12/11 Group Meditation


Just a reminder…

Please join the CATs for a special 12/11 group meditation this Wednesday. Instead of trying to wake people up this time, we’re going to be offering grateful thanks to all those who’ve helped us get this far: Brother J, all our Guides, Gaia herself, SOURCE, and of course the huge number of beings across the cosmos. Gratitude is an important part of The Event.

WHEN: 10:00 — 11:00 am PST/18:00 — 19:00 UTC


For those participating: At the appointed time, be sure to G+P+C, then (mentally) turn yourself into a pillar of light and join the rest of us… and offer thanks to all those who got us here.


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      1. yes thank you for the confirmation. I did check the SOC meditation primer…I should have done so before I commented originally. Sorry, but thank you! Love and Light to everyone!

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  1. Today’s sweet tale: When I go to fill the bird feeders, the chickadees flock around and chatter up a storm. Occasionally one will alight on the bird feeder while I’m still holding. How sweet is that?

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    1. @J, chickadees are some of my very favorites growing up in Ct – black capped ones there – here they have brown caps – I like the call of Phoebes, too – both of them calling their names. 🙂

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  2. Do you think it would be okay to join earlier, say between 12 and 1400 UTC?

    It’s my birthday tomorrow and I have family commitments at the time stated.



    P.S. Meditating near a secret portal I know of. I accidentally terrified a Bigfoot there once. Maybe a guardian? Long story…

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      1. Just asking … does it still work if we meditate later and “intend” the energy to the particular time and date? I’m speaking in general for group mediation.

        So, for this particular group meditation, after we G+P+C, we keep repeating “Thank you to ….” as offering grateful thanks?

        This ringing in the ear, I do have it now and then but for sometime, I took it as having tinnitus as it “runs in the family”. But lately, I decided to observe it – it definitely rings when I’m reading this blog or thinking of you CATs and Ms (just wondering whether you all are with the Superfriends, or having a normal time with the family 😊). Sometimes it rings loudly, I just have to distract myself with lively music!

        Thank you for this opportunity to join the group meditation and “see” you all today ❤️

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    1. @Mark, Happy early Birthday – Will enjoy Pillar-ing in gratitude with you later today – I think I’m doing a practice run before sleep in a bit – will add it to the group at group time, esp if things get crazy later…

      Best wishes,


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  3. Much Love/Gratitude in Harmony! We Are The Laughter/Love/Light, We Are One! See You All out there tomorrow. Peace.

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  4. CAT Crew, I need your assistance with debugging this. Feel free to answer directly to [email protected], or publish sans email, your call.

    I just woke up from the worst, most depraved, satanic nightmare. Couldn’t sleep during the night, but when I finally dozed off in the morning hours it was like someone pressed play on the worst horror movie ever and right when it finished I woke up.

    I’ve done my research, I know more than I wish for anyone about torture, abuse and insanity. But this was worse, way worse. The kind of stuff you just don’t make up.

    All along the way I knew what was coming but it was like I was dragged through the whole thing against my will, like I had exactly the same dream at least once before but I suspect my waking consciousness wasn’t up to the task of dealing with it yet.

    The setting felt familiar, possibly even my home town in Sweden. The first person I met is someone I knew for some time while living there. The entire building I was living in was involved in some kind of satanic cult, I was in a relation with one of the victims but felt like I was trying to save her and make it stop. Much of it I experienced from a fly on the wall perspective.

    I have a feeling this is the kind of slime that will soon become public, and the dream was preparing me to deal with it, I just can’t see how people in general will be able to. But who knows, maybe I am clearing something I actually was involved in at some point.

    I’m still somewhat shaken, with tears just around the corner, and praying that whatever this is will end and never repeat again. I could really use your help with looking into where it came from, as well as what links it to me. And praying, lots of praying.

    Forgiveness is going to be essential moving forward, and it’s not going to be easy for anyone, that much I know.


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    1. Sending Love Sifoo ❤️ and a blast of light to clear away the ✨ darkness. This could be some kind of clearing, a past timeline, life or of future revelation to the collective…

      Would it help to keep saying Blossom’s mantra? I find that helps me a lot when there is any kind of darkness around, saying it over and over until the light literally blasts out of my heart, imagining anything nasty just dissolving away…Remember how powerful you are!

