Enter the Bumpy [UPDATE2]


Some have predicted a solar flash or somesuch bugaboo for 12/21…

…but we’re not seeing it. Some psychics (who shall be forever nameless) are actually selling tickets to workshops that guarantee you and your family onto the 2020 timeline! This used to be called “simony” (buying a relative out of hell), but freshened up with meditation and unicorns. Suffice to say that you don’t need to buy a ticket: you personally need to do the meditative work.

What To Do If You’re New Here

If you’re reading this site for the first time and you’re starting to feel desperate, remain calm and follow these steps:

  1. Calm yourself. Showing interest in the (positive) spiritual indicates the right path.
  2. Close your eyes and imagine white light all around you, breathe it in…
  3. Say to yourself, “Brother J, you are welcome.” This welcomes Brother J into your little spirit bubble. He’s here to act as a bridge between us and SOURCE. You don’t have to employ Brother J, but he represents the fastest way to SOURCE.
  4. Meditate for as long as you can, at least twice a day. Keep notes on anything that happens. Don’t worry if you fall asleep; we all did, starting out.
  5. Read the SÖC Meditation Primer. Keep going.

Enter the Bumpy

That said, energywise it’s gonna get really rough between now and early January.


Fasting will help, or at least eating light. Those who feel nauseous won’t have a problem with that. Listen to your cravings, but obviously abstain from more than one drink (of alcohol) or too much of anything, really. (It doesn’t really matter what you eat.) There is a lot of insane energy in the pipe, but we don’t see the world ending or shifting just yet. The energy feels more like something with people versus planet-destroying.  Look for lots of social stuff to happen between now and January.

The Ladder

If you start feeling like you’re too low, go into meditation and imagine a ladder… and start climbing. We often count the rungs, in lots of eight (as that’s a musical octave). Lots of us have done this. Some did it today, in fact, having gone WAY DOWN deep to get some gem somewhere down below, but not getting back before they woke up. You start climbing and climb and climb. We’ve all climbed in meditation for hours at a time, in the past. It’s grueling, but it can be done; and it shows results.

As you get more advanced, you can imagine mechanisms attached to the ladder that move you up automatically (wheels attached to the sides of the ladder above and below you), that at least make it easier to go UP while you’re still climbing. We used this today to rocket up a zillion levels… and still had to have a Guide throw us a rope to get back to where we were before we started!



Well, that didn’t take long. We had three (or more) timeline jumps a little while ago:

Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 11.28.09 PM

We suspected one earlier, given this…


…but forgot to check the muon meters.


Hm. CATs will be out, today. Something needs to be done about something.




82 thoughts on “Enter the Bumpy [UPDATE2]

  1. Hmmmm, I’m using an elevator instead with a plump cushion to plant my derriere, but then I’m always looking for a short cut. Knowing my luck, there will be mechanical failure and I will be suspended and subjected to hours of the Spice Girls playing on repeat.

    Happy Yuletide brethren!


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      1. I get those too! Bone cold, usually in my legs but sometimes my shoulders. It’s annoying going through a personal summer (change of life) and then a freaking ice storm, then back again. Wish it would chill my brain tho and help cool down the headaches. 😺

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      2. It’s so weird when it just makes your shirt cold and I am wearing a far infrared shirt which should be warm lol. And has anyone had the feeling of someone really tall standing behind you? Nobody there in the physical but I feel so tiny in relation to this spirit being whoever they are lol.

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  2. I’ve been bad recently with meditating. Been a bit sick and only able to do 5 to 10 min at a time.

    It’s sad seeing people manipulate others.
    To anyone new to the whole meditation thing, don’t expect anything when trying to contact guides. My guides communicate via appiphanies. Some have an audible voice that’s not their own (like the ‘voice of god’ tech) while some are way more subtle than you realise.

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    1. From my experience; if you ask questions, answers will come when and where you least expect them. Which is why awareness is so important, and meditation helps develop awareness. Who said what is less important as it’s all you from a higher perspective.

      Try the super market checkout line, or any other situation where you’re just waiting anyways. As an added bonus you get the chance to spread some good vibes where/when people need it the most.


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  3. Hmm, is it possible that whatever just rolled through could be responsible for my gas furnace just dying? I think the blower just burned out but will have to wait til morning for a repair service. Good thing tonight’s low will remain a toasty 45 degrees F or so! Seems unlikely but . . . ? Thanks!

