767: Meterage, etc. ~ [UPDATE7]

For those who were feely tachy, earlier…

…we’re still feeling it:

More later.


Hey, all. Some CATs were just speaking with Da-da and he said that he was just part of a group chat with Lynn from Psychic Focus, where she said something we’d not realized. Lynn said that, at 4d and above, THERE ARE NO TIMELINES. 4d and above operate independently of time. So, once you’re out… you’re out. This is what we were seeing in terms of The Rift: It was the distance between us and all things 3d we were leaving behind. So, again… we ARE our own EVENT… each of us, individually. And every time you think about some aspect of 3d… you’re right back in it. So, don’t think about it, even if you’re hip deep in it.

He also suggested that we do a shout out for everyone to imagine that hurricane heading for Florida to change direction and hit DC, instead! We are on it.

UPDATE2 ~ Wednesday 9/28/22

We had a little adjustment shortly after 3:00 am PDT…

…and Wave X is ramping for our next stairstep/peak. Note the neutron meters:

Those dips in neutron activity are caused by subnuclear particles: Quarks. Wave X is composed of various flavors of quarks in gynormous (stepped-down infinite) proportions, which cuts through The Illusion like a mother-in-law through a son-in-law. Or something like that.

Still, there’s ‘Illusion’ noise around 2-12 Hz that you need to meditate UP through…

…but that’s no big deal.

Btw… anyone else feeling TALLER today? [?] Some CATs have reported feeling “TALLER.”

NOTE1: As the Wave X energy increases, and your vibration increases… so do the instances of ‘cognitive dissonance’ around those who AREN’T meditating. Teaching people to meditate would help them, immeasurably.

NOTE2: Keep away from the news and the MSM and the internet.

NOTE3: What’s most interesting to note is that most of those who read this blog and meditate regularly are doing more to advance the entire population than anyone in history. Fantastic work, everyone. Now, keep maintaining and expanding those ‘peace-quilt’ patches till relieved. They’re starting to reach one another and KNIT the edges…

Hey, who quilted birds on our heads? Dang it.


Someone asked us to look at this. It is utterly fake, see for yourself. It’s all CG and video clips. Wow. (NOTE: We didn’t share that so you could dwell on t, rather so you could realize it wasn’t worth your time and let it go.)


This is good.

Btw, the PTW bl3w up the p1p3l1nes. They want people to be desperate, using pages out of the Bolshevik Revolution playbook. Time to band together and send light in all directions.


For those who felt a little something this morning:

UPDATE6 ~ 9/30/22

And here’s why we were awakened last night, AGAIN. Wait for the kicker…

Also, to answer some questions:

  • The pipeline was sabotaged by a ‘private organization’ — not by any military — a group run by the PTW. Pretty obvious, really.
  • There is much unrest in China, though there’s been no coup… exactly
  • The PTW weren’t trying to vector in a meteor or asteroid with their satellite game of chicken the other day; more they were looking to open some darker portals (which they won’t be allowed to do <eyeroll>)
  • And lots of CATs are having a deja vu about a dream lots of us had two years ago that we’d have to keep doing this for two more years and were writing this update! Seriously. Time’s up.

Expect the unexpected. (A higher force made us write that!)


This is for all of you.