Special Project #2


Remember when we asked readers to use “The Mantra” on those folks who needed some personal spirit-boosting? Well, we have another important mission for you, should you choose to accept it.

The following are high-ranking influencers of the Mainstream Media (MSM). We thought they might benefit from waking up a bit. So, please do us a favor and look at each person and think to yourself:


Please do this for each person, looking into their eyes as you (mentally) say The Mantra. And that’s it. This will spawn a new timeline. Can you guess what happens on that timeline? Needless to say, this is one of the most important posts the CATs have ever written. Let’s see what all of us can do together.

They appear in alphabetical order (we’ll explain our choices later); chances are good you’ve never seen most of them before; some of their pics were not readily available. Anyway, here they are:



































[NOTE: The “mantra” really isn’t a mantra at all, but is instead a “Coursian” blessing technique developed by a student of Brother J’s (channeled) book, A Course in Miracles, available at acim.org.]

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  1. Severe heart palpitations today, wildest ever.
    Very frustrating days, throw and punch stuff type of frustration.
    I’m starting to think we will only get some rest when we die. Before that, try to survive while energy bombards us every day. Why? Because we signed up for it.
    Why the normies aren’t literally exploding is a complete mystery to me… I thought the energies would hit them but it’s us. It’s always us.
    Full moon emotional comment.

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    1. Wow. Stefan, you really expressed how I feel. I am exhausted and hurt all over, but what else is new? Other people, even those who know that something is going on don’t feel this way, and when I tell them how I feel they think that it is my emotions that are doing it. Or I am calling down some negative energy onto myself.
      The truth is that some of us took on the job of bringing the new energy from the Central Sun via our solar system’s sun through our bodies (think lightning rod) and grounding it into the Earth. Without us the new energy wouldn’t be able to ground. We transduce it as well:

      Definition of transduce. transitive verb. 1 : to convert (something, such as energy or a message) into another form essentially sense organs transduce physical energy into a nervous signal. 2 : to cause (genetic material) to undergo transduction.

      But we have been doing much more than that: we are also transforming old energy (energy frozen as matter) back into its pure form. Emotions, physical wounds, history, thoughts, etc.

      Both kinds of energy surges can feel awful to us in the physical: and also in our emotional. Wellbeing is a feeling I hardly remember but I get glimpses from time to time so it is not gone for good. Hang in there Stefan.


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      1. Well if I’m honest with myself it IS my emotions that run the show sometimes.
        The energies are doing what they’re doing. I have to trust they’re rearranging things for the better.
        We can’t choose the energies, we can only choose how we handle them.
        These last ones were tough. Throw in the full moon and it’s a recipe for emotional outbursts. The trick is to transmute and breathe through it. Easier said than done when this past weekend 5 different trolls took a shot at me. I handled it quite well if I look back. Yet there’s room for inprovement, no need to rant on this blog.
        Thanks for your reply which reminded me of a beautiful quote from a movie I saw yesterday called Shadowlands about C.S. Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia:

        We read to know we’re not alone.

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      2. That was beautifully said, Iconoclast! Thank you! I often feel like I am clearing emotions that are generations old and attached to my genes, as well as personal karma, all of it tangled up and interwoven. But it’s all dissolving bit by bit, and it feels amazing when forgiveness and gratitude and love take over! This work is so rewarding!

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    2. Def know how you feel Stefan. Same here dear brother
      Wouldn’t be able to manage my everyday life without saying this like every few minutes: you signed up for this crazy $*¥t and you knew it would be hard, but you also knew you can do it

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    3. Besides the usual strange symptoms, that I am used to, I had an awful
      day on Friday. My dog caught his foot on something and ripped off a back
      nail and then, before the bleeding could be stopped, bled all over the house.
      Stayed up all night cleaning the blood then, the next day, was returning
      medical suppplies to a neighbor, who tried to help, when, something went
      wrong and I totaled my car on the neighbors tree. I live where you have to
      have a car so called my son, who I have not seen for 3 yrs, for help. He said
      he was sick and could not help. Then I got the mail and found a letter from
      a car repair in my town where I had taken an older car to be repaired. After waiting over three months, for the repairs, I was told the car needed a new
      computer, but as the car was old and a new computer would be expensive
      they would look for a used one. Now, after a year, they never found one but
      are trying to charge me $17,000. for “storage fees”, which I will not pay. All
      of this in ONE day. I feel like I am going crazy but all the Normies, I know,
      are doing just fine! Since I no longer have a cat I listened to an audio of cat purring to help me calm down.


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  2. Done! Had problem remembering the mantra a few times. I thought perhaps I was tired as it was past midnight. But I wanted to do it before I sleep. There’s one tho that I dare not look into his eyes.

