That Auto-Schadenfreude Smoking Jacket

Exhibit A: The Auto-Schadenfreude Smoking Jacket in action.

One of the M’s posted a comment in the previous post… and it’s so good, we’re making it its own post.

A commenter recently commented, “Trying hard not to fall into the judgement current that’s picking up speed, in terms of the cabal. Looks like things are about to pop.” And the M we all call “AM” (for “Angel Meowracle,” a moniker this M doesn’t like, but we all call them that anyway for obvious reasons) said:


When you start feeling “judge-y,” remember:

1. We are all ONE spirit
2. A part of us, that we call “the cabal,” has “done wrong” (or think they’ve done wrong, despite it being an illusion) for a long time, and they think that they will one day be punished for it
3. The whole Trump thing is designed by ONE (who responds to the cabal’s free-will requests) to PUNISH the cabal
4. The cabal slowly loses power, in a way that is most excruciating for them, driving them insane
5. They’re eventually incarcerated, etc., and punished, and humilated
6. But it’s the cabal itself, spiritually, who is punishing the cabal
7. see #1.



Of course, pale green pants with no one inside them
is a different matter entirely.

2 thoughts on “That Auto-Schadenfreude Smoking Jacket

  1. Thank You,from 1 to 1. We must invite them/ourselves back in with forgiveness. For we have been there, bar none. Recently Sananda mentioned Kindness as the word of the day. This Is in Harmony with the Universe/Oneverse. Peace.


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