758: Quilting w/o Distractions

And now a few words on quilting.

Patches of Peace

We strongly recommend people stop obsessing over stuff they read on the internet, stop thinking about the Justice path, about politics and money and the cabal and (fake) viruses and global alarming — and especially stop thinking about anything fear-based from channelers. Stop all thoughts that take you away from Brother J and SOURCE and paeace and love… and do quiet things that get you CLOSER to Brother J and SOURCE (e.g., meditate, walk in nature, weed a garden, make a pastry with love, etc.). All that other stuff is a distraction designed to pull you away from SOURCE.

Some of you are beginning to experience the STILLNESS and quiet that is SOURCE. (Stillness and silence are SOURCE’s natural state). This means YOU’RE WAKING UP. Say hello to SOURCE when this happens — and be sure to THANK SOURCE for everything. Gratitude is all-important.

(NOTE: You’re actually with SOURCE right now. Everyone is. We’re all asleep in SOURCE and being slowly awakened from this Illusion, this communal DREAM. Q: When you awaken from a dream, what do you typically do? A: You forget all about it.)

When you experience the STILLNESS, enjoy SOURCE’s Presence as long as you can before you have to go out into the world to do whatever. When you return home, quiet your mind and find the STILLNESS again. Try not to be annoyed by anything that disturbs that stillness, just let it go and continue to seek SOURCE. (NOTE: Anything that disturbs your peace of mind needs to be looked at — by you.)

Better still (so to speak), learn to carry that SOURCE STILLNESS with you wherever you go. The more pockets of SOURCE we make and maintain and stitch together, the better quilt we’ll have… and the sooner we’ll get the love and peace and safety and neighborliness of that New Earth Quilt so many of us want.

CATs LOVE quilts.