That Auto-Schadenfreude Smoking Jacket

Exhibit A: The Auto-Schadenfreude Smoking Jacket in action. One of the M’s posted a comment in the previous post… and it’s so good, we’re making it its own post. A commenter recently commented, “Trying hard not to fall into the judgement current that’s picking up speed, in terms of the cabal. Looks like things are about to pop.” And the M we all call “AM” … Continue reading That Auto-Schadenfreude Smoking Jacket

Advisory: Stay Off the FEAR BUS

Don’t take the ride. FYI, folks: The PTW are up to something… but we don’t see a nationwide blackout, as predicted by some sites. More like a false flag in the southeastern US for two main reasons: the PTW wants to deflect The Event Step 5 (ha!), and they want to wipe away the growing HRC/DNC blowback. Don’t take the bait, and send light to that … Continue reading Advisory: Stay Off the FEAR BUS