      I am the Light, I am the Love, I AM ✨❤️🙏

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    2. Well, that didn’t really work out the way I expected 🙂
      But I guess now that yall know how to reach me off the record, feel free to.
      It’s already over either way, I’m done hiding.


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  5. Going over the meditation steps for tomorrow (later today actually) I felt a nudge about that light triangle Laura Whitworth mentioned Delores Cannon suggested and made an instant ‘look see’ if it was there at crown – felt an instant body relaxation – so guess it’s there for a reason… nite – nite – see Y’all laters…

    ❤ ❤

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  6. All morning these words, lyrics have been repeating – several hours now – I asked about the title of the song they are from – was told the word of the title was irrelevant – just the repeated words have relevance here – -So, from the song ‘Radioactive’ I bring you:
    “Welcome to the new age’ welcome to the new age.”

    I trust our great gratitude gathering, glowing with glorious GOD (word chosen for alteration purposes ) gleam giving guerdon of gratefulness giga-galaxy-wide with grace by our garrulous group. (got carried away 🙂 )

    See you all in a few –

    much love light,


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    1. HEY Kg,
      I love alliteration, and I think we need to set up a sub-section in the Lily-isms Section for KG’s Alliterations.

      Whatcha think???

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  7. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Restrictions are released on all levels.

    “Uncommon partnerships” are entered.

    The unexpected becomes expected.

    Light and Love permeate the new arenas.

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        1. We… can’t really talk specifics. While the core CATs were with Brother J a looong time ago (just as students, not apostles), we met the SuperFriends a while ago by “accident,” and it’s been absolutely amazing every day since then. It’s uncommon because the beings we’re talking about are as exotic as it gets, ET-wise; it’s highly improbable that we humans would ever get to mix with so many higher order beings, some just one step below SOURCE. We were actually there for some of their initial incarnations, so we’ve become family.


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  8. I have a feeling I may have a tantrum on my hands if I try to join in at 6pm, ‘Elsie’ is in a particularly demanding mood today! Should be interesting trying! If not hopefully I can connect to you all a bit later, really want to join in ❤️

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  9. Hi all,
    Just published the second chapter:


    For two days now, I’ve been watching the blind man living across the street building a cover for the back of his truck mostly by himself. Today he was cutting and stapling a sheet of canvas onto the structure he built with some help the day before. I’m pretty sure he did a better job than I would have with fully functioning eyes. That’s some serious visualization skills right there. Though I sincerely hope he doesn’t intend on driving it by himself.

    As I was watching him doing his thing, I noticed a movement in the corner of my eye. And in my mind I heard myself say: Hi there Brother J, how nice of you to drop by; followed by a rush of energy as confirmation.

    Which reminded me of the story of a man tracing his life as foot steps on a beach and upon noticing that there were normally two pairs of feet walking beside each other, but during his darkest moments only one; asked why his friend (might have been Brother J, don’t remember) left him alone when he needed him the most, to which his friend answered: that’s where I was carrying you. Always makes me cry for some reason.


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    1. @ Anonymous
      Your story is simple and well known: the one carrying the man
      in good and bad times was God Himself.
      And Brother J in a rush of energy was simply telling you that HE
      is the vision of the blind man!

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  10. I’ll be there with everyone. 1pm Eastern for me here in NJ. Thanks and Blessings and Freedom to all! ❤️️✨🌎🌻🎁

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  11. Done! 😍
    Deeply grateful to Source & all the Light Beings for this amazing journey.
    ❤ you all! (yes, you too who are reading this comment 😊)

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  12. Victory of the Light! 🙏🏻
    Wow! What an experience!
    Kleenex indeed…
    I felt some Cats were there, making Statler & Waldorf-like jokes. 😁

    Thank you all for joining. ❤️
    Simply amazing.

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  13. So grateful and happy to have managed about ten minutes!

    Overwhelming energy, I felt you ALL as pure energy and felt my heart blast wide open, a few tears found their way down my cheeks! I felt my face and body twitching too.

    I sent out Sparkles of Light, Bubbles and a few Butterflies. I am still in that space, so overwhelmed with pure love although I am also very achey for some reason and could just fall into a deep sleep.

