759: The “Autumn Wind” ~ [UPDATE19]

Whoosh? WHOOSH.

First off, can you believe it’s August already? We can’t.

And now, it’s whammy time.

The Whammy Speaks

Some mornings, ONE (aka The Oversoul, Our Higher Self, etc.) likes to awaken CATs with a song that means something… a song that embeds itself in your head and won’t leave (i.e., The Whammy) and then we spend days tying to figure out what it means until we ask CAT7 and she nails the meaning in like two seconds. We usually only mention these occasions when more than one CAT gets whammied with Song X. AND, on rare occasions multiple CATs will get the same song TWICE on two successive mornings… this usually means the Oversoul wants us to pay attention.

In this case, we got just four notes and three words from Frank Sinatra singing part of the song, “The Summer wind” over two mornings. Specifically, all the M’s and ~AM and one CAT heard the first four notes of that song’s bridge, where Frank sings, “…the Autumn wind….” And that’s all.

The Autumn wind?

Well, we checked and all we get is: “Something big is coming, sometime this fall.” Some CATs and some readers are having dreams to this effect. What is coming? We aren’t sure, but some CATs (about a third) think it’s The Event… but then again they always think that. Some think it’s a good idea to get out of cities, but they can’t say why. There is certainly no need to panic.

The good news is that one of the Archangels told ~AM this morning that they’d give him the scoop about a week out, so we’ll be able to prepare ourselves, and more importantly everyone else. Seems like the Split we’ve been anticipating might finally arrive. Sorry, more ‘wait-n-see.’

UPDATE1 ~ 8/3/22

Whoa. Talk about WHOOSH. Check out UK reader Lily’s dream she kindly shared with us:

“I am standing in the downstairs hall of my childhood home. I hear a very loud ‘whoooooooshing’ noise and I look to the back of the house, the hall runs straight into a galley kitchen so I can see out of the back door window. There is a very large glowing hammer type object soaring through the sky. I watch it for a moment and then it turns and comes back soaring this time to the front of the house. I run to the front door and look out to where houses should be on the other side of the street. But, instead there is a huge and very grand hotel. The hammer object lunges itself into the hotel and there is an explosion, flames everywhere, bits of burning debris flying around. I am only over the road but feel safe where I am, then I wake up…. The energy of that dream was so overwhelmingly powerful, so vivid and so so real I had to share it!”


UPDATE2 ~ 8/4/22

The Autumn wind is blowing a little harder. Check this out:

This is a neutron meter at Thule AFB in Greenland. Something near there, under the ice, is vibrating. (Looks to us like a pyramid, but that could be a metaphor for… something.)

We’re also getting something about, “A man with a beard in Phoenix is interested in you.” Ok. We’ll need to trim our whiskers and put on our best Ahab hat…

Steady as she goes, Mr. Starbuck!


Hi, all. Note that we’re not showing as much in the way of meterage on the site lately because frankly the existential conditions are more often than not totally different for each location/person on earth, with various group-experiences here and there, with the blissful silence and stillness that is SOURCE acting as common denominator. Some CATs (those who are mostly healers) were experiencing breathing issues due to the energy (which is getting higher and higher and higher), while other CATs are sometimes getting a ‘nosebleed’ feeling (nose and frontal lobe ‘UPness’) if you know what we mean. All CATs are reporting occasional dizziness. We are also nearly all (readers, too) dealing with various people we know dying off (for ‘The Reason That Will Not Be Named’), as well as explaining various deaths for people around us. This “unexpected” surge of deaths was of course expected (the MSM calls it “SADS”), but the sheer number of spirits floating around us is substantial. (We’re also seeing a lot more BIG ships in the skies near portals; these are Positives, so no worries.) This spirit activity will get peaky the closer we get to Halloween, such that even normal people will start to see things. Stay loose, but grounded. If you start feeling weird, be sure to ground really well, and ask Brother J to enjoy whatever it is with you. The Autumn wind is getting windy-er.

