766: Your Mission, etc. ~ [UPDATE4]

Quilting time!

This is important.

You remember the quilting post?

We now ask all those who read this blog to suggest to those you know — those who may be of a like mind — to meditate on (and imagine as much as possible) that you are each the center of your own quilting patch of SOURCE/peace. The center of the patch has an infinite SOURCE *PIN* holding it in place. That PIN is you. (You are not exactly a teardrop of SOURCE, you are more like an infinite SPLINTER of SOURCE, finite in breadth and infinite in height; this is why some people see others as “columns of light,” aka, a PIN.)

Anyway, imagine your peace-patch existing around you all the time, pinned to wherever you are on earth. All the rest of us will do the same and then slowly reeeeach out… and join the patches together. This will take time, and effort, so don’t expect a miracle tomorrow. You don’t have to do this work, but the (New Earth) world you want will happen faster if you do.

We are only halfway through our misson here.

In quilting-infantry terms (wha?), we each have to take the hill and hold our quilt patch on it till relieved. (~M5 said this, and while it’s a little weird, it is accurate.)

Who took the scissors?


This is also important. We’re feeling the energy ramp up dramatically the past five days (last night was one such event). It is the CAT consensus that this indicates that time is very short, and the energy is being ramped up in a kind of pre-game ‘soft Event’ to get people acclimated to the energy of the actual Event, so it doesn’t just wipe out a whole bunch of us (this is one prime reason why The Event hasn’t happened, yet — if it happened ten years ago, most of us wouldn’t have made it).

You will definitely need to “BREATHE SOURCE” through the energy, each time we have one of these “ramps,” ground well again when you feel it. (Ground first.) You’ll probably feel this in your heart, as your heart in an energy organ, but we’ve felt it all over. As to how The Event happens or feels, we have no idea. Lately for us, it’s been an inside-out thing, which makes sense considering SOURCE is inside us (all of us).

Special note: This energy is also dredging up all kinds of old negative mulch that we have deep within us, stuff from way way back (hence the previous post), so if you sense/detect/have a vision of debris, old dark stuff, etc., just pull it from yourself and drop it to the center of the earth. Even starseeds have to do this, as they’ve mixed with human DNA to be here, so they also have that dark ‘fallen’ YANG in there somewhere.

This is both an exciting, and an unnerving time — unnerving when you see how much MORE negativity you still have to release — unnerving when you realize that… THIS IS IT!

UPDATE1 ~ 9/22/22

And now, here comes 91 days of Autumn Wind. Break out your equanimity.

  • Btw…
…whoever that really is… is wearing a skin mask. Lame.
  • Also: We found Leviathan. Yes, the actual one mentioned in the Book of Enoch. (Actually, we found it a while ago, we just didn’t know its name.) You don’t want to meet it!


  • FYI, last night was another energy slam (for those who live near portals, anyway). For those sensitive to the energy, you might want to consider ‘eating light’ for the next 90 days (each season lasts 91 days)… salads and soups and such… ’cause a big part of the “Autumn Wind” is ostensibly Wave X energy increasing 10-100 times… which will also have other effects on the populus and the PTW, besides the somatic eating-heavy-makes-the-energy-hurt-more thing. Note that it might flat-out kill some people whose bodies have been shot-damaged, so… expect to be in support mode.
  • Lots of stores we’re visiting are short-staffed, the employees in masks, claiming it’s “covid.” It’s actually shot effects taking people out. We’ll see this more and more. As we said above, the increased energy will exacerbate it. Try to be good will ambassadors when you’re out and about, showcasing that SOURCE patch you’re toting around.
  • THIS… will be the worst Halloween you’ve ever seen. Try not to let it get to you. The PTW will be doing things out in the open. The masks and planned displays we’re already seeing are horrific. Oh, and set really good protection 24/7. A good BRIGHT LIGHT offense is the best defense.
  • All told, this upcoming 90 days looks almost exactly like the world of the giants right before the great flood: The giants were killing people left and right, fighting, debauching, eating people, drinking their blood, having sex with anything that moved, etc. We don’t tell you this to depress you, but to instesd point out that… this is The End of this world… and the beginning of the next. Hang on. It will probably get even crazier and uglier than it is now.
  • Be watchful for SILENCE and STILLNESS. That’s SOURCE. It will happen more and more. SOURCE will be an integral part of the New Earth from Day One.
  • Finally… speaking of that last bit, we’re seeing Christmas as calm and peaceful this year. Don’t freak out, but it doesn’t seem like the power is on all the time… and the whole ‘Christmas as usual’ thing is pretty much gone (no Amazon, no malls, no D-worshipper crap encroaching, no materialism). Looks to us (for the timeline we were looking at anyway) like this Christmas will be old fashioned: hand-made gifts, cookies, good cheer, no stress, lots of happy get-togethers… in short, unlike any Christmas we’ve ever had!


It’s being suggested that we share this. For anyone you know who still thinks you’re nuts, and that there is no cabal, no conspiracies, and that the shot was not planned, etc., have them review the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony and see if they notice anything. We start it after the requisite UK/Industrial Revolution thing (which of course is symbolic of something else). Then QEII looks sour. Then Kids in hospital beds. A giant Voldemort figure directing the action with a wand while “SAVE THE SECRET” appears on the monitors. Then the rest.

No. Nothing to see here.


Be sure to check the updates of the previous post. We’re updating them, concurrently. Very interesting. The Illusion and 3d can snag anybody; it’s very difficult to break its grasp, even for Angels.