    So much gratitude 🙏❤️🙏

    We are the Love, We are the Light, We ARE and that Light is SO BRIGHT! 🌟🌟🌟

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  14. Whew! You were right about the need for tissues. As soon as I connected, there were waterworks, with tears streaming down my cheeks. I am feeling profound peace at this moment. WE ARE THE LOVE! WE ARE THE LIGHT! WE ARE! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  15. “Hello to the future state of Liberty. We as One guide the worlds, there are many here among us. Listen now as we take our tour.

    Speak easy in your hearts for each is the core, the pivotal turning point where revelation & epiphany are togetherness. The new landscapes we are building is glorious in form. As One we live, we grow, As One we create the play of everyday ever focused on the learning of the new ways. As time, forward moving our minds above technology, life blossoms accordingly.

    In no way is this a question anymore, as always, has this been not said again & againe. Never has the sole of the foot lost the path. In accordance with divine Law, the separation shall be vast. The Event ever looming in the immediate future yet patience is of the virtue in which the next generation shall hold dearly in their hearts. For knowingness is a blessing & the curse of the wise. Accepting of the moment longed for though hardly present in the now; wrought with hardships known, dig deep to find the value of the gemmed alignments soul body & mind create to sustain thy innermost peace. You shall carry these onward and they shall be as the stars adorning the night sky of the universe in your eyes.

    The questions you have are & should no longer be. Within the ship you cannot see the outside. These are of the highest dimension. All other experiments have & shall cease to be the knowledge of the day. Vast is the ocean of creation. Vast are the minds that will stay.

    Never again shall there exist fear for the unknown. The knower is not unknowable. The unseen is never hidden. Multitudes, of the masses, shall continue on. Then, all shall stop.

    This New Earth first arises within. We are the ones who must, with open arms, TRUST.

    For a master to learn their finest craft must take each step willingly, patiently, practicing the art of non-localization. We, my dearests, must return to the dark.

    Time shall cease to hold us in the grasp of the illusive-ness of days spent in the electric hum. All the lessons we shall gather from: The Return of God.

    (ends at 1:33 pm, She at the podium)

    Listen Now, Dearest Ones, sarcasm has no place in the arena of impending judgement, do not deny this truth to yourselves. The Judgement is upon every soul. Lead your brothers & sisters to the Light of Love but never forget thy sacred soil. Let not your ground be tarnished. What is lost shall be lost and what shall be saved, though not predetermined, shall be clearly seen.

    The eagerness of all, great beings, although understood; delays.

    Focus on your survival, the most important ideal of life is being alive.

    Our greatest fears shall be realized in this non-distant future & for the sake of gentle souls this truth the spirit refuses to hear.

    Put on your armour of faith. Take up the shield of trust. Adorn thyselves with the crown begotten by the holiness of the The One Promise

    “World Without End”

    This, this world, the jewel in the lotus, WORLD MEANS NOT DEATH

    Find within the sacred ground, then, Find yourselves there…

    At The Beginning.

    (1:44 pm)

    — channeling commentary: i rarely ever feel the direct pull so distinctly to write as a scribe, nor do i ever set the intention to. I felt no intention a minute before the mediation began at 1:00 pm. My girlfriend at her job received a letter at her work from a stranger we have yet to read, but at 1:11 pm she sent me a text reading


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    1. EDIT: The letter was on the counter, method of delivery: up for interpretation.


      1. Autumn Frost,
        Very interesting when there is a confirmation (the letter) of something that was conveyed to you in the spirit~!



          1. It reads thus, in handwritten letters:

            Fullness of Joy Forever more (Forever more underlined twice)

            Psalm 16
            Psalm 37
            Pslam Saam

            16 In His Presence is followers of Joy + at His Right Hand are Pleasures forever more!

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  16. Did not participate the full hour, was there only for about 30 minutes but I felt it!…We did it! It is done! We won! Our play is over and we did fantastic job!…I had such a feeling of peace and ease and sense of accomplishment during meditation. It was like at the Oscar nominations. I was holding my Oscar and gave my Thank you! and gratitude to everyone who helped me on this journey…
    We all were standing in a big circle holding hands. I saw a few of you cats you were wearing your furry heads and had tails 🙂

    Love, gratitude and peace to ALL!! ❤️🙏❤️✨ ❤️🙏❤️
    THANK YOU for being on this journey with me!

