It’s Monday! Yay!

You know how LOVE is SOURCE, SOURCE is LOVE? And that all expressions of LOVE are MAXIMAL and INFINITE? Well, what are you waiting for?

Turn it ON and leave it ON!

Go into meditation and DOUSE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING you can think of with SOURCE/LOVE/LIGHT:

  • Your family
  • The earth
  • The Resident
  • CA fires
  • Hurricane Whoosits
  • The Shot
  • Australia
  • The UK
  • New Zealand
  • DC
  • Canada
  • $0ro$
  • Fauxi
  • Oblama
  • Every politician you can think of
  • The Milky Way galaxy…

Go crazy. Totally DRENCH whatever you want with a big firehose of LOVE. Let ’em have it. Turn the SOURCE hose ON and LEAVE IT ON. Forever. Be a firehose of SOURCE unto your people.


Does this SOURCE-drenching make me look fat?

Collateral damage.