UPDATE4 ~ 8/5/22

We’ve said this before, but just a reminder… in the next few months people young and old are going to be transitioning like crazy, all over the place — such that the root cause will be undeniable. This will start “the roar.” Try to keep your beacons lit as much as possible, thus offering SOURCE guidance both to the living, and to those in spirit. This does NOT mean you need to proselytize in any way, or offer words on the cause. (Causes are irrelevent in this, The Illusion.) Just shine your LIGHT. We are ushers at this point.

Right this way… watch your step.

UPDATE5 ~ 8/6/22

Interesting energy today:


FYI, the team who’s writing the “haunted house” book (which is amazing, even for us) are also considering writing some “mysteries” books. Any publishers interested can reach us here. We’d never thought of writing “Childress” type books till we looked at something recently and realized that the earth (of course) still has mysteries no one’s heard of.

UPDATE7 ~ 8/8/22

Well, something’s happening, lion’s gate notwithstanding. Energy is scrambling the more modern/latest meters:

More as we find it. Note: Most CATs can’t really see anything right now because our vision is swamped; all we see is energy. Also, please note that the CATs and AAs have forced ~AM to stop doing any kind of healing, as his energy-self has become way too energetic for his body — and YOURS. (He did two minor test-healings on a few successive days and then couldn’t breathe for a few days; too much energy through the lungs. The volunteer test subjects would’ve been roasted if they were sensitives. For the most part, the human body cannot handle throughputting angel energy.) Those looking for shot-healing, please visit the “Healing the Shot” energy escrow page.


We found this interesting. See this White House lightning strike from last week?

This was a message from our Positive ET friends… that things are gonna change.


Not that this is important, but some folks asked… note here that the “soldiers” at the bottom of the linked video (with Xiden) are private security people, not soldiers — as opposed to Mr. & Mrs. T, at the top video, flanked by Marines. The “soldiers” at the bottom have no insignia on their uniforms. And they have no honor.

Also… some people are still awaiting “Disclosure,” where the PTW tell everyone the “truth” about ETs being present. (Of COURSE they’re present. They’re also spiritually you, part of ONE, the Extension many of you ae part of, not that many of them know that.) Alas, “Disclosure” from the empty suits is highly unlikely, as the PTW are all about control, and knowledge is power. Why would they share? There’s no advantage to them telling you the truth — about anything. However, Disclosure from this group is unnecessary.

ET ships are ALL OVER THE PLACE much of the time. BIG ones. Most people just can’t see them, except as CLOUDS. (As of this writing there are… 300+ different ET species in and around and on the earth at any given moment, but there’s so much come-and-go that the numbe is difficult to pin down; one “tour bus” can sway those numbers significantly, and there are tour buses ALL OVER THE PLACE.) Some ETs are Positives, some are Neutrals. The few remaining Negatives are either hiding deep in the earth or limit their exposure. (The shields in place are keeping most of the wrong element out, but the higher a Positive being gets, the more they honor free will, thus allowing Negatives to do this or that; Some ETs have this “Prime Directive” of non-interference philosophy at the core of their travels.)

Basically, CATs don’t recommend blindly trusting any ETs. Many of them have agendas. So much gray masquerading as white. All have to learn how to be citizens of the omniverse. And protection is a big part of that. Yes, SOURCE is at the heart of All, but there are lots of your ET brothers and sisters and living neutral energy bubbles out there that don’t fully include you in their sentient beings list because of that time you did that thing. Act like an animal, get treated like an animal. Act like a fully fledged member of the cosmic community…

At this point, you can trust SOURCE, Brother J, Angels and Archangels, your Guides… and that’s about it. If you come into contact with a being, set your own SOURCE protection (see the primer if you don’t know how), then ask Brother J to handle your communications. In cases where the ETs/spirits don’t have your greatest good in mind, this link will then vanish. Prime Rule: All beings/entities are required to give you their name when you ask for it. Anything that won’t tell you its name is suspect. Granted, some names/languages are difficult to understand, even telepathically, but this rule typically holds true. We don’t suggest blindly trusting any of these channeled ET “commanders” giving people conflicting and erroneous information. (Good grief, the “central sun” of the galaxy is a supermassive black hole that some very highly advanced beings use as a prison! This galaxy sucks.) This is not to say that there aren’t fabulous Positive ETs out there. There are. But enough of them are un-fabulous enough that they should all be held at arms’ length till they check out. The Good ones understand — and encourage — this caution. They will respect you for it.

