698: Enter the SOURCE OAK

You might notice that the Infinite SOURCE Pillar has changed.

To make a long story short, ~AM was given a gift such that he was able to transmogrify the Infinite SOURCE Extension Pillar that he and the AAs put up, into… a tree. A really special tree.

This tree, rooted in SOURCE, is made up of ALL SOURCE Extensions, said Extensions now unified into one cosmic, organic, shared-purpose whole that’s never existed before. (For the record, you are by default already part of this.) So, if you’re looking for the i-Pillar in meditation, it might now look like the bole of a gynormous silver-white oak tree with gold leaves. There might be more trees one day, Extensions that might grow from the OAK’s roots, but that’s up to SOURCE.

This will hopefully allow all to communicate better… aaand it might also mean more (highly unusual) HOB tourists.