760: Meterage, etc. ~ [UPDATE3]

Lots of energy and HOT questions continue…

…but it’s not that bad.

NOTE: The below are indeed 3d meters, but they’re showing energy of a sort coming in, so…


The Autumn Wind builds… and it’s not even Autumn yet. More info as we find it.


Some interesting energy today:

Meanwhile, some people are having problems with communications, energy, etc. For whatever reason, we’re seeing ‘the calm before the storm’…


This is good.


Good grief, Charlie Brown. We’ve had quite a few questions about recent “Pleiadian” channelers’ posts that are all about sex. Sex sex sex. You’d think it was channelers’ ratings week. We won’t recound the posts, but one was fairly pornographic, and more than a little inappropriate. If it was just one channeler we’d shrug, but when it’s more than one… then it smacks of planning, by some dark group or other. Little will come of it. We’re not into conspiracies (even though many of them turn out to be true), so we won’t get into any of that. We will say here in this forum that what the channelers wrote was as inaccurate as it gets — pornographically wrong, which is weird, since Pleiadians are rather devout beings committed to SOURCE and family. While they might have a rather lofty view of themselves (we’re not criticizing) — and especially of their ships, which are admittedly very nice — they certainly don’t do things that aggrandize the body that we’ve seen, esp. in terms of having sex in front of their own children. This line of disinfo is ostensibly coming from a certain pedo crowd et al, trying to normalize sex acts and children; Team Dark adores LUST in all its forms, especially when it tries to reify the false concept that YOU ARE A BODY. (As Brother J said, you are a non-local being having a local experience.)

The Pleiadians that CATs have encountered (in person, not channeled) are anything but lusty. While they are quite beautiful to us humans, they are very much ruled by their minds, like ultra-hot mind-reading librarians. (Those destined for future bouts of telepathy take warn: Imagine everyone around you knowing exactly what you’re thinking. Guides and Angels do, anyway. But if this bothers you, you had best start studying OCCLUMENCY now, Mr. Potter.) Pleiadians seem a little… cloistered… to us, but then they are surrounded by 7 billion insane humans lusting after everything while simultaneously fearing everything. (Losing your DESIRE for the 3d things of the world will put you far ahead of the game.) That said, Pleiadians are spirited, sweet, and courteous. And when we ‘view’ them… well, they’re not salacious at all. Factually, they behave more like Angels, and are indeed decended from Angels. We haven’t looked too deeply into that yet, as it seems a little premature.

Anyway, we’re all in the final stages of these final stages, and (of course) SOMETHING WICKED is still trying to wreck it no matter what, looking sadder and more pathetic and absurd by the day. We suggest exercising your budding clairsentience, recognizing those things that smack of the Seven Deadly Sins… and skipping them entirely. It’s not worth entertaining. Your POSITIVE thoughts are all-important right now. Meditate and think about positive things and outcomes, and meeting positive beings who choose SOURCE first and value others who do, too, regardless of species. Know and expect that all is well, and SOURCE has everything well in hand.

By the way, LOTS of rain is coming. If you’ve got leaky roofs, fix ’em now. Buy a good umbrella, candles and batteries. The PTW will use any excuse to cut the power. Ah, but when they do… LOVE beams out all over the place, trumping MSM and internet fear. (And no, no hidden meanings, it’s just a word.) When it rains…