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  4. Thank you for your guidance. I’m really struggling with anxiety issues. I thought I’d already beat this stuff two years ago… But now it’s back again, suddenly… Ugh. I’m having a hard time meditating too… But I’m not giving up.

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    1. I’ve been having anxiety and depression attack recently too. They seem to get worse at night. Try ground and protecting and asking Brother J for help, it has helped me when I couldn’t sleep!

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    2. Jupiter Daisy, I get the anxiety as well when the energies roll through. It comes on like a freight train and then some time later, sometimes many days, it’s gone, poof!
      Magnesium helps me get through the intensity, as well as herbs like lemon balm and others. EFT helps too. Love to all💖
      Thanks for all the updates Cats and M’s!

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    3. I went through a pretty hard core 3 month Kriya Yoga initiation (https://www.yogameditation.com/retreats/the-3-month-sadhana-retreat/) back in 2011/12, but have since let go of the advanced methods.

      Simply counting in a regular rhythm in my mind while breathing in, holding and breathing out works just as well for me. The good stuff is in the stillness between breathing in and out, and especially before breathing in again from my experience. With some practice you’ll find yourself spending more and more time enjoying it and almost forgetting to breathe in again.

      Most people have a some amount of anxiety and tension connected to breathing and not getting enough air, probably goes all the way back to delivery. Doing breathing exercises really helped me relax and automate my breath.

      According to Yoga, the nose is for breathing and the mouth for eating. There’s some science to support it as the air passes mucus membranes in the nose that catch whatever is not supposed to be there, and is mixed with other chemicals in the sinus cavities. Once I got used to it, I never went back; these days it feels really odd to breathe through the mouth.

      Good luck!


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  5. Today I woke up like my bodies are shifting, splitting.
    I feel the physical world (physical body, work commitments, ecc) falling DOWN and my lighters body going in UP.
    Men, this is though for my body.
    I feel nausea and something like fever.

    I felt something changed in the last 2/3 days during my meditations: while I was grounding, linking my lower chakra to the centre of New Earth, I felt like the centre was not in the centre of 3D Earth but splitted, and day by day it was shifting more.
    Do You feel something like this?

    Infinite Gratitude 🙏
    Peace 🌈

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    1. Purging is good even if it feels bad. The Outcome makes it worth while. Much “live” food + clean water eases the symptoms. If You can, go barefoot outside, salt water is the best electric connection to Gaia for grounding. Feel Well! Peace.

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      1. Hi! Yes, going in nature will help for sure.
        I didn’t know about salt water… how much I should drink of it?
        Thank You a lot Christopher 🙏

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        1. I paid for a psychic reading in June & the reader said I should walk in the sea barefoot as much as I could to ground and “cleanse” myself. This is not too difficult for me in Melbourne as we have beaches accessible by public transport and our weather is presently “apparently” Summer. I wasn’t going to do this in the middle of (our) Winter! *wink*

          I have been guided to drink Himalayan Salt. https://draxe.com/nutrition/pink-himalayan-salt/

          Drinking Himalayan Salt Sole https://empoweredsustenance.com/himalayan-salt-benefits/
          What I do is drink 250mls of alkaline water & a teaspoon of Himalayan Salt upon rising. My poor deprived & depleted body has been craving the minerals.

          I also use Himalayan Salt in cooking & I sprinkle on salads.

          I have within walking distance quite a few health food/organics shops selling Himalayan Salt in bulk or https://www.nirvanahealthproducts.com/product-category/himalayan-salt/
          (CAT(s) and M’s if you think this is a “plug”/product endorsement, then feel free to delete my link to the brand site – they were the first company to import Himalayan Salt into Australia over ten years ago.)
          Himalayan Salt is also sold at Coles & Woolworths (our only two grocery chains), but I really don’t know what the “quality” is like….

          I hope my links help people!

          DinMelbourne (Australia)

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          1. Thank Tou Someone and Ark2acturus 🙏
            P.s. Unfortunately I am not near the beach 🙃


  6. Right, fasting 🙂

    I’m eating large, juicy pieces of meat with bone pipes sticking out of them most days. One month ago, I would have sworn I would rather die than even watch someone do that. And craving candy like crazy, currently seriously addicted to Snickers chocolate bars that I can barely afford. I didn’t touch any kind of candy for more than 6 years before I got here.

