Jumps & Meterage 12/11-12/15 [UPDATE3]


Jumpy jumpy.






Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 8.52.11 AM

That’s it. We’re gonna go hide in the tree.

Bad kitty.




We had more jumps and anomalies:

Magnetic anomaly #1.
Magnetic anomaly #2.
Highly energetic neutron bursts from beyond. Wow.


Magnetic anomaly #3.
Magnetic anomaly #4.
KNOCK-KNOCK localization.


Another puny CME:




This looks superjumpy, but we need to look at it as a group.
Interesting anomalies.

And a WHOMP is under way; some are feeling the champagne bubbles. Not an unpleasant feeling…







More once we’re less discombobulated.

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  1. Around 5am this morning I also had an intense dream that I was birthing a son… Which I miscarried 20 years ago. Except this son was named the name that I always wanted to name a son when I was a little girl growing up. How name was Sebastian. In my dream the infant was kidnapped by some evil people and my best friends from high school, who I’m now estranged from, helped me get him back. The meaning behind this dream was so profound for me. It represented our collective birthing if this new reality, the reality that we all knew as children that has been hijacked by the cabal and the rejoining of all people in unity and love. Right after this dream was when my migraine and anxiety energies if the day began. Wow…. This week is gonna be intense and crazy but the messages are coming in clearer and clearer on a daily basis. By the new year we should all be telepathic…😊

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  2. Strange and powerful experience.
    Sunday 15th, Europe, between 7 AM and 9 AM (UTC +1) I was sleeping and dreaming. At a certain point, still asleep, something happened. I had the feeling my brain was starting to… boil. Just like water in a pot when it begins sizzling. No pain, but a very odd feeling. I was well aware of that even if I was still sleeping. It escalated until I woke-up. I suddendly realized my heart was heavily pounding. I immediately began to “ground” energy. I had to do that for almost one hour to regain some calmness. My heart raced for about 20 minutes, I think. I was not really alarmed, no feelings like panic or fear. It was just weird. Fortunately, it was Sunday morning and I could stay in bed. I fell asleep again for some time, after that. All normal during the rest of the day, nothing notable. Something like that has never happened to me. Really, really weird.

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  3. Lily ~ this is the message (of very imminent FREEDOM) that Higher Self gave me just 2 days ago, about our current holographic prison “living in a box”…..along with the (wonderful) repeated message this week that “all things have an END”:


    Hello, welcome home
    Walkin’ out of town
    Lookin’ for a better place (lookin’ for a better place)
    Something’s on my mind
    Always in my headspace

    *But I know some day I’ll make it out of here*
    *Even if it takes all night or a hundred years*


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  4. I did my first QHHT session ever, inspired by Laura Withworth. In it the practitioner guided me with so much patience and dedication. This is the short version of what happened: I saw a well that was all covered up by squiggly, wormy things. After they were removed I saw that the well was a portal. Through it I found myself on a beach where I “saw” my Twin Flame. There was no visual of her. Then I had a vision of a shiny golden army with spears, protecting the Land. I felt that I was the King leading the army of protection. Then I felt that the army was no longer necessary. Then I said that I wanted to go to the Light, and I had a vision of Source. I saw a golden circle above me. At first there was still a gap in the circle, but it closed as I was watching it. I also felt/knew the I Am presence of me, connected to Source. It felt so beautiful, there are no words for it. No words… I feel it was/is a great gift; this knowing of Source, and the I Am connected to Source. I also saw eruptions coming from Source, and knew that they were/are creative potentials, life…

    So, I carry this gift with me, in my heart, alongside my Twin, who is also in my heart.

    I love you all. Love & Light. ✨🙏🏻✨

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  5. I’m wondering, who pulls benjamin fullford”s strings?
    He is very pro china, but there seems to be a few factions in the east.

    Also, who pulls cliff high’s strings?
    He seems to be constantly negative and keeps trying to sow negativity.

    I don’t follow them anymore, I was just curious as there seems to be desperation from the PTW.

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  6. hmmm, ‘Mary Did You Know’ had a return engagement on repeat this morning – essentially the emphasis on only the one line (again for hours).

    “Mary, did you know that your baby boy would one day rule the nations?”

    Wondering if this is an indication that a greater freedom of access has occurred for the Christ Consciousness field to have real influence with the leaders and peoples of nations here…

    There was a sense of Mary looking on, as a parent or mentor would, with infinite compassion towards a process that would ultimately be ok, but possibly painful in the present process.

    Also a sense that something would become more difficult in my living situation in the near future – I think more to do with people than physical apartment situation – oh, goody… *heavy sigh* 🙂

    Wasn’t sure I was going to mention this – guess I am… Hmmm, I AM…
    for a couple of days I’ve been listening to old Amanda Ellis videos not really caring what the subject has been; her voice is soothing to me and I needed that. (and I suppose the energy accompanying the videos, too)
    I came across a set of three made for Good Friday time April 2017 the first tilted ‘Evolved Christ Consciousness Video 1 Easter’ the other two… ‘video 2 of 3 New Christ Consciousness, and 3 of 3 Christ Consciousness – Healing – Put down your Cross…
    As I’ve said I have had issues with religion, but have had some success dividing out Christ Consciousness from religion and the pervading field I became aware of in 2008? So… I let myself be open to hearing and receiving whatever would be right for me from these and to be open to and giving permission for receiving healing if appropriate – some conditions seem to be necessary to make doing what I’m here for, providing circumstances that makes working on the subconscious or unconscious level more outwardly acceptable to society. (wow, cryptic, much)
    Anyway, still have ache where the last deepest splinter was removed (unsurprisingly heart level to the right of spine). I’ll be interested to see what healing I may have accepted – I didn’t receive(accept) healing from my QHHT sessions, but I remember reading in Delores Cannon’s book that she found that was often unsuccessful in cases of people that had multiple personality disorder – I think I’d call it something else in my case or I might be delusional. 🙂
    Ok, just mentioned in case anyone was drawn to it.