    I try again tomorrow after a good sleep!

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  3. Done!
    I feel a huge importance of it! Even though I do not know who these people are…Some of them were so thankful! 🙂
    I could feel the an enormous energy coming from them…some of them felt pure evil…I hope they feel better now! 🙂

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    1. I wondered if I would have a relevant dream after doing the mantra twice and last night I did……
      “There was a world wide announcement that a natural event was about to take place that would effect not just Humanity but all beings on this place we call Planet Earth. There was no chaos no fear no running in the streets just all humans from all countries from every walk of life talking to each other about this natural event which would effect all of our lives, the msm media no longer had its claws attached any more, televisions were mostly turned off, it was like we spontaneously got this information and knew it to be true in our hearts, there were not as many people as there are now, and as I was discussing the situation with a Russian gentleman about how we could combine our talents and gifts to adjust to this on coming situation, which was what all the dream characters were doing, sharing with one and other what they each were good at ” then my Golden Retriever with her baritone voice barked in my face that breakfast was late….

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  4. Gaia Portal❤️

    Howitzers of Light come to the fore.

    Premonitions fulfilled.

    The Light has “won”.

    Markers are in place for future generations of Energy workers.

    Articles of the Galaxy are written.

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  5. I have to ask… why no CNN or MSNBC anchors, et al? I didn’t see anyone there I recognized, save for some billionaires.

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    1. Excellent question. We don’t make a big deal about it, but CATs are experts in the media and all things strategy and tactics. The Talking Heads of the world get all their content from wire svs and newspapers. They claim to have “news” staffs, but they’re secretly very lazy and entitled, and just grab news from old fashioned news outlets each morning; they stopped thinking for themselves… uh… they’ve never thought for themselves. Local news stations and magazines do the same thing, from the top down — globally. It’s one of their guilty secrets, and one of the reasons why they’re so out of touch. Also, the folks we chose are *direct competitors* with each other, so they will have extra pressure to change WHEN THEIR COMPETITION CHANGES. It’s only a matter of time. Despite being owned by the same six corporations, they are terribly competitive, and are taught to foster an “eat-your-young” mentality, as they’re constantly being held to task to not only do what they’re told, but also make money. And they are NOT making money, anymore. At all. Quite the opposite. So, it’s the SQUEEZE all way ’round, with SOURCE and ONE (that is, all of us) shoving the hardest. This is one main reason why this post shook so many trolls out of the tree.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I was under the impression that there was one single source for all the individual “local news” broadcasts on stations owned by one company. Sinclair News script:

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  6. I just did the job a second time. Until now I did not feel strong enough to do it.
    I have to say that this time it was much more fluid and better with everyone, except with two of them. Two men who do not know who they are. One is the one that in the caption says “Iannello”.
    He had the feeling that their faces were transfigured. I have to dedicate that to do so, I enter into a state of meditation and surround my eyes in a similar way to what I had to do to see those 3D plates that were fashionable in the 80’s.
      I felt fear and automatically a protection barrier came out. but that did not help to scare me. I did the work three times more each until I felt it was done.

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      1. Cats, I’ve done this daily since you first posted. It feels easier with less resistance. Does this say more about myself or them? I’m either getting better at forgiveness or they’re feeling the results of all the prayers.

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        1. Brigetteann333
          Bravo ! It makes me feel light as a feather, and I have been sharing it with everyone and using it on everyone and thing, waitresses, parking meters, strangers that pull out in front of me on high way , my bicycle seat and

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      2. …my goal for the past 10 years…my gawd you have NO idea.

        (I would cry, if only I still could)


        Instead of just hugging them into my Source Light as is always my style — this time I had some hilarious fun with it and tickled them all into giggle fits as I hugged them.

        Had no problem at all with any of them ~ I could immediately see myself in every single one of them, (which instantly/automatically transmuted to POSITIVE)
        and besides that, they are……*children*.

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        1. Anonymous
          Yes indeed they are only children, I like to think like that too, when I am presented with a stuck wounded heart , I remember that once upon a time they were beautiful little babies…

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      3. Cats
        yes, so how could we get more to do it…well if our collective unconsciousness has a high way for information that influences humanity (and it seems it has been used against us with the victim /victimizer programs) and our Subconscious mind is the only way to create, iliminate or change programs. Maybe we change the subconscious program with the Mantra by recording it and repeating it over and over to ourselves with head phones on while sleeping or sitting in Theta or Alpha while meditating. Perhaps it would grow and spread like the positive seed that takes us home…

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  7. (1.) Must we say all the words exactly as written? (2.) Would it help if each of us continue to perform the exercise? (3.) Thank you for all you do. It is very much appreciated.

