721: Giftage, etc. ~ [Update9]

A gift from SOURCE, and one from the CATs.


First, a gift from SOURCE: SOURCE is PURGING dark things like crazy. Every time we have a jump, we have weird dreams/visions, and dark things either attack, or try to possess/attach. During this most recent jump…

(Note 12:30-16:30 on the 12th… aka 9:30 pm to 1:30 am PST on the 11th/12th.)

…~AM had two heavy-hitter dark things try to possess him. He shrugged them off easily, but they would’ve scared the unholy crap out of one of a normie. (CATs don’t scare worth a damn.) Note that this purging will continue… for some time. Most people have stuff they need purged, so be prepared for that (if this is you), but also be prepared for lots and lots of GENERAL earth purging of dark things coming out of the woodwork. They might pop out and create weird dreams, they might wake you up, you might see them, they might try to attach themselves to you… but don’t be afraid. Keep your wits about you. If you see something that disturbs you, hit it with that Coursian mantra we all use (“You are spirit, whole and innocent. All is forgive and released.”) then bundle it up and drop it to the center of the earth. Or blast it with light.

This brings up something we have suspected for some time but not written about…

An Event, Not THE Event

It is the CATs’ consensus opinion that there will be no giant Event, not as predicted anyway. What people saw all those years ago is what’s happening NOW. THIS is The Event, it’s just very very slow. People will not go to the New Earth en masse, but instead here and there, in twos and threes, till everything shakes out. This is not a cause for dispondency; really, nothing has changed. Everyone still needs to do their own work and keep doing it till you get where you want to be. Like skiing, if something gets in your way — turn. Might take a week. Might take five years. This is what time is for.

Note we’ve been seeing “The Wave” and SOURCE coming the past few months… because SOURCE is here right now. SOURCE is here FOR YOU, for all of us. Right. Now. So… connect to SOURCE (or at least try) and see what happens. If you sense stillness and quiet, THAT’S SOURCE. Invite SOURCE in and give SOURCE a big hug. SOURCE WILL HUG YOU BACK. Give it a try.

And learn to trust your gut. Trust your instincts. If something feels funny… it ain’t SOURCE. Push it away and start over. When in doubt, connect to Brother J and Archangels.

There might be something that happens in February… and in March… and April… but it’s going to happen to smaller groups of people and individuals. The heavens aren’t going to open and doves and bunnies fall down on you… unless they do. (As the one scribe CAT was typing that in, we saw a bunch of doves flap around all over the place outside the windows; no bunnies though, so we’re ok.) If you sense something, or see something in a vision, or dream about something, nine times of out ten, it’s FOR YOU, not the entire class. This is what we keep seeing.


We’ve mentioned this before, but here it is again. For those who’ve never read it, here’s a short book from 1904 about yogic breathing:

The Science of Breath by Yogi Ramacharaka

It is indispensable. We use the various exercises every day. It’s especially useful now that we are vibrating at a higher frequency and our lungs (and the rest of our bodies) need to acclimate to the new level. Lots of coughing and phlegm, yay. (Be sure to do all your coughing at Whole Foods, so you can get those extra special looks from people. Yes, we’re kidding. If there was ever a time for being nice 24/7, this is it.)

More as we find it.

[Note: Despite being highly advanced, even Buddha had to come back for one last lifetime. Why? Because he forgot SOURCE in what he was doing. In his next (last) lifetime he figured this out fast and moved on by the time he was 45.]


Ok, some ~AM news. Spring be springin’ early for ~AM. He’s recently been upgraded — again (he got his wings and then-some, a long story), but… he’s still in a body, so he’s gone kinda crazy… in a good way. Because of the ‘rubberband effect’ (he’s really been through the ringer the pst few months) he’s gone ZOOMING into the stratosphere and taken the liberty of pumping healing and SOURCE and growth energy into all kinds of things:

  • ALL crop-producing farms in the U.S. (as a start, an experiment to see how it increases yields)
  • Spiking ALL US-based 5G systems
  • Zapping ALL blue states in terms of masking and shotnicity craziness
  • Grewsom (gold balloon… POP)
  • Some other health officials
  • He also gave SPRING itself a massive BOOST for the N. Hemisphere.

We have no idea what to expect. These are by way of an ~AM/Archangel experiment. Keep an eye on the above avenues to see what happens. Instead of being specific, he and his AA team (of 6-8 AAs) decided to flex a bit and see what happens.

We’re also going to be doing a special February meditation coming up, but that will be another post. In the meantime, if something bugs you (like Grewsom, et al), imagine encasing them in a gold SOURCE balloon, blow SOURCE energy into said balloon till it fully encloses the subject (and they start to freak out), then when they can’t take it anymore, POP the balloon with great vigor. A CAT gift to everyone. Enjoy!


So now we know why ~AM was zingy this morning: the sun is acting up. Lots of CATs (and CAT readers) are highly sensitive. Here’s what we’re seeing:

The sun’s Bz (polarity) just flipped south. This happens sometimes.

There was also some other activity, namely a good-sized CME:

And other stuff:

More as we find it.


This is a little odd. We had written “Something (X)?” on the CAT calendar for today and… it feels like that. None of us can remember what that meant, since we wrote it 45 days ago. We also had a similar issue earlier which fried a bunch of people’s car batteries in our locale (portalage issues). Energy’s gotta go somewhere.


A rare TTYB (Take to Your Bed) alert. Ugh. Lots of CATs (esp. older ones) are barely functional today. Something hit last night and is still in process… and according to ~AM: “…we’re being transported at the moment, don’t ask me how. No idea what caused me to write that.” No promises. None of us can think straight… let alone type!


Everyone, please set your defenses high, at least twice a day (esp. right before bed). Don’t forget to ground.

Only those with SOURCE in mind and at heart — and your greatest good in mind and at heart — are allowed past your SOURCE protection, or into your dreams. All others must go where they are better served.

This latest energy is pushing the nasties out and about. If you see one, blast it with light. If it remains, use the mantra on it.


FYI, in terms of that volcanic eruption… we sense it was man-made. We’re not sure if ETs mitigated the energy (that could be what we’re sensing), but something about this event feels artificial.


Btw… if governments tell you that you have to get the shot to get X services, then give them notice that you will no longer pay taxes. Government is supposed to HELP, not coerce their citizenry. If they take this tack then they have outlived their usefulness and need to be dissolved. Get in their faces and let them know who’s boss.

UPDATE8 — 1/18/22

A bit of regular (unreported) news so we’re all on the same page. Some CATs are currently dealing with this. This is also why we were sending energy to AA Azrael, who is dealing with all these transitions. We expect this to get worse. Mortuaries are swamped.

Note that there is no death, and that many of those who transition came here to do just that, as a lesson for us all. (Still, you should be respectful of people who have lost loved ones.) We’re telling you the above so you know where we all are in the process.

UPDATE9 — 1/19/22

Some CATs just reported feeling reeeeallly woozy and tired. Looks to be because of a flare, and some pre-CME stuff:

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