    I really enjoy walking up in the mountains to meditate topless in the Sun when given the chance. I realize that’s not for every-one/where, but do try if you have the opportunity. On my way up/down there’s a natural water spring where everyone gets their free mineral water, which I use to refresh and rinse off the dust.

    Some things about this place I really enjoy and will definitely miss once I leave. Right now, it seems to me that people are very busy making their choices; and I’m sort of caught in between, jumping back and forth like crazy while trying my best to enjoy the ride. One second it looks like I’m going home this week, next second like I’m staying until further, and then something happens and a possibility opens to go back next week.

    Some choices are very surprising to me. My own mother and brother just refused to simply let me sleep in a corner for a few days when I make it back. They were both involved in Jehova’s Witnesses for quite some time and know the Bible better than I do. But walking the walk is not quite as convenient as talking the talk. Thankfully a friend from the past, who already literally saved my life once; jumped in and offered to help me set something up.

    It seems to me that some people are on a mission to help me, for some it’s a single event and then they fade out, but others keep popping up. I feel more like I’m counting sheep, traveling the world to check up on my friends and give them a chance to make the right choices. We walk different paths.

    One of my teachers along the way shared the following analogy, which I’ve found very useful:

    Life is a bird.
    One wing is truth, the other love.
    Loose one and you end up flying in circles.
    Loose both and you drop like a rock.

    Second the CATs prediction; whatever happens, this Christmas is going to be quite spectacular.


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  7. OMG… The dreams this week! I met one of my guides in a dream last night who gave me two night lights… One a cat wearing gray PJ’s (who represents my baby Charzie who sleeps with me) and one a lion with an electric outlet plug under his tail (who represents my Leo indigo child daughter). These night lights showed me a trail of clouds to climb that were colored in chakra colors. I was also given a meditation to do of imagining I was the galactic central sun and repeating “I am the sun”. This was very comforting. 🙏 I’m also finding I feel much better when the Schumann resonance is higher than when it’s calm… But then again, I’ve always been a backwards kinda girl. 🤦

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  8. Still here. Still doing my best.

    But also, still SO very DONE with this place. SHIFT when?
    I’d rather leave the gullibility tests to those who still need them. I know what’s important, now. Have known for a while.

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  9. JupiterDaisy, I had it too, the other day. Almost a panic attack (actually it was yesterday!) I had to really ground myself and get a grip. Also sleep is erratic at night but overly tired in the daytime. Sheesh… hang onto your pants kids! XXX

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  10. These past few weeks have been really challenging, I fell down a lot (not physically). I always try and get back up and continue. Sleepless nights even when melatonin is taken to help, woke up at 4:44 the other night. Feeling drained a lot with past obstacles I thought I conquered rising up to say hello. Synchronicity has ramped up since 12/12, I’m amazed and tell my SO about it. We have a new little soul arriving in 2020, I hope all will be well, I was guided to where I am today. I lived a solitary life for many years before my guides/Angel’s made themselves obvious and started communicating, lol, maybe I wasn’t listening well enough before.
    I just keep putting one foot in front the other knowing all is as it should be. I trust source fully.
    I too have lacked with meditation these past few months, it difficult sometimes finding the time and finding the peace and quiet needed. I have tried doing little micro meditations while having a few mins during the day at work, I feel it’s something, at least I’m trying.
    Thank you all for everything 🙂
    Source, Brother J, Angel’s, Guides, Cats, M’s, all the commenters.
    I also thank my mom who passed back on early 2000’s, I know she is doing her best to help me and my sisters, but being here, on this plane, these waves of timelines/realities we surf on while it is frothing in space, it’s hard. But if it were easy we would not have come.

