12/11 Group Meditation

Just a reminder… Please join the CATs for a special 12/11 group meditation this Wednesday. Instead of trying to wake people up this time, we’re going to be offering grateful thanks to all those who’ve helped us get this far: Brother J, all our Guides, Gaia herself, SOURCE, and of course the huge number of beings across the cosmos. Gratitude is an important part of … Continue reading 12/11 Group Meditation

Reminder: Meditation Tomorrow

Hi, all. Don’t forget that we’re having a global group meditation tomorrow morning, at 9:00 am EST (as per the countdown). Please adjust your timezones accordingly. Again, we’re going to group-visualize light coming into and through us on January 31st, and grounding into the earth and all lifeforms. Note that levitating is both optional and attractive. FYI, Diane Canfield just came out with a post … Continue reading Reminder: Meditation Tomorrow

Update for 1-28-18: It Really is All Happening [UPDATES]

It’s all happening. A quick snapshot of some quiet, current metering drama: Not seen this kind of energy before — esp. from this Italian meter. More from Italy; timeline kerfufflage. More drama. Again, we’ve not seen this kind of activity in one snapshot. Riometer from Sweden. Ottawa is hot as usual, though we suspect that 60 Hz indicator is a power line. Irkutsk @ 3000 … Continue reading Update for 1-28-18: It Really is All Happening [UPDATES]

Global (Step 8) Meditation for 1/31/18

Hi, all. We now know that Event Step 8 (of 12), and the remaining Steps, will involve more INTERNAL CHANGES than external changes. None of us are quite sure what’s going to happen, visually, but something good spiritually is definitely going to happen on 1/31/18, and is already happening (as evidenced by the Wave X upgrades already in progress, the various nefarious military satellites going … Continue reading Global (Step 8) Meditation for 1/31/18