757: Incoming, etc. ~ [UPDATE4]

We didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up…

…but several CATs had a similar dream on Monday.

The Dream

We were outdoors and it was a clear day. It was green, but there were no trees anywhere. One of our Guides then said: “We’ll be moving up to the peak amongst the trees on Friday.” They said it would be easier to breathe up there. CATs took note of this, but didn’t want to call it out. Mountain peaks are usually devoid of trees, so we took this to mean an energy peak.

And then we saw this…


This might be the “peak” the Guide was talking about. We’ll know soon enough if it’s easier to breathe up there.

Which brings up…

The Stillness

Anyone who’s even vaguelly sensitive can notice the utter silence and stillness of late. It gets deeper each day. Stillness and silence are hallmarks of SOURCE.

UPDATE1 ~ 7/22/22

Still being blasted by energy. This from yesterday:

And this so far for today:

And now… here’s a video floating around showing the m1litary testing some reverse-engineered ET tech:

This is billed as being from “Area 51” but those trees and buildings don’t look very New Mexico-y. The poor schmoes using this don’t really know what it’s for or what it does.

NOTE: Some CATs are reporting EXTRA energy spewing from respective portals at noon PDT, along with some CATs starting to get headaches. Might be bumpy during the CME energy wave as it manifests and crests; latest estimate has it arriving around 4:00 pm PDT and lasting about eight hours, but we’re feeling it now:


Hi. Note that the original Update2 (for those who saw it) was excised because it’s a 3d thing and we’re supposed to leave those to SOURCE. Who cares where treasure is hidden? The treasure is INSIDE YOU.

Also, it should be noted that when Alexander Hamilton said, “Nobody expects to trust his body much after the age of fifty,” he was actually referring to himself, thus: “Nobody expects to trust Alexander Hamilton’s body much after the age of fifty.”

UPDATE3 ~ 7/25/22

Interesting energy:


There’s a group we respect that recently met and put up their meeting minutes… and they continue to set NO protection such that low-vibe beings masquerading as beings from “Andromeda” and “Casseiopaeia” are hijacking their ‘feed’ and providing them with half-truths. To whit:

  • There will be no “comet storm,” and
  • There will be no “space virus.”

Fear, fear fear. Please, channelers: Either (learn to) set proper protection or please stop polluting the ‘net with phobic disinformation. Good rule of thumb: If it smacks of fear, it’s disinfo and should be discarded, the connection cut. Add the phrase, “ONLY THOSE WITH SOURCE IN MIND AND AT HEART, AND OUR GREATEST GOOD IN MIND AND AT HEART ARE ALLOWED TO CONNECT WITH US” before you begin a channeling session. Asking Brother J to vet all beings and ETs is also a very good idea. Also, again: Reiki people… please reset your reiki settings so that you’re only connecting to SOURCE and not some questionable entity or spirit.

Note that we have no vested interest in anything other than SOURCE and the truth — and of course all of you. We make no money from any of this, nor do we sell books or services, despite being asked all the time. (Some big-name publisher wanted us to write something about some stuff we’re involved in; we might cave in, but only when the right publisher comes along, with the right priorities. A lot of them want to make money no matter what and don’t care about making the world a better place. This is a litmus test they must pass to work with us. Otherwise, why bother?)