    Peace & Love ❤

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  11. manythhxs-coming back sometimes 2 or more times per day as i recognize the changes throughout existence- from above
    That said, energywise it’s gonna get really rough between now and early January
    Fasting will help, or at least eating light
    obviously abstain from more than one drink (of alcohol) or too much of anything, really
    Meditate for as long as you can, at least twice a day. Keep notes on anything that happens. Don’t worry if you fall asleep; we all did, starting out

    this all applies-also wish to share that thru the day awareness and discipline are vital-changing adversity or injury into a learning/reflection period and directing self into positive changes and acknowledgement that no matter how much pain at beginning of day many wonderful inspirations and accomplishments occur as the day progresses-so keep moving forward in constant meditation-

    we all make decisions on how we deal with energies-noting that agree with limit of alcohol-leads to devestating consequences over which one has no control-those results in my world have led to physical injuries but turn adversity into a learning experience and its possibilities of positive change-physically mentally-spiritually-

    but found the emotional body-in a universe of its own- and in my opinion are related are connected to the abnormalities show above in pics-but at least i recognize and address especially during times of intense physical pain due to my own doing-

    also true that fasting appears to be mode of choice in my world-small intake-conscious eating-giving thanks and appreciation for this unique human ability of creating and enjoying simple but important ingredients-but i am conscious to feed my low blood sugar issues-so as not to cascade into other problems-

    what i have found interesting is the bio sphere/plants/garden/environment-even though temps here at night dropping well below freezing and garden covered the daily growth of starters has been inspiring and healing-easier to spend time amongst the plants and cats than inside and enclosed in house darkness-

    during meditation therapy have found a heating pad under surrounding injured area has been of great help to keep circulation moving into and thru effected area-

    and lastly we only heal while we sleep-physically and during meditation spiritually and mentally so circadian rhythm is what i am following to attune to seasonal changes and stabilize the healing process-

    manythxs4gr8&vital=sharing-&=caring /// ps see you ALL on other side

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    1. Maybe I am a Langolier, maybe, I feel like one. I have been eating more than needed as my wife cooks much, so I take in leftovers till gone, and feel “good”. I Also feel good when SR meter in Tomsk is crazy. I Am The Laughter/Light/Love, I Am! Peace.

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      1. Hahahahaha… well, you’d better move to Llangollen then, where I dwell! I shall forevermore call the locals ‘Langoliers’… and believe me, that is very fitting for some! XXX I am Love, I am Light, I AM xxx

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  12. I cannot tell you my friends how good it is to find this forum. Just to know that I’m not the only one like this… Although I really did know… But to have it confirmed. Except for the few semi gurus I follow on websites and YouTube, I only have one friend I can talk to about consciousness and ascension and she’s in Taiwan. That is one friend who doesn’t think I’m absolute nuts. It’s hard walking around in the world with all these 3d folks… Even if I know that I’m holding the light for them too. Like someone said above…. I’m so done with this place that I’ve never felt I fit into… Shift when? Now would be good for me….

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  13. It seems that I am dropping interest in this reality bit by bit, day by day. I visit this site as a lifeline of sanity while watching the current reality fall away. I am ready for the childlike wonders waiting to be explored just around the next corner. Thank you all for being here. Happy hunting Cats, M’s and SF’s. Cay

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        1. Ok. Let us get something going, then we can all come in and mop up. Thing is, we aren’t sure how long it’s going to take, so… perhaps before Christmas, perhaps by New Years. Short notice ok?

          -CAT Eds.

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  14. ok, correct me if I’m off on this but as I understand things, the best way, fastest way to source is to connect to your own higher self. Not any middle man like Brother J. No offense meant to Brother J. Go in through your heart center & boom, you’re connected. The heart gateway is the bridge. Thoughts?

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  15. It’s been really strange for me. I don’t dream and haven’t for 20 years. So, I don’t get the cool dreams you all do. It’s been rough. Tough time sleeping. Lots of anxiety out of nowhere. Lots of light meditation to let all that energy go. No motivated to do anything. My wife has been claiming differences but things totally out of the blue as well.

    I know about so much and feel like that’s even a curse some days.

    Wish we would get to the promise land (our long lasting timeline) and for these massive jumps to stop kicking my ass.

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  16. Oh yes, feeling those energies already but I am wearing a big smile!

