My Friend, Kyle


Today, a rare repost… of a repost (that originally ran on Da-da’s site back in 2014) that we stumbled on when looking for images to steal from Da-da (he said we could). Nothing happens by accident, so here’s what we found. We edited it slightly for this crowd.

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That Monday AM Message of Unity

The CAT abides, man. Hi, all. Ok. Everyone needs to try this. I’ve been experimenting with playing “the game” (as the Oversoul terms it) with love and mirth. Since I can see the wheels and gears working behind everything, I actually call out this mechanism — as its working, or trying to work — when I’m talking to anyone about anything, keeping it friendly and … Continue reading That Monday AM Message of Unity


No one will believe any of this, but we don’t care: put simply, we won. It was very stressful. We were brazenly attacked by the TWBs a week ago (three-ship sneak attack at 2:00 am), which forced us to (peacefully) scatter their ships all over the quadrant… but they came back, revenge-minded, and had to be liberated from their troubled existence. We did not do … Continue reading Phew