700: Grab Bag ~ [UPDATE1**]

Latest. Oh, boy.


A most telling CME occurred the other day:

This one, with a fresh batch of 3d programming, hits pretty close to 9/11 (a little before). No doubt the PTW have big plans… but more on that in a subsequent post. We have big plans, too… not that we know what those are, yet.

…And a Little Jump Today

A little jump at 1:30 am PDT (8:30 UTC).

…and probably more to come. The choice-point is upon us.

The End of the Tunnel

Several CATs awoke with this song in their heads this morning. Lyrics can be interpreted a few ways, depending on your perspective: The glass is half full; the glass is half empty; the glass is hurtling through space ’cause that’s where Superman threw it in a fit of pique… all of the above?

And now, Guide Cat.

Just a reminder: Give everything over to Brother J. and ask him to enjoy everything with you. (And no, that doesn’t mean you can get the shot, unless you want to choose the fear path, which we don’t recommend.) If you see someone having a problem, hit ’em with a grounding cord and do the mantra on ’em. Like this.

In the meantime…

The cat is the spice (to the sandworm).


We just watched Saratoga’s weekly reading:

Interesting parallels. The spread itself feels kinda all over the place, energywise, but you can use it for focus. As Saratoga suggested, look at all three cards as a single vision and then meditate on them and see what pops into your mind.

Most of us did this today and ~AM and the M’s and some CATs saw that they were not going to 5d (?) — they were going to 20d (!), for starters. (Remember that “10/20/30” thing? We initially saw this as “10d/20d/30d,” but didn’t understand what that meant at the time, and transposed other letters there. Note that this refers to a CAT roadmap, so it’s probably not for everyone.) Turns out ~AM is destined for 30d, as AAs are 38/39d, and he’ll be working with some of them on some NE projects — after a period of horrible training (psst, it won’t be horrible); note that these numbers are arbitrary, just for ballpark reference, there are no “levels,” per se. Sometimes you need to occupy a certain vibration to handle a certain task. (For the record, SOURCE is from 40d to Infinity, though we ague internally if this is actually better represented by 50d. Really, who cares? SOURCE is UP THERE.)

Anyway, ~AM had a rather outlandish experience during his meditation (we wrote it out and it looked so fantastic in review that we deleted it) and, considering he was kinda complaining all morning about being tired of being stuck here, he got transported in dramatic fashion to his next stop as a preview. That’s not as amazing as how he got there in the meditation, but he’s asked us not to mention it. Once there, an Archangel (guess who?) showed him a rack of old animal horn and wooden musical instruments hanging on a white wall — and at the end of the rack, something gold and shiny and cosmic. From what ~AM described, it looked kinda like this…

…a bass trumpet, but exceedingly more complex (with “crystals and… purple cosmic energy near the valve cluster”). If ~AM gets to play it, we’ll need to re-read Revelations.

Anyway, for those who’ve been doing their meditation work, you have a lot to look forward to.



This seems very important. While about half the CATs have had trumpet visions and dreams the past few days/nights, ~AM has reported that he saw AA Gabriel this morning — WITH his trumpet. (He was actually spinning it on one finger, for ~AM’s benefit, as he used to do that in high school marching band; those brass players among us DON’T recommend it!). ~AM respectfully asked, but was told he couldn’t play it, for the simple reason that it would atomize him if he did so. He did get to touch the instrument yesterday, though, so that was quite the honor. The things we’ve seen this lifetime. Amazing.

FYI, Archangels are out in force today. We strongly urge people to meditate.