    I have decided not to be a Grinch but to celebrate Christmas with joy and peace. Not the material version, but the version that encompasses compassion, love, hope and light for everyone whether they be enmeshed within the 3D or not. There are folk out there with huge hearts and souls who choose to know nothing of the Shift but who still give and care for others despite hardships, so I send my love to everyone this Christmas, even the ones that have chosen a dark insanity as their path, I send light in the hope it leads them a little closer to freedom, joy and Source…

    Much Love & Light & Peace ALL ❤️✨🙏

    P.S Cats, hope you’re all okay? Sounds like another mission is on the cards…

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  17. Wow! Talk about difficult. I watched a video today featuring A.S. Paused it, looked into his bug eyes and mantra-ed him several times. I didn’t realize what a powerful dislike I was harboring for the man. Yegods! What a powerful lesson for me!

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    1. Yes, it’s tough, even now. But when people find out what these public-facing schmoes have done (which they haven’t, because this is all Illusion), they’re going to be painted with brushes heretofore used for Adolph and Uncle Joe Mustache. It will be all we can do to keep people from killing them. And that moron governor in Virginia… hooboy. Still, we’ll do the best we can. We only have to hold on for… anywhere between one and six months — probably six, but it’s up to SOURCE. After that, everyone’s in the hands of others and we all spend our summer vacation in yurts!

      It’s really a shame we can’t all get together for Xmas. Oh… well… we probably will. Keep your fingers crossed. It will just be tough to drink wassail in light-pillar mode. 😉


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      1. Wisdom Upgrade:

        Once you finally stop all that and RELEASE 3D *COMPLETELY*, you will be able to leave this reality game, like the rest of us.

        Time frames are totally irrelevant. This SHIFT/divergence Event split is not time specific.
        It is *Critical Mass* specific.

        You only ‘see’ your own frequency level of Timeline events, if you are vibrating lower than the Top Timelines — this ‘project looking glass’ effect applies across the board.
        Therefore you are ‘blind’ to anything that is to occur on the Higher Frequency Timelines.

        Those on the Top Timelines do NOT experience ‘timeline jumps’ because they are the ones actually creating the new higher timelines, and there is no where to jump TO.
        Merely to wait and wait and wait and wait and WAIT for all those below, to keep dragging themselves upwards towards you.

        Those vibrating the highest, do not ever ‘meditate’.
        Their/our vibration is always so high that we are never out of, a meditative state.
        We are always in it — we never drop out of it. It has become the ‘natural’ state of being.
        Meditation at these levels, is completely irrelevant.

        Please expand your minds and try to understand, THIS is what we experience, compared to you all who are still obviously enmeshed in 3D:

        This is why we need like mad to leave here, FIRST.
        We are unbelievably *overdue to leave 3D*.

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        1. “Wisdom Upgrade.” The oxymoron in action.

          You’re still here, too.

          There are no “levels.”

          We are here to help people undo things. We’re not caught in it. Time frames and timeline jumps are relative to the people caught in their respective time frames. We’re *removing* the distracting/disruptive elements so this process is streamlined and unmolested. Nothing will happen till this is done. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

          This SHIFT/divergence Event split IS time specific. It has nothing to do with critical mass, anymore. SOURCE is working on the Divine Timing necessary to pull off The SHIFT. Certain lessons have to be learned en masse first, certain mass awakenings. It’s grueling, but SOURCE has a reason for it.

          You are not creating the actual timeline jumps: SOURCE is. The PTW (and others) occasionally manufacture tiny reality fractures, but SOURCE then steps in and heals.

          We’re not dragging anyone anywhere. If it becomes too much of a burden for you, you can move on.

          Now our favorite:

          “Those vibrating the highest, do not ever ‘meditate’.
          Their/our vibration is always so high that we are never out of, a meditative state.
          We are always in it — we never drop out of it. It has become the ‘natural’ state of being.
          Meditation at these levels, is completely irrelevant.”

          Wow. This says it all. Brother J meditated. Buddha meditated (transitioned twice while meditating, actually). Higher order beings meditate. These beings outrank you and they meditated, or still do meditate, every day. Meditating is plugging yourself back into and communing with SOURCE. What is your goal here? To move on and get away from 3d, or get closer to SOURCE? What is your main goal?

          And there’s a 12/12 energy wave and a 12/13 energy wave and a 12/14 energy wave…

          We’ll leave when The SHIFT happens. We’ll leave with GAIA, whom we are here to support, along with many of you. We don’t like how long it’s taking either, but we’re not gonna whine about it. This is why YANG was sent in.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. Yes, this is a timing thing, not a critical mass thing. The SHIFT has being calculated by SOURCE and all the moving pieces of the puzzle moved into their proper places. Might happen today, might happen in six months. So… if you’re delayed by something i your travels, for whatever reason, accept it. It’s intentional.