In the meantime, we suggest (G+P+C-ing, then) meditating and imagining what you’d like to do and how you’d like to live on the New Earth… which seems to be manifesting around us now and again. We’re still unsure of how it’s supposed to work: SOURCE and Spirit want it to be a surprise.

UPDATE10 ~ 8/13/22

A few things happening:

  • We’re seeing energy bursts here and there — we’d rather not say where, to keep the cabal from gaining advantage. Each feels like a Gaia heartbeat. We suspect these occurrences are impacting emotions and feelings of those in various locations, each instance being perfect of course. These indicate a Gaia/NE break-out taking place.
  • CATs and friends continue to have “rescue dreams,” where we’re helping people (and lots of kids) from bad situations.
  • Some CATs are reporting more “vision distortion” than normal.

It definitely feels like the bottom of the 9th, with us ahead, no one on base, and the cabal sending tricky hitters up to bat. [Note: We edited this metaphor.]

UPDATE11 ~ 8/14/22

Word to the wise: the cabal are past desperate (but inceasingly powerless) and are doing whatever they can in the bottom of this inning (and failing), now working on individuals. Be sure to set protection well, at least twice a day. And imagine your particular quilt patches E X P A N D I N G…



Three CMEs:

Btw, there are SO MANY different kinds of ETs, infinitely so… and all ONE.

UPDATE: There was a little CME addition:

And a GRB:

ALSO NOTE: Some CATs got new Guides a day ago, so we’re advancing our ‘something-will-be-happening-in-the-fall’ meters accordingly. We’ll know more in a few weeks.


That main CME/flare looks to be hitting late afternoon/evening on the 17th for most of us… not that we expect much from it:

We’re seeing other interesting energy…

UPDATE15/16 ~ 8/16/22

Jeez, we might need a new post soon. This one’s getting too long.

  • Those who keep asking about the “wave sweeping across continents” blah blah blah… it looks to us like we WILL have a version of this… but not in the way they describe. It will be a much more muted version of what they outline.
  • Several CATs heard that “Summer Wind” song again this morning, this time all the way through, so… expect multiple winds. And remember, as the Tao says: “Strong winds cannot blow all day.” Whatever seems like it’s never going to stop… will indeed stop.
  • For those who like to meditate, when you begin your initial grounding… after you’ve grounded to whatever it is you ground to (SOURCE, Gaia, the NE, all of the above), try grounding to the Angelic Host and see what happens. We found it pretty dramatic. Might not work for everyone.
  • Note that some landmasses are shifting a bit. Mostly UP. That LARGE Norwegian island that’s way north of Norway, called Svalbard (it has another name which escapes us), has raised up significantly. (No, it’s not a sea level rise.) Whole new areas have risen up and will yield all kinds of giant skeletons. (And no, this isn’t Thule.)
  • Btw… FYI, anyone who claims to be a “galactic” or “cosmic ambassador” wishes it were true. Reality says otherwise. We ignore anyone who makes grandiose claims, esp. if they’re trying to appeal to a mass audience. Just meditate quietly and lead from within, not from without.

Oh, and we had another flare/CME thing, yay:

SO much energy coming in. We were being fricasseed this morning. Felt like champagne bubbles in the microwave.


Jeez, more CMEs…

…and they’re all coming for THIS DOG:

…and you can probably see why. (So we can steal his cupcake.)


And another (two, actually):

Feels like it’s hitting NOW…


We’re getting headaches…


And two more: