697: Jumps, Meterage, etc. ~ [UPDATE5]

Another good-sized jump, and more.


…this was just a photo opp. No dogs were left behind in Afghanistan, as some sickos have reported:

Also… we’ve noticed that squirrels are REALLY busy packing food away, and honkers have accelerated, so expect a cold snowy winter. There’s already snow in the highest mountain ranges. And Jim in WA put snow tires on his golf cart!


We had a little jump on the 28th and a big jump last night/today due to various CMEs, w/all kinds of somatic (ow) and planetary effects. You can see some of the Wave X muon bowshock, too:


Healing Note

CATs have moved past the “glass ceiling” of being able to heal 3d people/things, owing to Ascension. We might not be able to heal people/things at that level anymore, or we need to adjust how we’re doing it; we’re still figuring it out. Also much of what CATs are experiencing is not being reflected by terrestrial meters. And while people can still hear and see us, we’re getting some instances of CAT invisibility (!) to people of low vibration… unless we speak to them. Very strange… but kinda fun. Halloween comes early.

Also, if you’re one who has their phone plastered to their face 24/7, throw that thing in the trash.

Throw what away?

Somebody said I could have this…

Never too early.


And another little jump:


So, a little Thursday tarot… means More waiting.

You may recall our previous card:

Basically a WAITING/change your perspective card.

And now this Thursday’s card… another WAITING variant (sorry, we can’t find an image of the cat version):

4 of Swords

“The 4 [of Swords] Tarot announces calmness after the storm, a period of rest and recuperation after a challenging episode, with the promise that once restored, you can return to combat. Meanwhile, it brings a new challenge: to remain silent and inactive. It is time to rebuild mentally, meditate and spend time in a calm atmosphere. You must rebuild your strength, recharge spiritually, rest, and relax.

This card reminds us that after each crisis and before each new challenge, there is always a moment of relaxation and contemplation. Stress and tension affect even the hardest and most resilient people, and the short respite provides energy, concentration, and attention before facing the next steps. It is also a sign that you can stop worrying. Let’s reduce your vigilance and take a break despite the chaos around. Currently, it is a truce and you can take your breath without being harassed again. However, remember that a ceasefire agreement and peace are not the same: a guarantee that challenges will return to your life as soon as you are ready to face them, so let’s enjoy the peace and quiet you have earned but never lose the fact that the battle is not over and still there.”


Big energy this morning:


BIG Wave X energy coming in (that is, cosmic energy coming from SOURCE and HOBs, and NOT from the sun), starting shortly after 12:00 UTC:

Part of this could be from CMEs, but it feels mostly ‘Wave X’-y to us.

There were also FIVE GRBs yesterday (listed in chronological order):

Advanced civilizations ‘code’ GRB energy events to carry specific information. Takes a great deal of cosmic mojo to pull that off.


Very important: Nothing is more important than refeshing your SOURCE connection daily via morning and evening meditation, or prayer. Ask Brother J / Guides / Archangels / SOURCE / higher order beings, etc. to join with you in meditation; it really supercharges what you’re doing. Refreshing this connection makes you impervious to mind control of all sorts.