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      2. So does this mean the cats are convinced we have no more than 6 months to go? When I heard it from laura whitworth’s session it seemed more “real” this time around.

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  18. Last night the energy was really high. Then something weird happened: for a moment I was completely lost. Beyond panic. For those who know panic attacks, something beyond that is simply unfathomable. It was indeed.
    It then subsided into a mild panic attack. My guides and helpers were there. Laying still and trusting all was well, helped. It lasted for an hour or two.
    When the toughest part was almost over I heard a message:

    This is the last panic attack you will ever experience, until eternity.
    Congratulations, you did it.
    And then many people and beings gathered to come and look at me.

    Even though it wasn’t immediately over yet, it slowly turned into what felt like champagne bubbles in my body. A feeling of bliss.

    I finally fell asleep and just woke up now. Slept longer than normal. Dreams were ok. Champagne bubbles are still here, softer though. Very relax and peaceful.

    I experienced ego death last night. For a moment it felt like being disconnected from Source. Very scary, dark and lonely.
    Ironically what ego protected us from was the door to Source.
    Thank you my faithful friend for helping me in my many lives on Earth. ❤️

    I’m stepping through the doo-o-oor and I’m floating in a most peculiar way.

    I did it. We did it. We’re going home. 🏆🌈🌪

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  19. Oh my…another sleepless night….I am so tired but still can not sleep through the night. Did not sleep well for two weeks now…I wonder what is going on?


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  20. I came across a very interesting QHHT session… It is long but I include the timemarkers below. Keep in mind that the higher self speaks in metaphors in reference to the unity consciousness ‘device’.

    00:00:01 – first life as a future inventor/businessman
    00:03:31 – my device
    00:08:07 – convention
    00:16:25 – controversy with my device
    00:19:52 – reflection of that life
    00:24:06 – second life as grid-traveling energy being
    00:29:30 – observing a private conversation
    00:30:32 – taking the information to the council
    00:35:04 – Earth cycle
    00:38:51 – conversation with Pleiadian Aquis
    00:41:13 – infinity loop cycle
    00:44:34 – the ascension / the shift
    00:50:04 – the system will implode
    00:55:34 – Jesus and the rapture
    00:59:05 – meeting with higher self
    01:05:55 – what to expect of the ascension
    01:08:04 – higher dimensions
    01:10:50 – worm holes / portals
    01:18:22 – portal dream
    01:19:28 – artificial intelligence
    01:20:28 – controlled by aliens?
    01:27:51 – light beings from my last session

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  21. @~AM I would love to spend Christmas with everyone here in light pillar mode –

    I am having a few more mental difficulties here. I’m being pushed to mention a couple of things – don’t really want to as I can’t see that it would be any kind of contribution to ANYONE…

    Been still wondering if daughter is being influenced by neg outside ‘things’, was asking for guidance about it, etc had a dream of being with someone in an area of somewhat dystopian looking public housing complex and two huge vultures above; a feather dropped that I carefully stepped barefoot over vacant lot looking ground with many pieces of broken glass scattered about to pick it up – it was huge and I think a pattern of black and white and seemed similar to a whole wing, not just a feather and remember thinking it seemed the size of a pterodactyl wing.

