762: Jump, etc. ~ [UPDATE11]

Looks like we had a jump yesterday. Felines now need bigger car seats.

All CATs felt it a few days prior (feeling totally empty, drained, etc.), then we were falling asleep, en masse. Then we saw the Tomsk SR:

Jump was from 6 am to 10 pm PDT.

While we’re not seeing supporting ‘classic jump’ indicators (unless you take the sudden list of “out of order” meters into account) on the usual suspect VLF meters, there was a big CME solar zap (non-earth facing) around the same time, so that energy was very high:

Earth activity (via SR) usually follows CMEs by a few days to a week afterward, so… the Tomsk jump being in concert with the sun, when coupled with how all the CATs felt, says JUMPto us. Where did we jump TO? Working on that.


Note that lots of CATs and some readers are reporting extreme fatigue the past 10 days as our sleep-selves help people on other timelines — those being affected by major cataclysms. For the first time we’re seeing CATs zoom forward, thinking the people we’re escorting are right behind us, but we keep outpacing them, having then to turn back and get them going again as fast as possible. One timeline last night totally trainwrecked.

Interestingly, there was a big RUSH of ET traffic right before the recent CME/jump:

Either more space war action, CME/portal appearance/avoidance, or giant space tarantulas inbound. (Thanks to AC for the alert.)

Also note: New moon in the wee hours tonight. We expect lots of activity across the board (spirit/ET/energy, etc.)… not that we’ll be awake to see it.

We need some serious ZZZZZs.


There was another set of M-class flares/CMEs (away from earth), and the Tomsk SR is showing jump again:

…as have nearby muon detectors earlier:

…but corroborating meters elsewhere are either down, or not showing unusual activity. Jumps sometimes happen locally, as the ones from the past month in Canada suggest.

There was also a GRB…

…but none of this really matters much. Everyone moves here or there depending on their outlook and level of readiness. All we can do… is wait… and meditate while we wait. And be tired in-between.

Try not to look at the internet or TV, et al, in the interim. Team Dark’s last bastion is the MSM, and they’re slowly going down.


Wow, CATs are falling asleep all over the place:


To be more specific, this was more in the way of the dumb Space War that’s been on and off the past few eons:

Surprise these various ET factions by sending them some love.


Just to show you where we (small ‘w’) are as a group…

Look at the above pic. See all those ships? That’s about 200 ships vs. 140 ships, populated by advanced beings of like mind in each faction. All these ET groups can access portals inside stars for transport. All told, both groups are highly advanced technologically.


  • They can’t get along
  • They’re fighting over things they can’t control, because SOURCE is in charge
  • The fight hinges on HUMANS’ free-will choices (on this… that is to say, another planet)
  • They aren’t letting SOURCE and AAs handle it
  • This fight has been going on for YEARS because both sides are so advanced no one has an advantage.

Does this sound dumb to anyone else in the auditorium? Might make you feel pretty good about yourselves. Even highly advanced ETs screw up.


~AM and two of the M’s had visions yesterday in meditation of what looked like a religious icon in golden robes levitating about ten feet in the air while a crowd watched… when the icon suddenly plummeted and smacked into the ground to gasps from the assembled. You can bring to that what you will.

Downfall coming?

Also, this recent image from Ch1na…

…is HAARP in action. It’s also very much photoshop-enhanced. The real thing is a bit more subtle, but we’ve seen it live and it does kinda look like that.


Someone just accused The CATs of not being who they thought we are. Who are we again?


Remember, whenever the sun does this…

…we feel it as well, despite being directed away from us. It’s an action/reaction thing.


Someone asked us about this… which aptly illustrates why some shun the MSM. NA$A just released this shot of “Mars”:

Mars: Welcome to Arizona! Should be easy to find, actually.

Folks, that’s a photoshopped shot of the Arizona Desert. They have a “Mars filter” they use for these shots, but sometimes they forget to delete the source files:

An unedited source image found in a trove of NA$A “Mars” files.

“Mars” filter vs source file.

The reader who wrote in wondered how much money NA$A blows through every year, not to mention SpaceX. And how much has been spent on The Big Lie since Kubrick’s fake moon landings? Trillions… not to mention the lives of lots of scientists and astronauts who refuse to play the LIE game. (Astronauts have a 50% mortality rate; they die mostly in car accidents. Test pilots? Dying in car accidents? And let’s not bring up the Apollo 1 fire.) None of this matters, of course, but it still rankles. These (now dead) NA$A employees all had families. This kind of thing is rife in our “civilization.”

Perhaps this is why one reader had a problem with some CATs’ vision of the Church icon falling to earth. For the record, CATs are pro-SOURCE, pro-Brother J. CATs are non-supportive of “religion,” as a rule. We don’t deign to tell people what to believe, but we always tell the hardest truths first. Brother J is a spiritual leader, not a religion. Brother J called his path “The Way.” All we do is work to prepare The Way. (This is NOT to say that there aren’t good people in the various churches, because there obviously are. There are many paths to SOURCE.)

Btw, ZeroHedge has an article touching on the fakery. Like the Jackie Robinson “hug” that his wife said never happened!


FYI, for those watching the U.S. Open Tennis matches… you know that recent Serena win…

…was faked. Serena beat the #2 seed… or did she? It seemed fishy to us (those who watched the match) that the other woman wouldn’t use Serena’s total lack of mobility against her (she was moving like a vending machine on wheels), often hitting it right to her. And when we looked at this we saw… sure enough… that player was paid to lose. She took a dive. Then, looking closer… we discovered that Serena is a MAN! Krikey, nothing is as it appears. This is apparently an elaborate practical joke on people by the PTW.

Also… the Mars fakery appears to be in the vicinity of Albuquerque, NM — but on the AZ side. Start in Albuquerque and go due west and you’ll see the above “welcome to AZ” bluff in this post.

NOTE: For those writing to us and asking questions, note again that we are blocked by Scroogle from all gmail accounts, and some others. Try getting a protonmail account. (And Lynne, that’s just a reflection.)


For those who keep holding off doing meditation/Ascension work because you’re waiting for The Event to MIRACLE all the work for you… this is why The Event isn’t happening. It will in fact NOT happen until those who expect it and who aren’t participating in their own Ascension either step up and do the work, admit that they’re just not into it, or transition. There is no free ride. You’ve got to do the work sometime.

As for The Event itself…. we can still see it, but it’s always on the horizon, never in our immediate vision. We’ve kinda given up on it, given people’s current expectations.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off… and get back to work. (No singing!)


We don’t like to single out individual channelers, but a certain group has NOT been setting any protection (at all, ever) and thus consistently let anything and everything come through to spout all kinds of fear and disinformation. (4d’s and 5d’s can still be Negatives, and revel in leading humans astray; 6d’s on up are POSITIVES). Anyway, note that there will be no catastrophes or disasters in April of next year, though we are sensing something POWERFUL (and Positive) around Easter. On another note, we will be checking on the thing about the three Nephilim ships; can’t tell if that’s going to happen or not, looks like a timeline thing.