    ((just a note: someone was mentioned in the first video, because of timely happenings with them – a change of direction in their life’s work and she was asked to address this – Amanda did a couple of videos later concerning this subject as the person’s views and action became more extreme over time(and in my option hypocritical – considering all her previous work evil and the ‘tools’ she used, but still selling all her old products – human, much?) – just mentioning as it doesn’t have anything to do with the other content – just a timing issue with ‘then’ current news…

    Hope all your days are pleasant and peaceful,


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    1. Oh. We didn’t listen to the song. We thought it was ‘Mary did you know you were going to have Brother J.’

      Rule the nations! Ha! That’s the last thing Brother J wanted. Brother J watched as religion was built around him. He didn’t want it. He’s all about the spirit.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. @Cats Eds – S’ok – I appreciated the information you provided – yeah I get that about NOT coming from a desire EVER to rule – have never thought that my whole life – never understood those references in hymns – I took the message of the lyric this morning(if there was one) that there was perhaps a new opening for influence where there hasn’t been before – energy behind (way behind) the scenes… I small light shinning anew…

        In the Amanda Ellis videos I mentioned it was clear Brother J had no desire for the cross to be basically worshiped and used by the church – and I think probably not even any church – I think it was repeated that it should have been DONE with the cross – fini – no need for anything further and the point of the healing, in the video, was to free people of the cross of suffering – she likened it to if someone you cared for was killed with an ax would you like to carry an ax around your neck as a symbol and remembrance – :/ yuck… 2000 yrs of yuck…


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  7. Oh goodness gracious!

    I use a water distiller and every few uses, it requires a good clean which entails filling it two thirds full with water and a large dose of vinegar and switching it on to boil.

    I was so engrossed with this blog I totally forgot about it! Just went into the kitchen which measures approx 3m x 2m (no window open ooops!) and there is water literally dripping down the walls and everywhere smells like a fish and chip shop!

    On the plus side, my distiller is shiny and clean!

    I’m getting so distracted the last few days!

    Much Love ALL ❤️

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  8. Uli, Still laughing about your comment
    about feeling that you “must have slept on a train track with a freight train as a
    quilt or something.” I know that feeling

    Sorry you have to restrict your food choices but so wise of you to listen to
    your body. My main problem now is
    trying to stay warm as my power bills
    are outrageous. The power company is
    now trying to get people to use a minimum of power between 4 and 9pm,
    not use our dryers and keep our lights off in the evening!


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    1. I know!😄 It was as close as I could get in describing how I felt when I woke up😂
      I even had a hard time trying to explain to Mr H how I felt in my own language (swedish) when I limped out in the kitchen that forenoon.. He just looked at me and said “perhaps you need a softer mattress?”🤣 🤣

      About having to make new food choices.. it has actually been a positive experience, because I also finally got rid of an eczema that comes and goes that I did’nt know the true cause of. I guess my body’s happy about it😄 Who knows, perhaps I am to become a Vegan Viking in the future?😂

      What are that power company doing?!? Do they raise their prices during winter time, just like the power companies do here (and blame the high prices due to low levels in their water reservoirs though it’s been raining since the beginning of october?? Idiots!!) or is it due to the fires that raged? Do you have a wood stove in your house or a heater that runs on liquid-gas? Is there some way you can install solar panels or a solar thermal collector for a reasonable price?
      Oh dearest Sister, how I so badly want to help you endure and fight this!
      Them greedy companies and their “hidden” agendas.. not a day goes by without me pondering about various solutions on how to break out from the system that we are forced into.. They debit and tax the living energy from out of us.. them bastards.

      Sending loving hugs filled with warmth and Light💖✨
      I’m with you, Sister💞

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      1. Dear Uli,
        Thank you so much for your concern
        about my heating problems. It’s all
        due to a combination of factors, the
        main one being that my power company charges some of the highest
        rates in the US. I have an all electric
        house, with central heating, but the
        heating system needs repairs which
        I can’t afford, and that goes for solar
        panels, as well. I have a fireplace,
        which is in a large living room, and
        the heat only goes out for a short distance. It is warmest in the kitchen, when the oven is on, but I
        can’t spend all my time there or sleep
        there, although Blackie, my dog, does.
        It is just so awful that we are told there is an energy shortage and we
        have to keep cutting back on our usage when, in fact, there are many
        new energy systems that have been
        withheld due to the insane greed of
        the PTW. I have a fantasy of putting
        all of those responsible for our discomfort and huge bills on a ship
        and sending them to an ice planet that has NO power!! Some place like the ice planet in “Star Wars.”

        Thank you so much for your loving
        thoughts……,I feel warmer already.



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        1. Yes, some people have said that
          those who do these despicable
          things have agreed to play the role of ‘heavies’ so we can have
          this awful 3D experience. Thanks
          so much! I have also heard that
          when we get to Spirit we will encounter some of these individuals who will greet us with a big smile and say “didn’t I
          play my part well”? If that happens to me and I hear that from someone, in my family, who has made me especially miserable, I will probably say
          “you played your role, all right,
          but I don’t think you had to overdo it.” Judging from comments by Stefan, Sifoo and
          Kagee3, as well as others, they may find themselves in the same situation. Oh, and of course, I am
          working on forgiveness, but I must admit that I am having a
          problem with those that I would
          like to send to Hoth, the ice planet.

          With love to all, even those who
          are despicable, in this Christmas
          🎄 season,


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  9. Getting attacked with random bouts of sadness and depression again. I at least know now it’s energy related, but I’m not sure if it’s from me or those around me?

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