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    1. This was a very different meditation than what I’m used to. We were literally joined with ourselves AND with beings from all over. I don’t think humans as a large planetary group have ever accomplished this before, specifically, with that thankful intent. It was mirrored back a hundredfold! Because of this, now EVERYONE who wants to can connect long-distance with greater facility, individually.


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    2. How interesting! During the meditation
      I was wearing a rose-gold bracelet that I
      just received in the mail yesterday!



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    3. Lol, “rose-gold”! Reading this made me chuckle, during the meditation I saw exactly that color taking over everywhere around us, but I couldn’t come up with a descriptive word, I kept thinking, wow, that’s sort of orange-red, but no, it’s not really orange, it’s so beautiful, not orange though and not red, o heck, I’ll just call it orange…Thank you so much for naming it for me, rose-gold is exactly what it was…
      Soooo much love! Soooo much gratitude! Tears streaming down my face, it was glorious! I also saw the holding hands, a huge circle of amazing souls! We danced like that at one point, celebrating, raising our hands like in a Greek folk dance.
      Like Lily I felt the love building for hours before the meditation, beautiful songs of appreciation and love in the radio, I was crying several times during the morning hours, overwhelmed with love and gratitude! At one point during the meditation I heard this strange sound, like a rushing of a lot of air or a waterfall thundering, a big natural, powerful sound, not scary, and it looked like this rushing of energy or air went in a column right through the center of our circle, this enormous energy column that then connected with itself again to form a torus-like structure. It felt like something happened, like we opened a portal or something, I have no idea, I don’t know anything about portals or torus-structures, these are just the images and impressions I was getting. It was powerful and amazing!
      Thank you all so much! And many, many thanks to all the beings present!

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      1. Ha! So many CATs said, “What color is that??” And ~AM said, “rose-gold.” And one of us brought in… a long-stem golden rose this morning (!), the last one from their garden. We’ll try to get a pic of it.

        Ah, the torus. Something did indeed happen. Those of us who participated (it wasn’t that many) were enough to change things for the whole human race. Things are going to accelerate. Hang on.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Thanks for the update Cats! Rose-gold has become a personal signature in my world these last two years. Even my glasses are rose-gold! Hah. I meant the frames . The lens are clear 😊

          I participated the evening before intending to meet up with everyone at the appointed time. It was a very emotional experience but only lasted twenty minutes or so. I had tears and a big smile on my face the whole time. Wonderful experience although I didn’t get any visuals. Infinite gratitude for the opportunity to join in! Big love to ALL ❤️❤️❤️

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      2. @ veni vidi 11

        so grateful you could see all that!
        it was, step for step, all i intended!
        i connected my column of Light into all present columns,
        connecting to Gaia,
        we all around her,
        in a huge golden Light i let it grow and grow;

        i called on the support, the presence and powerful assistance
        of Archangel of Michael – the Prince of Archangels,
        plus all his other Rainbow Warriors – The Magnificent Seven,
        plus all their legions of Angels with them;
        called all the Masters and Lady-Masters, Ascended and Descended,
        all the Hosts of God from above and below,
        all around Gaia in a Complete Oneness,
        magnifying and amplifying even more our Light;

        when Brother J / Jesus the Christ of God appeared,
        he IGNITED our huge, united, Fire of Love and Gratitude!
        the huge whirl then started rotate with more and more speed,
        yes, like a rose –
        our hearts were getting alive and uplifted,
        the Love and Gratitude sent out was amazing!…

        under Christ we crossed like an arrow of Fire
        the center of our Sun,
        advanced to the Galactic Central Sun
        and aimed in that full spiral speed
        to the Great Central Sun of our Universe!

        invoking the Will of God for that powerful moment,
        we actually ignited in full force
        the Great Central Sun
        with the fire of our Love
        into a Blast, or Flash of cosmic proportions –
        the New Beginnings of Our Cosmic Freedom!