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    1. Mmm… there are some blips, but nothing worth writing about. We’re getting a it jaded to the various meters, so now it takes more and more unusual readings to make us go, “Wow.”

      Also… the Siberian muon detector we use is down, so we’ve been working to get it restored.

      -CAT Eds.

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  8. Finally able to do this today – super interesting. Some I would do the ‘mantra’ once and then hear things like “noooo!” and “yeah right” or “damned love.” Whenever I had that response, I centered myself more, really opened my compassion and said the mantra again, sometimes repeating ‘all is forgiven and released’ two or three or four times until it felt finished. Then there would be a very gentle release. For some I heard a “go away” or “that’s what you think.” Wrapped the whole thing up with more G&P.

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    1. Our CAT Action Group’s reactions are very inspiring. More and more are enjoying and realizing their abilities. The MSM’s reactions are not surprising, but all expressions of love are maximal, so what we’re all doing is ZINGING in to them in ways they don’t understand… but they will later. We’re paving the road for our future selves. Excellent work, Julie.

      -CAT Eds.

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  9. Just thought I would post this before I go to bed.

    During meditation I ask my guides and higher self if there is anything I need to know. Tonight I got ‘stay at home, a whirlwind is coming!’

    Not sure if this is physical or metaphorical but I was guided to post it.

    Much love ALL and Night night ❤️

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    1. Wow Lily….. just wow.
      I shared the DT here in this post.. ‘whirl winds’ were part of it.
      Wishing you & your daughter a restful sleep ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. Tea Kay, yes big Wow! I woke up this morning to find out that there are storms coming! Guides say stay at home! Daughter has another hospital appointment on the Solstice. That should be interesting! Much love and hugs! ❤️✨✨❤️

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  10. Two near-life experiences today:

    1) I’m now the grateful caretaker of a poppy-plant with purple flowers. Real wild poppies are pink from my experience, I suspect the deep red variety has been tampered with. Purple is new to me.

    2) I was baking bread with the sun coming in through the window and suddenly noticed that it was snowing upwards. Like I was the center of a flour fountain. Then I took a step back, and the “snow” began falling to the ground. One forward and the fountain was back, and it kept going as long as I was standing there. A closer look at the snow flakes showed that they looked like the energetic particles you can sometimes catch in the corner of your eye in sunshine, the kind that responds to attention by bouncing around. They look like tiny soap bubbles to me. But in this case the soap bubbles had formed around the flour particles and the whole package was reacting to me by rising.

    Otherwise full moons are more wish-I-was-dead experiences for me lately, before I found them slightly uncomfortable at worst.

    But I’m thinking that transmuting some of this muck before it hits the fan is probably a good idea. And J is always around the corner when I need him, the issue for me is finding enough motivation to ask when it gets really dark.


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  11. Higher Team has presented me with this today (and keep on reminding me to give it to you) ~

    To honour all of you, for such an unprecedented and long-awaited occasion of brilliant unified action:

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  12. Hi All 🙂
    I had an interesting DreamTime last night (Australia time).
    I was going to add it to the the previous post that we were sharing Dreams on, but then got the nudge to share it here….
    I found myself ‘in the middle of no where’, on a dirt road, with fields all around. No buildings in sight, no hills, all flat and grassy.
    There was a Plane on this dirt road, yes, a plane. It was filled with teenagers in school uniforms. The intention was to keep these children safe, to make sure no harm came to them. I was not the only adult, but was the one whom was able to communicate with them, and keep their spirits up.
    They knew they could not leave this plane until we were sure they would be safe.
    I went outside and spoke to some other adults, a hand full of us were there, around the plane. I pointed out some ‘whirly winds’ in the fields, and that they were becoming more regular. It was noted by the other adults, and the information went to ?? to be aware of, and to adjust as per needed.
    I would go back into the plane to make sure the children were okay, and to give out food and drinks. At one point, I was telling jokes, and stepped back from my/the body I was in to observe. I then saw the adult body as Ellen Degeneres (please excuse spelling, and I do not watch MSM or tv, just know of her).
    I looked out of a small window, and saw fires. I jumped outside the plane again, and saw many small fires all moving in one direction. Some were on animals. One animal was a bison. The direction was coming from behind the plane forward. Again, I spoke with the other adults and noted that the small fires were growing in number. It was getting dangerous. Those I spoke with went off in a hurry, and said to go back inside the plane. I did so. I continued to keep the attention of the children/teenagers, so they were not to be scared of what was happening outside. It wasn’t long when the door opened and some large men in dark suits and glasses boarded. There was some looking at paperwork, and discussion between themselves, and other adults. I was observing mostly.
    They were very efficient, as it wasn’t long before the got off the plane and ‘made it so’. The children/teenagers cheered! They were safe to go! I can see them now, as I am typing this. Some have braces. I am hugged, and some tears flow.
    OH, their school uniforms were navy blue, with a line of gold woven through.
    Much Love to All ❤ 🙂 ❤

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  13. And there it is, finally: We had our timeline jump! You all helped do this! We’ll write about this in the morning, it’s still happening right now. Some of the CATs experienced this last night, but we weren’t sure if it was just us personally. Now we know. Stay tuned.


