s easy to find, called: “Healing the Shot.”


We had to check this out and then share this. This is just incredible. THIS…

…is an INFLATABLE PLANE they used for the photo opp. The whole MSM world is fake.


Ew. On a hunch we looked at Kneepads who was rumored to be going to Vietnam and parts of Asia for three weeks. We thought that suspicious timing, given what’s happened recently. Turns out she’s actually going to be joining the ‘black eye club.’ Watch for her to have a black eye from some kind of ‘accident’ while she’s away. This means that the PTW is ready to ditch Xiden and replace him with an actual reptoid drone, which is a first we think, a new low.

The ‘black eye’ club.
You know what this is, right?

This whole thing was planned. Look at this cartoon today?

Why are we telling you this? Because we apparently have to reach the very bottom before anything Event-y happens. This is just our guess. Why else would this be taking so long? We kow it’s not a bait-n-switch psy-op because we’ve seen the New Earth ourselves — we saw it today,in fact, all around us. You have to vibrate UP as high as possible in the Infinite SOURCE Pillar (ISP) to see it. The trick is staying there! So… we’re gonna have to wade through a bit more muck. Several CATs are seeing The Event, but we don’t want to give any timing.

Lilac with gold drapes? Really Mr. and Mrs. Brown?

Are we back to the Christmas decorations again??