        yes, there was that big rush of the waters,
        for i always envision the Avalanche of Truth
        and the Tsunami of Love
        flooding Earth for all ages.

        yes, i was crying big too, almost the whole day…

        and yes, a BIG Portal was opened –
        only possible in LOVE
        and UNITY.

        so i thank CATs & Ms for this greatest idea

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  17. I set an intention to join the group and let my contribution just flow.
    First I started out with a gold and white torus, then it grew to a gold and white tower of light. I could see energetic lines form across North America between the towers, like Ley lines. As more towers came on line, I could see energetic connections much like electricity sparks between Tesla towers, including the UK and Europe. I imagine there was the same going on in the Southern Hemisphere, but I did not look. As I gazed down to where I was, I could see my dog and me at ground level — just sending gratitude and love. Interestingly, I’ve been on a bit of a high since returning.


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    1. I rose up in my pillar of light and was suddenly looking down on the earth as if the whole planet was in night time and there were cities lit up with tiny twinkling lights, I then stared seeing other pillars of light shoot up from other places around the world! So amazing! Have been exhausted since even though I only managed around ten minutes (Elsie needed nappy change and bedtime drink/routine etc..)

      All day, leading up to the meditation I felt an increasingly powerful wave of love. Around an hour or so before it started, I was already feeling a little choked up with love.

      Gave thanks to Gaia, Source, Brother J, the AA’s, Mother Mary, Guides, Higher Self, CATS, M’s, AM’s, everyone in this group, family, friends, past and present from current and other lives, gratitude for easy and hard life lessons, for being here, Galactic friends known and unknown and of course my beautiful ‘Elsie’ who I proclaimed my love and gratitude to straight after the meditation with a huge hug! If I could, I would have hugged the whole planet, stars, sun and SOURCE!

      Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

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    2. Cat 7. Thank you for describing what you saw as it jogged my memory. I saw lots of points of light joining up across the planet. It was a lovely meditation. I managed half an hour before the cat brought me out of it with a jolt. Boy can he screech (as he is deaf) and I had ear plugs in bless him. Also I started the meditation with backache that I had all afternoon. It had gone when I came out of the meditation.🤗💖💖💖🐈

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  18. I hope I was with you all – I did join for about 1/2 hour, then it disconnected for me, but I had asked my higher self to hold as long as the process continued – I have had a headache since, though… I did a pre meditation last night before sleep, also –

    I’m a bit concerned about a meeting with housing this afternoon that may end with us evicted because we’re missing an EXTRA set of proofs of two incomes – they have all the other 4 lbs of paperwork – It may not be highly probable, but maybe SOURCE wants us to move to the unknown, unprepared. Perhaps I could be a bit distracted…

    love to all – I wish I cold have felt all the feelies y’all did – I’ll welcome the day I can/will?


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    1. Home from housing – we’re not evicted… have new **signed** lease… in effect 1/1 2020
      yay! – still have headache…


      PS: I would enjoy hearing peoples' 12/11 med. experiences today… I didn't have the emotional goodies some felt, but I feel there is some memory time of it I'm missing, just a niggling of something experienced, but unremembered…


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      1. Sorry “” riance”” is some partial word that lost it’s way – probably was misspelled, too. 🙂


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      2. I’m not much for seeing things, but the waterworks certainly did hit. I did eventually feel like we were all together in a big column of light, and I could vaguely see smiling faces in the light, and felt a sort of swirling effect — my mind went to a big candy cane, but I think that’s Christmas influencing… 😉 My Buddha boy, a ginger with green eyes and pink nose like the picture above, came onto my lap and purred away. Lots to be grateful for, glad we did this so thanks again CATs and Ms!

