761: Instructions for Chris in the UK

Hi, Chris. Since Scroogle prohibits us from responding to gmail addresses, we’ll respond publically so you and everyone else can all know what to do if you have this issue.

The issue: Chris in the UK brought our attention to a little girl who’s being victimized by an entity in her home, along with some disturbing photos that we won’t share. Something definitely needs to be done at that house, so… let’s do it.


Hi, Chris. You need this family — and especially the little girl in question — to command that thing to leave. This is something you can do.

She herself needs to say that it has to leave, in her own voice, as it’s her free will that’s allowing it in. (We suggest strengthening this intent by everyone present holding hands and imagining SOURCE LIGHT flooding the house.) It is very important that the nine-year-old be involved. She should NOT identify, address, or own this entity at all. Do not call it’s name. Do not validate its existence in any way. Sometimes people clear a house, but if they believe that the entity will come back, or they’re scared of it, or even think it’s name… it comes back. This little girl has addressed and interacted with this thing for so long that it thinks it’s welcome. Be strong and command it to leave.

It’s also important that someone say: “Only those with SOURCE in mind and at heart — and with the greatest good of [insert little girls name] and this family in mind and at heart — are allowed in this house.” And then the kicker… say very clearly: “We remind this entity that it is perfect, immortal spirit, whole and innocent, and that all is forgiven and released. SOURCE loves you more than you could ever know.” You might hear it scream at this point, or feel it flee, unless it’s already gone. That last bit is exceedingly powerful as it reminds the entity that it is a part of SOURCE.

Might also be a good idea to meditate there, in the house, and ask Brother J to bless that house and the little girl. If anyone feels something creeping in, just say/think: “SOURCE Light UP!” and blast light all over the place.


In the meantime, ~AM and the M’s and a few Archangels cleared that house and put a shield around the little girl. (Archangels then reminded ~AM that one Archangel is plenty for one house and one little girl!)

Let us know how it goes, and if you have any questions. The hardest part will be to get the little girl to NOT think about the entity. Speak matter-of-factly with her about it. There’s no need to be afraid. Stand up and be tough with it. Those in bodies completely outrank spirits and lower-level things (since this is actually a very difficult thing to pull off, being a spirit in flesh). If you order some entity to go, it has to go. If you could see yourselves, you’d be shocked to realize that you’re infinite columns of SOURCE light. You are literally perfect, and immortal, and whole, and innocent, and infinitely powerful. You are INFINITE. Think about it, it’s mind-boggling.


Btw: Use only simple declarative sentences when commanding evil, like we have in the above examples, because evil *doesn’t hear negatives*. If you say, “you’re not welcome here,” evil hears: “you welcome here.” Scroogle’s internal code of conduct for employees says, “Don’t be evil,” but evil sees this as: “Be evil.”

Btw2: Technically, there is no “evil” in the world, per se, it’s just a word. There are only insane beings who think they’re separate from SOURCE.

Here’s your yearbook picture.