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    1. Hmmm, my dreams were very different so I suspected a jump.

      I was on board a humongous starship. Between us and a few others, we had on board the whole of humanity. I was part of a military style operation where we had to then relocate humanity BACK to Earth (New Earth?).

      A part of the ship had many enormous cylinders. In these cylinders all the humans would sit and wait to be moved.

      A huge machine then extracted several cylinders at a time to be transported, maybe to another ship?

      The general feeling was mixed 50/50. Half doubted the success and expected deaths in the millions. The other half believed all would work as planned.

      I even met someone I sort of knew. He had my surname and apparently he was 60% genetically matched to me. He was also involved in the military style mission. It felt like a great reunion. Maybe he is a fractal of me?


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    2. Unusual dream, My brother “in this reality” is deep in stocks. So I was visiting him w/my nephew and saw a nasty looking storm approaching, so we took cover. This tornado+ hung over his house for at least 10 min. like it was a target. No one hurt, just the overbuilt fortress took extensive dammage. Peace.

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  14. Hi, I have been so tired – I’ve been too tired to comment on how tired I’ve been, been sleeping as much as I could since Saturday – Sleep troubles Friday night, had huge influx of intensified acid with itching powder added ‘burns’ at 4:44 am- the next night (6/16-17th) another at 2:22 am (MT). these changed from the previous pink coin sized spots to small 1 or two mm whitish and more on or around my veins instead of mostly joints as before –
    At some time I had feelings of knowing what this intense exhaustion/sleeping headaches was about, but it faded… There’s been an odd, not really depression, but related to the exhaustion, so it felt like that – I don’t want to talk about it feeling…

    It’s wonderful to hear how you all are doing .. and that you are doing – There had been, I believe since the last big white blob on Schumann over a week ago (I almost couldn’t remember) of dives into exhaustion and almost unconsciousness in late afternoons into evenings – which made looking after gddaughter difficult when parents worked almost tearfully too tired…

    I have no definition as to how I’m feeling.
    love to all, Kg

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    1. Kathleen, before I was “awake”, I use to watch my grandson when he was a toddler. I was going through what Dr’s called bi-polar depression. I’ve since come to the conclusion it was a dark night of the soul episode. Anyway, I’m sending love and support because I can remember days I couldn’t keep my eyes open or couldn’t stop the tears, while trying to be a loving, attentive grandma. ❤

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    2. Healing from the inside out seems to take a lot of energy.

      I’ve had issues with psoriasis for over 30 years, but something is definitely changing for the better now.

      It’s slow like watching paint dry, and the process drains me completely of energy; but its healing, I know it’s finally healing.

      This is temporary, and it’s leading somewhere better. Just make as much space as you need and can for sleep, listen to the body and it will tell you exactly what you need to do.


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  15. Due to that glorious aforementioned Timeline jump for THE COLLECTIVE, I got very deliberately slammed with this sneaky-higher-self conspired video message right after I got up:



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    1. Thanks for sharing! That was awesome, it made me cry happy tears! I love ELO. Can you imagine everyone in the world feeling like this everday, all day!? Now that would be a New Earth I want to live in!

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  16. Thank you Cats, M’s All for this amazing mission! ❤️ The more times I do this, the less resistance I feel, and know in my Heart that it (We) made a difference. Awesome. One Love ❤️

    (Seeing….and hearing a lot more friendly neighborhood Cats on the walk from the subway to work, feel like they’re telling me to bring treats 😃)

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  17. Yes, some WERE easier and some harder. One guy I had to do healing w. my hands so I didn’t see him as well; some I just looked at their throat or their heart to say the blessing. Some looked Really good at engaging w the camera as tho it were a person and they had no beguile to them at all. “Whole & Innocent.” Good exercise!

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  18. Good going, Cats and all beings of love! To reclaim our plane of existence in a higher octave, one must view ALL of humankind as of Source, no matter who they are or what they’ve done during this stage drama. The time of separation from one another and from Source has ended, and unity has prevailed. We’re in the roll-out phase.
    Claiming aloud informs your energetic field, and the body must then align. Claiming, “I am free” three times informs all aspects of your being. Claiming, “you are free” to another has a profound effect (even silently). Hold all before you in the light of love, and it will transform all its own time. Damn another, and you join them there in a lower frequency. Bump it up, we are free! And so it is.

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