765: In the Beginning… [UPDATE6]

While we still have some time… this might help explain how we got where we are now. It’s a little complicated.

We were curious about how this mess started, so we did a little research. In a nutshell, here’s how part of our world came to be where it is today.

  1. There are probably lots of reasons, but suffice to say that some Angels fell, looong ago. About a million of them fell (there are a near-infinite number of Angels across the Omniverse), having gone against SOURCE and tried to set themselves up AS SOURCE here in Shangri-la. They of course got fired from their jobs as “Watchers” and caretakers and “fell” to earth (i.e., they had their vibrations reduced from something like 39d down to 3d/4d/5d.) [NOTE: There are new “Watchers” now, all Archangels.]
  2. Once here, the fallen got right down to having lots of sex with the fair maids of earth. BUT, since they weren’t SOURCE, and weren’t LOVE-based (they were Seven-Deadly-Sins-infused SOURCE-pretenders, ahem) their offspring (aka, the giants, or Nephilim) were created. Don’t ask us how this works, but they mixed fallen Angel DNA/energy with existing earth human DNA/energy (human DNA being a mishmash of all kinds of ET things)… so, we were thus created not with LOVE, but LUST… basically sewn together with negative energy — and positive too — yin and yang. (And the fallen’s PR machine has been spinning the necessity of the yin/yang thing ever since.) Bottom line: Duality sucks.
  3. Basically, when those earth women got pregnant, they melded their positive energy/DNA with the negative energy/DNA of the fallen. The resulting combination was only 50% SOURCE-based (unlike other Extensions), so the energy/DNA got scrambled and out came insane uncontrollable toddler giant angel/human HYBRIDS. The giants (aka, the N.) went bad fast, growing up and killing everyone in sight, and doing worse things.
  4. The Archangels saw this and let SOURCE know, and the AAs then hit the RESET button with a worldwide flood. All but a handful of the N. died and became the source of all the demons and such of today, sent all the way back to a rock-bottom vibration. They then had to either work their way back up — or stay bad. About half became demons, while the rest of us worked our way up, one lifetime at a time. (And some… somehow escaped… interdimensionally… and are trying to return? Good grief.)

Most of us are descendants of this insanity, byproducts of a very big mistake. Various ETs got involved along the way, before and after, on both sides, and added to the mess (and are still adding to the mess?). We have split into various spirit pieces since then, as some advanced and others didn’t. By this time, lots of spirits became stuck here; many came to help and got caught in the low vibe atmosphere. (How this reconciles with what The Course teaches is a whole other multi-post discussion.)

We, as the living result of this initial transgression, were basically lost until Brother J came along and redeemed us all. (Thank you, Brother J!) This is why CATs ask Brother J to handle everything for us.

So, that’s where most of us come from, for the most part. We’ll explain the Extensions and Coursian thing another time.

And… yes, this is why some women are attracted to “bad boys.” Cut that out.

So, what happened to the fallen angels? They were ‘cast into the pit’. They are never allowed to go back to SOURCE, as this forgiveness might encourage other Angels to make trouble elsewhere. Like all of us, Angels were created primarily to serve SOURCE in some way, shape, or form. Doing so is a privilege. And YES, this is all illusion, and we are all Extensions of SOURCE — with lots of us being HYBRID Extensions of SOURCE — and we are each manifesting yinyanginess all over the place. Because of this, we all need to concentrate on a positive unity outcome, and come together. Phew.

More on that in the next post.

P. S. Happy Birthday, Melissa M.!


Just to clarify…

  • Spiritually, it doesn’t matter where you came from (what Extension, or mix of Extensions), ‘cause we all come from SOURCE. We brought up the ‘fallen’ thing so people would know where the extra spirit work comes from — and why things are so dark and messed up on this planet. Really, all you can do is let Brother J lead the way.
  • Also note that we didn’t understand one bit, so we checked with the AAs and… it turns out that the fallen CAN make it back to SOURCE, after they’ve been redeemed. There were made an example and lived their punishment through their banishment. 
  • We’ve been trying to date this past event. It happened a LOONG time ago, fairly early in human history.
  • We also brought this up because, most everyone (99% of the population) has some ‘fallen’ DNA and baggage, even “starseeds.”
  • We definitely live on a unique planet. There is no other way to describe it.


Another reason we wrote this post is because what happened with the giants creating mayhem way back when is happening right now. And after a bit of that, the world was flooded to get rid of them. Of course, a flood won’t happen this time. This time, the planet will be cleansed with LIGHT/fire. Nothing to fear, certainly… provided you’re a follower of SOURCE in some way or other. In a way, team dark WANTS to be punished, thinks they deserve to be punished… because of what they THINK they’ve done in The Illusion. The holodeck rules are very complicated.


Aha. Took a bit of squinting, but it looks like ‘The Fall’ happened AFTER Atlantis fell. So… it’s fairly recent. Rather surprising. We thought it was before. (FYI, we think Atlantis fell about 15-20,000 years ago.)


We need to stop looking at this. Every time we do, we uncover some interesting tidbit. We won’t get entirely into the latest one (it’s a huge can of worms), but we can say that lots of the Angels who participated in this… action… got sucked into the 3d end of things… and ‘auto-fell.’

Basically, don’t feel so bad when you stumble: Even Angels have trouble with 3d.


And another one. Lynn over at Psychic Focus had a post about The Gorgon which was very interesting. We wondered and looked… and The Gorgon was ALSO one of the ‘fallen’ who got sucked down by all things 3d (in her case, 3d anger). Turns out that most of our “gods” and “monsters” of the past were recycled ‘fallen’ and ‘nephilim.’ And it goes on and on, today — though about half of the ‘fallen’ figured out how to fix themselves and returned to SOURCE over the centuries. If sex didn’t take them down, anger did.