701: RBM #1: Rolling “Balloon” Meditations ~ [UPDATE5]

Time to get things moving.

NOW you know why we canceled the previous meditation: We need this SOONER than later.


We’re scheduling an impromptu emergency rolling meditation for 9/10, 9/11, and 9/12. We’ll do these at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm on each day. NOTE: The time is determined by YOUR location (so, 11:11 am your time). In this way, we’ll do a rolling meditation. As always, you can do this at other times and WILL it to the 11:11 time, should you have a time conflict. We encourage you to do this meditation exercise other times as well, as often as you want.

We’re doing this quasi-group meditation last-minute as the PTW are bad/slow at reacting.

WHEN: 9-10-21 to 9-12-21 — 11:11 am/11:11 pm


We need to work on a number of things over these three days: Crank up the SOURCE vibes into the collective while purging fear and low vibes from ourselves, pushing back against the negative energy that’s pushing in on us constantly from an as-yet unidentified source (esp. in dreams).  

Our Part

For a reason we won’t go into now, at the proper time, CATs in key metros (already in place) will set up certain crystal formations (you might even see us in our Anthony Burgess hats at the tops of buildings), basically creating new kinds of “spiritual dynamos” over key areas (London, DC, NY, etc.), in a specific pattern, undoing the PTW’s 20th anniversary 9/11 plans. It will look like this:


Ok, it won’t look like that. It will look like this:

…in a spiritual way. It might be visible. Those nearby will def. feel it.

Your Part

Meanwhile, we need all meditation participants to imagine everyone else on earth, all 7.B of us, having a “SOURCE energy balloon” being blown up in their chests and then popped, releasing the SOURCE energy. You’re going to do this for ALL people, all at once. Then, when you feel the energy balloon is big enough (you can do as much as you want) and residing in all people on the earth (it’s a tall order, but you’re MUCH more powerful than you realize) — then POP them all at once with a billion golden pins. (Or silver pins, or Snoopy pins, SOURCE pins… whatever you want.) We’re going to do this over three days. It seems strange but it won’t after you’ve done it once. (Sounds weird, but it helps to literally BLOW air out physically while meditating on this, like you’re inflating a balloon; try to keep the air metered, so you’re not blowing all your air at once; it won’t take more than a half-dozen breaths.)

This will have the added benefit of everyone else doing the same thing for YOU, purging you of any residual fear and residual low vibrations. If we can get 1000 people doing this, it will work: 10^1000.

M’s see that this action offers the best case scenario for us FINALLY breaking higher timelines free of the boat-anchor 3d timeline. Perhaps we should’ve said that first.



FYI, for this meditation, some CATs are imagining all the people in the world as ONE GIANT BODY (as per the above pic) which makes it easier. You can still imagine all the individuals if you want to, it’s your mind.

Breathe in SOURCE each time before each inflating breath; it usually takes us seven breaths to inflate it fully.

Also, place everything in the hands of SOURCE right at the start. Don’t try to steer things at all.


We don’t know why, but we’re hearing, “The Pennsylvania Polka” (?). It’s a friendly communal thing, not a warning. This is one of the songs typically played on Groundhog Day in Punxatawny, PA. Perhaps we’re going to not see our shadows today….


Ok, this is interesting. We’ve only been doing this rolling inflation-meditation a little while (we’re calling them “11” meditations, since we’re doing them about each hour around the XX:11 mark) — and we’re already “seeing” people going UP after we’re done, rising gently like inflated balloons. We also tested it with various things we’d like to have on the NE (like musical instruments, certain books, a tea kettle, etc.), and those things started going up, too. Be sure to add various people you know to the special balloon list, so they get extra attention. We don’t know what the results will be, but it’s very encouraging.

Looks like we might be The Event after all.


This seems important. We have been told that those who participate in this rolling 11:11 meditation (esp. more than just once) are at the vanguard of those self-selecting their own paths to the New Earth — and beyond — basically taking a big STO step toward SOURCE. We’d be happy with a serious timeline jump, but we’ll take anything in a positive direction at this point.


Folks, we aren’t 100% sure yet, but the M’s think that those participating in this rolling meditation are directly responsible for these white energy lines (14 is midnight PDT). In some cases it takes a little more time for the “bounce,” but the more people that participte, the faster the response:

Lots of people are commenting on the different “feel” of things the past few days.