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  19. I was there also ✨

    But had to do it 3 times, after first run, I realized that I did not thanked my guides, after second run I realized that I did not visualize light pillar, but the third was the winner, I thanked also all off the CAT’S & M’S, but also all off the participants who were involved in this meditation, I felt all of You, I saw light pillars, some in Europe but mostly in North America, I thank You all again, and I was privileged to be part off this, small part, but still… ✨

    Thank You all, humans & not humans, in physical and non physical form, thank You from bottom of my heart, You deserved it ✨

    Perica from Croatia

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  20. What a beautiful glorious light grid and gratitude group experience today 🙏 It was a very expansive ❤️💖💕 wave ~ loved what came through. Just felt so CELEBRATORY 🎶 on all levels. 🎉

    This whole week personally has felt like a second review and completion, so the timing of this is 👌🏼 🎉 I feel very Om , complete and ready for what’s next ~ THANK YOU ALL for shining so bright and being here🙏 💫 💖💯🍀💕

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  21. I kinda feel out of step with you all (not really, but really) – I didn’t have the flow of emotion with the meditation yesterday – I vaguely have a feeling sense about the part I can’t quite remember during the meditation. That unremembered part has generated such a deep and profound sense of ‘homesickness’, almost loneliness, like I saw/touched consciousness with those parted with so long ago – now I’m ‘here’ again and not ‘there’. Still have headaches continuing and this almost depression – I’d prefer the elation and love others felt.

    Also feel feverish and wobbly the last few days…
    Don’t care to be Eeyore-ish, but don’t know why this is my response to the meditation experience…


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    1. Kg, I daresay with your history you have some serious walls up protecting your heart — protecting you from feeling deep emotions — and that may be blocking your ability to open up? I’m not a therapist, but I think I’ve heard something like that somewhere along the line. Maybe you could try some imagery work, envisioning dismantling some inner barriers? At your own pace, nice ‘n easy…

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      1. @ark2arcturus, thank you for your reply – what you said may be so – I tried a therapist in the last ten years (very bad with time these days) and she said I was ‘flat aspect’ didn’t know what that was at the time – probably from the times if I did express feelings or protested ‘things’ got worse. (then she dropped me because I didn’t talk to her enough – which was kind of why I was there in the first place… duh!) Even in modern times daughter doesn’t respond well if I share anything joy-filled, funny or anything much else, lol, so not much encouragement to open up, except internally – It would be nice to be around people that would accept that expansion of my being – I can have it internally like I said, just sharing has few outlets – except here…

        Thank you


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  22. I also felt the presence of Angelic or Higher Beings, a sense of connection from the Heart of Gaia through Portal One to Source, a toroidal flow of energies, and a sense of completion after, as though I’d just been blessed to witness/ participate in a major event, which resonated from my core to Infinity, there was a great sense of calm and peace afterwards. Much Gratitude was felt, and is given to Everyone, Thank You to All who participated, and to all Cats, M’s, Da Da, Brother J, and ALL,
    much appreciation for the sacrifices, guidance, and efforts and Much Love to All !!!

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  23. I joined the meditation about one minute late, and I could feel the pull of it. It was obvious that something was happening. As soon as I closed my eyes, I could feel the energy of you all, and it was powerful. Sent my light column up and set some hummingbirds to flit around it; a calling card, as it were. Managed to hug and thank everyone before the energy pulled me under, and then I just mindlessly basked in the energy for the rest of the hour. Apparently, “seeing” during meditation just isn’t my thing, but I sure do feel power, and came back to full consciousness as the power faded away at the end. Hopefully my soul was fully engaged in meditation activities while its human zoned out!

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  24. Dream time last night:

    I was with my mother, not sure where Elsie was. I had this beautiful tabby cat, really large and so friendly, I could tell this being was a special soul. For some reason (unclear) I had to take the cat to the vet, we see him disappear into a room, he has a kind face and beard.

    The waiting room was packed, full of mainly older folk, chatting about the weather etc…More and more people were crowding in and I realised we would probably not get seen.

    I went to the ladies and there were many windows, outside the sky was deep purple/magenta/pink. I realised something big was coming and that I would have to explain to everyone what was happening…

    Then I am suddenly in a house i have never seen, I assume it was my home. My mother was there again with the cat. A man knocks on the door, it is the vet but now he has no beard and has glasses. He is not very pleasant! He is not interested in checking the cat but stands at the doors with documents, pages of information he insists on reading with superiority and rudeness. I try and shut the door and my mother and I try to get him to leave but he is stubborn and rude and refuses to go…I look around and the beautiful tabby cat is now a splendid grey and pure white! I do not remember anything else but this man had a very dark aura, oppressive, goodness knows what this all meant!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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