764: The Autumn Wind 2 ~ [UPDATE9]

Buckle up.

You remember The Autumn Wind post? Well, ~AM and the M’s are seeing all kinds of things that look to require bucklage, but… some of it might happen BEFORE Autumn? We’re not sure, might be on the cusp. Some of it we’d prefer not to talk about for various reasons.

But first…


Remember the Tomsk SR meter last week?

Looks the same today. All the meters we normally look at look the same for the most part, ’cause we’re STILL in a timeline jump six days later.

We’re also having electrical systems not work till we canoodle ’em into working, somatic issues, irritability (CAT7 almost bit someone), extreme fatigue, more irritability, ~M5 has gotten NICER (there’s a shock), along with big-time aches and pains all over the place… all because we’re STILL in a timeline jump.

Actually… we may be in THE Timeline Jump. The Big One.

And now…


CATs had a ‘combined vision’ this morning. Looked like this…

…and this…

The figure looked like both of these images (which SOURCE/Spirit likes to do), standing before parted clouds and dawn light. Seemed pretty darn positive to us.

We’ve also had very specific dreams about a direction — and a date — but we’d rather not publish either for obvious reasons. Suffice to say that we think what we were shown is a POSITIVE thing, coming soon.


There is also now a RIFT between two major timelines. Looks like this:

To CATs, The RIFT looks like a stormy green sea boiling between two gynormous landmasses, one lower and darker and BAD, the other GREEN and happy and MUCH higher up (like a cliff). We’ve seen this RIFT several times now, from all sides.

For whatever reason, some of the M’s ventured DOWN the wrong offramp (in a dream) night before last, steeply DOWN to the OTHER side… where he saw “They Who Will Not Be Named.” They are BAD. Ultra-bad. We didn’t use to believe in evil, but we do now. And those things (they have the blackest eyes) are actively looking for way over here. If you encounter one in a dream, keep your distance and do the “Coursian mantra” on ’em, and don’t let them touch you.


The good news is that SOURCE and the Archangels will NOT let those things reach the higher timelines. (Archangel Michael just said, “In no way.”)

They might figure out a way to mess things up eventually, but… something is to happen (via SOURCE et al) to seal them off from us forever… and probably UNcreate the nasties in the process. They had their chance. Time is UP.


Speaking of that… YES, QEII is gone… and NO, she was NOT nice. At all. ‘Looking’ at her gave us cold chills, causing us to call her The Reptile Queen. Good riddance. Like organized religion, the whole ‘monarchy’ thing is a big sad lie and needs to go. And GO it will. (The queen had actually been dead for some time, kept in a big fridge beneath B. Palace next to some old Otter Pops till the schmoes figured out what their next move was. Really, who cares?)

What’s most amazing about QEII’s transition is how many positive posts there’ve been since, gushing all over the place. What. Ever. Paid shills and dark beings trying to maintain control and all that rot.

BTW, this is one way a portal can look as it opens in the daytime:

More later.


Speaking of portals, here’s how big the energy coming out of one can be. Here’s a USGS earthquake report from yesterday, measuring a 3.3 on the Richter scale. Note the depth: 2 kms… UP…. in the air! It’s not a typo.

This was a portal boom.

UPDATE3 ~ 9/14/22

  • There was another (small, 4.0) earthquake at 10 km in N. CA, but… it felt like more of a white hat kinda thing. (Any quake below 6.0 is pretty ho-hum, really.)
  • For those who asked, that Mr. T-going-to-DC thing so his aide could verify that the WH was still unoccupied… we’re getting that T can’t be trusted, either. Looks like the PTW are trying to set up a double agent kind of situation. Turn to SOURCE, leave him to the Light.
  • And in terms of who Oblama is and where he came from… looks like a Manchurian candidate kinda thing. Another one to leave to the Light.
  • FYI: Some of the M’s saw a blue-gray (3d) blanket floating above most everyone. You need to (in meditation) use your free will to actively rise above it. We think this might represent the 3d matrix.
  • Ha! One CAT’s parents reported seeing “ball lightning” at their residence, along with very loud BOOM sounds… but the ball lightning was 40 feet in diameter! Das ist nicht “ball lightning,” Frau Blucher…


We are STILL in a jump. This is Day 8. Unprecedented.


WE seem to have landed… but the way the meters look, it’s impossible to tell when that was.

One muon meter still looks unplugged:

Bottom line: It’s time to get a pumpkin.


NOTE: For those SOURCE enthusiasts, we strongly suggest eating light today/tonight, and meditating well.


A reader brought this to our attention, a FF in the making:

We are (un)lucky enough to be able to see both sides of the river between the timelines, so… try to maintain your equanimity.

And for anyone who saw a flash of light… we haven’t seen anything like that, not all of us all at once. We see them all the time, but individually. People who are occasionally seeing flashes of light are the only ones seeing them, as these are individual advancemens. The Event hasn’t happened yet… although, that’s not exactly true, because this whole thing is The Event, only people at the 3d level can’t see it. We’ve been getting visions and having dreams about it for some time, and more and more we’re thinking that it’s a slow-motion thing. To Spirit and SOURCE, time runs FAST. For us, it’s been the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs and the bases loaded for ten years, the batter fouling off pitch after pitch… if you’ll forgive the American baseball analogy. Some CATs still hold to the Big Finish paradigm, while others have kinda given up on it, thinking it a psychic manipulation by team dark. We remain cautiously optimistic, but… this isn’t our first rodeo, so we’ll keep our good hat in plastic for the time being, they said, mixing metaphors.


Well, we almost lost ~AM this morning! He was meditating with a few of the other M’s. He said (afterward) that he started “feeling this amazing LIGHTNESS,” and started to go “UP and UP.” Then the group was interrupted by someone… and ~AM’s eyes popped open. He said he felt woozy, checked his O2 levels… and they were incredibly low. He’d literally been rising up and away from his body (which we were warned by Guides about) and was starting to transition! If he hadn’t been interrupted, he probably would’ve left.

“It’s certainly nothing to be afraid of, ” he reported. “I was literally leaving my body and letting go… and it felt GREAT.” He said that even being at the far edges of SOURCE is “INCREDIBLE,” likening it to what author Gary Renard was talking about back when his guides gave him a taste of what being back in SOURCE is like. (They gave him a two-second taste and he came back and said: “More.”)

(Note that several CATs awoke this morning with the song, “What a difference a day makes… 24 little hours….” We’ll no doubt discover what THAT means, shortly. Keep the faith.)


To be clear:

~AM and the M’s have just informed us that the “Autumn Wind” is probably NOT The Event, not exactly. We have to WEATHER the Autumn Wind. We have to all still do more work to make it to where we want to go. We are saving ourselves. Don’t sit and wait to be saved. You have to do your own work.

We are only halfway through our mission.

More, soon.