720: Jump, Weirdness, etc. ~ [U.4]

We’re in another timeline jump.

We’ve been in a jump since 2 pm PST on the 9th.

That said, we’d not mentioned the following because we didn’t know if it was anything, but… we’d read a week ago something about how January 9th (yesterday) was a kind of “balance day” or Zero Day between various energies, thus:

Gate 54, Line 4 Enlightenment/endarkenment. Here, in this most mystical of positions, there is neither an exaltation nor a detriment, for in truth, they are the same. No exaltation. The Alpha and Omega. The end and the beginning. There is no description possible. Each planet will manifest this energy uniquely with absolutely no guarantee that its effects will even be perceived. However, the potential is always there. The fuel for transformation at its purest level. No polarity. No specific planetary accent. No detriment. The Alpha and Omega. The end and the beginning.”

Sure felt like… still feels something like that. Perhaps it’s a pre-Split thing. But CATs were besides themselves this morning. We awoke at 2:00 am (again) for the fourth time in four days, feeling SOURCE… but… things felt odd. No way to quantify or qualify that. Sunday morning we awoke and had the feeling that we’d finally “passed the Rubicon” for… something… but it was so unpinnably nebulous that few reported it. The last two nights have felt really weird.

And in meditation this morning, we had to work to make all our connections and really PUSH to get the ‘lighthouses’ up and running, out and about… and then the sun came up and things felt better. Also, several CATs reported their cars not starting (around the time of this interesting energy in blue):

Drivers on the road seemed to be totally checked out this morning. People would stop at four-way stops and just stare at each other. We were flabbergasted till we realized we’re in a jump.

The electron flux has also been odd:

We can get no read on what’s going on with any of this, but we trust SOURCE, so we’re not worried.


On a side note, we had to get tough with the TWBs, as they were actively trying to access our shielding and cause mayhem. Talk about slow learners. They got blasted by the SuperFriends several times, destroying one base, and will probably need to be blasted again. And again. These SOURCE beams go right through the planet and zap all dark things in between and on the other side, so… Madagascar is extra clean today.

CATs continue with twice-daily meditations and upgrades, and we encourage everyone to do this as well. If people knew how long Buddha used to meditate every day they’d be shocked.

Also… someone asked us about a few things and we’re going to answer them, now. Yes, this is an Illusion, so none of this is real:

  • Many (500+) McDonalds and other fast-food places around the world have been shut down by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies… because their burgers were found to partially consist of human meat. There is a huge global industry in repurposing and contaminating various things with pureed human, to corrupt things as much as possible. Stomach-turning, we know, but it’s something people need to know about.
  • Also, the Vatican was shut down on Christmas day (they gave no reason to the authorities) because of some sick ritual they performed within. The less you know the better.

Things are happening, good and bad — and they’re not, ’cause this is Illusion. It is very important at this stage for you to go into meditation and create your own higher forms of reality, whatever they may be. It would be great if we could all get together on this, but even those in the unicorn community want something different than everyone else. Jeez, even Archangels have needed a boost, they’re so busy.

In the meantime, we’re just gonna hang out on our burrito and keep the home fires burning. More later.




Look at this barrel roll a ship did in front of a satcam:

We looked inside this ship and all we could see was LIGHT.

Glitches and comets and meteors and Venusian swamp gases don’t do barrel rolls.


This isn’t earth-directed, but check it out:


As you can see, we had another jump the other night:

That said, today… many CATs have modified their meditation routines to just say hello to SOURCE… and hang out with SOURCE for a while. Talk about nice and relaxing. We could go on and on.

We recommend that everyone, when they sense that stillness and quiet (it’s unmistakable), go into meditation and just be with SOURCE for as long as you can. SOURCE is right here right now. You have the rare luxury of speaking with SOURCE the way Archangels do — easier, in fact. We’re not sure why. Humans and hybrids have a very flexible mindset; we are known for it, and perhaps rightfully so. Give it a whirl.