763: Jump, etc. ~ [UPDATE5]

Jump ongoing. We’re so feelin’ it.

Well, the Tomsk SR looks like this this today:

Looks like we had a pre-jump yesterday around 5:00 am PDT — and we’re in a jump proper now, starting at 9:00 pm PDT last night. Here are more indicators:

We also had two recent CMEs just before the jumps:

It was the general CAT consensus that this was just another jump, so we weren’t going to dedicate a whole post to it… then THIS happened:

Note the spike around noon PDT today.

Today around noon some CATs (who admittedly hadn’t grounded as well as they could’ve this morning) got that “heart attack” feeling, but center of chest. (This is energy that has to be dealt with.) So, we grounded well and *tried* to meditate (we’re getting nothing the past few days, swamped with energy from portals)… then we saw the SR and other meters, and… well, it’s safe to say we’re having a jump. We’re still feeling it.

The M’s and all CATs have been feeling this one coming on the past few days, feeling super-tired, but thought it was just the energy/portals. But then we encountered more in the way of “reality glitches,” where you see “reality” glitch before your very eyes (kinda like a tape skip on an old over-recorded VCR tape) — then had a dramatic “double reality glitch” last night around midnight. We figured it was a jump.

Anyway, think positively. Ground often. We’re going to bed early — like now.


Two things… this:

This is in the opposite direction from earth, but we’ll probably feel it in some way (probably via protons).

And… note that the energy coming in at the moment, manifesting as heat in various places, is half PTW mayhem (via HAARP), half SOURCE’s Wave X. Either way, we’re feeling roasted.


This is highly interesting, esp. for those who crave proof of SOURCE’s Existence (besides your own miraculous existence, of course). Note the following graph:

This is the sun’s X-ray flux for the past seven days… which is basically showing activity of Portal One, though scientists don’t know it. See those long lines occurring regularly, like clockwork? What could cause the portal inside the sun to mark time like a clock? (Psst: That would be SOURCE.)

The question is: Why is the portal ticking?


We stand corrected: We looked and that regular beat on the above X-ray flux graph is the sun’s HEARTBEAT. We knew the sun was alive, like Gaia, but we didn’t know the sun had a heartbeat.


Looks like we’re still in a jump. Keep meditating and grounding. And no pulling of the nose.

Btw, may thanks to all those readers who send us comments, visions and dreams. We would’ve normally responded to each and every one of you, but gmail has marked us permanently as spam. We’ll be answering you shortly with a new email account just for this purpose… unless that gets blocked. Won’t be much longer.

We have news, but we’re going to hold onto it till the last minute. No need to give Deam Tark any advantage (not that they can stop this one).


Btw, anything you read that provokes, or tries to provoke a fear response of any kind… stop reading and back away. Read something else, or occupy yourself in some other way. Anything that smacks of fear is to be avoided. This goes for EVERYTHING. That said…

…we still like Gakster better. We’re just that way.