692: Buckle Up 3: The Revenge ~ [UPDATE2]

Buckle Up 3: This time, it’s personal.

Something Big

Something big is on the horizon, and those who vibrate HIGH will not be affected; if you rise above it you are protected… but from what we don’t know. It is definitely time to dig deep. Join us in the Infinite SOURCE Pillar — which is ON 24/7 — and you can easily slide UP the pillar to a higher level. Pretty much all we can do. This time, it’s literally all up to the individual.

That said, ~AM and the AAs have been doing all kinds of missions lately with a certain segment of the population, so things might seem extra bizarre here and there (in terms of 3d) — even more bizarre than usual. Note that as we pull farther away from 3d, you’re going to feel it more. CATs were feeling it in knees and then ankles, mostly ankles.

At this point, it’s best to put ALL processes in the hands of SOURCE, and leave it at that. SOURCE will negotiate a Perfect Outcome for you, so it’s best set it on course and then stay out of the way. First, you need to go into meditation and very clearly say that you are putting yourself into the hands of SOURCE. As usual, SOURCE wants us to take the first step. We also recommend doing this small thing, from Cristina Aroche, a message from AA Michael and AA Uriel:

We are here with you now in this time of creation and power. We are here to help you live in your truth and divine potential. Your strength and love at this time is important. It is meant to be used as the source of connection to your divine essence and truth. Seek this path now before you, for it is this journey that will elevate your heart into who you are meant to be. With this guidance now steps forth a divine unfolding of your next elevation. You were meant to live from this light. See this truth in your heart and feel it wrapping up around you. Feel how beautiful you are, for your journey and divine essence is shining bright. As you look within, you will see the truth of who you are unfolding into your divine potential. See this truth now and forever feel the presence of your divine being.

As you receive this message, say to yourself “I receive the truth and love within my heart” and then tune in to feel the angels bringing a huge orb of gold and blue energy into your heart space. Feel how this energy fills you up with divine light and love. Take the time today and/or the next few days to call on Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel to support you through this process of releasing + true embodiment.

AA Michael & AA Uriel (via Cristina Aroche)

Another Card

Also… we were going to pull a card for this morning, just to fill in the blanks… and as we shuffled, this card flipped out — AGAIN:

And again…

The Crossroads card. It’s choice time yet again (or it still is), this time for more and more people.

Note that you can’t MAKE people make a certain choice (for love and not fear); they have to do it themselves. What few realize is that this card — like you personally, in your body, and our entire world — is upside-down. EVERYTHING here is upside-down (and it shows). You are attached to SOURCE by a thin cord that terminates at your heart, your “heart chakra” at the end of this connection, a portal if you will (albeit a very small one, big enough for your spirit to pass through in dreams). In comparison, the sky above, when you’re walking around… is DOWN. Pyramids on this planet are upside down. People, societies, institutions… all upside down. You need to go within to right yourself.

More as it develops.

Dang it.


Some energy today:

And a cme is inbound:


  • Someone asked WHEN we can expect ‘something big,’ as promised in this post. A reasonable question, not always answerable. In this case it is: We see something happening (we still don’t know what; we’re often not shown things for our own personal safety), some big kerfuffle by the end of the month. (We hope it’s not the Harrïs pResident black-eye thing. One of the M’s flashed on her not surviving it. The less said about that, the better.) Maybe it’s the Election. We don’t know.
  • And… sadly, we’re seeing that people who got the shot will really start dying off this winter. (THIS is the “roar” we heard way back when… as if there weren’t enough warnings for people.) Apparently, The SHIFT won’t happen till we live through this, perhaps so we can help. (We’re seeing AA Azrael nodding. He’s really nice, certainly no one to be feared.) There is no “death,” after all, just a transition back to the spirit side of The Veil.
  • However… we’re also getting “positive omen” inklings for the 3d timeline, not sure why. Perhaps… a “spiritual hunger” is awakening?
Just say no.