    She informed me the other day she used to be able to hide her neg feelings and act like a normal human being, but can’t anymore – she used to have talents and abilities (healing, deep awareness, talking to spirits, God, objects) and they all disappeared with her pregnancy with granddaughter and the interaction with her partner’s psychotic brother – I thought the disappearance might be something I had read or heard about a few years ago (I think the Cats mentioned something similar a few days ago) – the disappearance of ‘born with’ talents because they didn’t work the same with the changed energies and would be replaced with others in time… BUT, I don’t know… maybe blocked for some other reason –
    Now she told me any time she manages to talk nicer to me it takes great effort and I guess is basically fake, a mask… She cares deeply for people and injustices and will cry about situations, but is full inside with evil thoughts and negativity, mostly about herself and that spills over on everything else.
    I’m trying to see the illusion(is that an oxymoron?) of/in situations –
    I’d repeatedly mentioned only having enough for rent (I’ve had to absorb all three rent increases with my meager income only leaving $20 in my account ) – I had to get refund on undelivered birthday gift for granddaughter to pay my phone bill this month – then the other day she used money from my account(because there wasn’t any elsewhere) – I asked her yesterday if she could get $20 into my account in the next couple of days to cover my $40 ph bill and she said ‘I don’t know, I’ll see what I can do, may not be until Friday’ – by which time my phone will be suspended – this felt hurtful – she had used $27 –
    – I’m not even supposed to pay phone bills – they were supposed to cover that monthly, but since she defaulted on the other phone service seems I have to pay my own… She asks me to make a list of things I need – food wise and such even if from the dollar store, but then she (always) loses it’ – anyway my last list was a couple of weeks ago and nothing has been purchased for me – the potatoes I’d had were used for thanksgiving, ran out of oatmeal weeks ago – if she cooks dinner for them late at night or gets fast food she does usually share – I eat some and save some for morning – She has brought home at times out of date sandwiches and pastries from her work (strbks) and I eat those at times – not food I’d chose. I have to eat 30 min after taking diabetic medicine – gets hard to schedule as there is NO schedule… shouldn’t complain as our absolute needs are ‘universally’ met –
    I don’t see why this needs to be shared – I keep asking/checking and it yes, but it feels hurtful to share…

    I felt that ‘stuff’ the other day that people felt – didn’t know if I’d survive another night like the other time, but it only lasted a few hours and let up enough to sleep – last evening had severe eye pain and anomalous(is that a word form?) visual migraines. – other stuff… tired…
    I just asked, AGAIN if it’s absolutely necessary to share all this and got an emphatic, PHYSICAL yes. *sigh* I DON’T UNDERSTAND – I apologize, but will push the dang post button


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    1. Kathleen, your situation sucks and I’ve wished many times that there was a way to help you. Have you considered a Gofundme? Because I would donate. Heck, if you had the funds, our good buddy [Amazon] will deliver all kinds of food right to your door. So will [Wal-Mart]. Or send the CATs your shopping list and your address and I’ll find a way to get it delivered to you. Really. If you give us a way to help, I bet a bunch of us would. Much love to you….


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      1. @Kolibri – thank you muchly, it meant a lot to read your reply and receive your best wishes and help offer. I seems when I ask within the situation is serving a purpose. I kept asking about posting mainly, I think, because whining was rather forcefully discouraged in my life and realize nothing in my situation is life threatening – there is usually ‘something’ to eat, so we do eat – I try to remember to invite Brother J to share my meals. If I ask about broaching the subject of food choices or getting things – it’s a no, so I continue to work on my inner response instead.

        On a good following bad note – this morning from about 5 am my time my body was have a no-fun time – agitated, big dull stomach pain, very unpleasant – a few other things… my daughter visited to use my bathroom ,house-guest was in the other, after she left I started rounds of mantras initially for myself and breathing SOURCE to ‘get through’, then spread it around – I fell back to sleep and had a different energy dream of our family – houseguest wasn’t in the dream – my daughter and partner were more pleasant to me and each other and family cooperation – even grddaughter came out at one point with one of those roll on containers of white shoe polish to use somehow. (I have one around here from YEARS ago 🙂 )
        We were also living somewhere else – seemed like an estate maybe that we were care taking – which would be a good choice possibly if it came into our lives. Later morning felt like purging was going on ( energetically sensed mostly) with my daughter and her partner – I did more mantras – they felt different, like received differently than before or received at all – maybe always bounced before – I’m hopeful – she actually said good bye when she left for work a while ago – she hasn’t done that in ages…

        Thank you again, my love – I think I remember we share the same first name – if I’m not confused, lol.


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        1. @ Kolibri – I just remembered after I hit the post button , lol – both my daughter and her partner were constipated in the dream… symbolic/figurative… much?


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          1. My offer still stands, should your inner knowingness ever change its mind! I would like nothing better than to help. Here’s hoping some major improvements are on their way to you! And we do sort of share a name, although I’m a Katherine instead of a Kathleen……

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    2. KG,
      I don’t understand it, either, but I felt that the above post was supposed to be posted. So, I think you did the right thing, even if it was personal info. Maybe this will help alleviate your anxiety about posting it.

      My heart goes out to you…sending love and prayers for all concerned.
      Love and prayers for EVERYONE experiencing difficulty.

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      1. @anonymous – thank you so much – I posted a reply to Kolibri that things may be getting better – hoping anyway…
        with gratitude for your perception,


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  22. The light coming in is amazingly high now whoa ~~~ 16 years of this ride for me and this month and week so far is just WOWERS 😍🎶 truly separating from the old lines and renewal of the divine 💖 source ~~~ AMAZING 💖 just grateful to be here and experience this with all of its ups and downs.

    Immense love to all 💖💛we are 💛💖
    🤗 hang in there xo

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  23. No dreams last night….I feel I did receive regeneration and upgrades though. I feel pretty calm today… Probably because solar winds are expected to rise today and with that the Schumann resonance as well… And since I feel calmer riding the higher waves, this makes sense. I’m still feeling groggy and moving slower than usual. But I feel the changes coming intensely. I feel like there first thing to crumble will be the lies imbedded in the current political structures… Watching the impeachment circus closely. Perhaps disclosure will follow that and the event coming soon after. I’m feeling the need to stay in a meditative state most of the day. I’m really liking my new mediation is being the sun/light. Over the last few months I’ve gone from seeing the light around the Earth in my mediations as a lattice grid around the Earth, to seeing it as intense rays streaming from the Earth, to seeing the Earth as being bathed completely in light. Now I’m seeing the light so strong that I cannot even see the Earth underneath it any longer. Exciting days are coming friends! Stay strong….I know it’s not easy. 😊🙏✌️🕯️

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  24. “The energy feels more like something with people versus planet-destroying. Look for lots of social stuff to happen between now and January.”

    Yeah tons of social drama going on for me. In the last few days I’m starting to notice and call out a lot of inauthentic manipulative behavior from a lot of my friends. People just suck sometimes. I’m hoping I can find my way into some positive social circles, especially those with less drinking and smoking. Also still hoping for some kind of romantic relationship but every girl in this area is either taken or has too many better choices than me.

    I feel like being a hermit sometimes but I also really need to feel love and belonging. I hate my life.

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    1. Hang in there, hang on, for most things seem slow to Us. You gotta Love the “soooon”! Peace.

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  25. I imagine a grassy green meadow with wild flowers beside a river in which our yurts are camped. All surrounded with evergreens, rock formations and mountains beyond. Pure water and air with the sound of birdsong. Similar to Yosemite valley minus the fires or automobile traffic. See you all there. Cay

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  26. * just a side note – our three dogs are excessively crazy today overexcited/squirrel-y (esp my little brown companion) wandering, looking like they’d like answers. Little one has taken to occasionally sleeping/hanging out on an old Nikken magnet filled quilt thing at times that someone gave me years ago…

    P.S. to my last post – my daughter did not INTEND me to take on paying my ph, just REALLY bad at communicating that… and if anyone is mentally asking why I don’t have $ boundary discussions with people – I’ve repeatedly asked concerning talking to people about such matters, but the indication is always not to – it wouldn’t be a contribution in any way to anyone and mostly I don’t care.. $ not that important or even feels real to me, and at times I feel I’m picking up on how SHE feels I should feel (negatively) about her abilities in handling such matters – more silent breathing and reminders of the illusion of it all would probably be best – also remembering something an old adviser/mentor/counselor of mine told me – that anything people are telling you about YOU is most likely some about themselves.

    ok, done with baby-level wisdom interlude over…

    much love to all,


    P.S. – to all Cats and associates, per new post, last item – if you turn up missing ( is it a day for oxymorons?) may your transition of whatever kind be peace-filled and wish you all, all the best and more – (will miss you, but happy for you, too)…


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    1. Thanks, Kathleen. We didn’t mean that in a ‘going to the NE’ way. We meant it as a ‘we got killed in the line of duty’ way. Oh, well. You gotta go sometime. Might as well do it for a good cause. 😉

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. @Cats Eds – that would svck – may you be provided with even MORE protection and helpful allies in your daily activities.

        Be well,


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      2. @ CAT’s
        Sending you my love, protection and I hope all will go well for you!
        I’ve also asked SOURCE to protect you as well!

        I hope all readers of this blog will do the same.

        Love, 💖

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