Reminder: Meditation Tomorrow

Hi, all. Don’t forget that we’re having a global group meditation tomorrow morning, at 9:00 am EST (as per the countdown). Please adjust your timezones accordingly. Again, we’re going to group-visualize light coming into and through us on January 31st, and grounding into the earth and all lifeforms. Note that levitating is both optional and attractive.

FYI, Diane Canfield just came out with a post on timeline issues, that may impact you in the next few days (or tonight!). We bring it up as this kinda thing has been happening to us more and more the past month:

Time Line Shift: Major Energy Causing Timeline Shifts | Ascension Symptoms

By Diane Canfield

 What is a time line shift? It is any time shift having to do with matrix glitches in time. It can and does include missing time, time running too fast or too slow, people repeating the same activity or discussion that was already seen or heard by others and overall glitches in the matrix. It can include jumping to new timeline or looping timelines. It also can happen when we jump into a new reality by upgrading our consciousness. There are many ways time shifts  can happen and no limits to what is possible. These can and do increase in times of HIGH Energy.

We are experiencing timeline shifting NOW due to the increasing energies of the Eclipse that is soon to arrive. The last few days I have noticed in increase in spirt activity in my house. I see beings and then turn to get a better look and they disappear. I see beings standing or moving, either moving quickly or standing in one spot. I have to do a double take and then they are gone. Many times with planetary events, psychic anomalies can increase and timeline shifts can and do occur. I have been posting about this for some time as I noticed this increase many years ago. (2010)

Today, my husband came in from outside and walked past me in the kitchen as we talked for a few minutes about something in our day to day life. He then went to a different room in the house, to a room at the far end of the house, the den. A few minutes later, while I was still in the kitchen, he walked past me again to go outside and I thought to myself, why is he going outside again when he just walked in from outside? While I was waiting for him to come back in to see why he had gone outside again, he walks out of the room at the end of the house, the den and walks into the kitchen to talk to me again. I was floored and stunned. I had just seen him walk outside.

 I asked him “What happened ? I just saw you walk outside, right past me a few minutes ago”

He answered “No I have been in the den the entire time. I never went back outside” 

I was shocked and kept repeating “But I just saw you walk outside?”

We did have a good time with it as this is not the first time this has happened with either one of us, but normally it is just a glance of seeing one of us pass through a hallway from an open room.
So what happened here ? This was a timeline glitch in the matrix.  I either saw a preview of him walking out the door before he actually walked out the door (precognition)  or I actually saw a double of him walking out the door when he was still in the den.( bilocation) The matrix can act up this way creating a glitch in their system.

Either way this is a timeline shift that is occurring.

Remember- there are many timeline shifts that have occurred and many more will occur before complete Ascension takes place. This is part of the matrix system breaking down. We see the evidence of this in politics, sports and Hollywood as I have been talking about, where the old ways no longer work and darkness is being brought to the forefront.

Ascension Symptoms Occurring:

  • Increasing Hunger
  • Increased Urination
  • Possible Outbursts From Others
  • Increased Energy
  • Continuation of Intense Dreams ( I have been reporting about this for weeks now, we had a few days of no dreams and now back to intense dreams again)
  • Increased Blissful Feelings
  • Other Worldly Feelings of Walking In Two Worlds At Once
  • Sleep Issues

These symptoms have been going on for a few days now and increasing today. I many times report increased hunger and thirst during timeline shifts. This can manifest as – when just eating a short time ago, being super hungry again and even eating more than usually at meals. This goes hand in hand with energy increases.

I promised I would update regularly during this Eclipse Portal so stay tuned as I continue to keep everyone informed of the current energies taking place on this Special Event. Also to know how to prepare and what to expect in this Ascension Eclipse Portal check out my last posting with loads of information here

In the meantime, we can FEEL the vibrations of Step 8 increasing inside us. Hang on! If you start glowing or levitating… well, just cut it out. Here’s hoping Step 8 gets rid of the TWBs and the calamari.

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4 thoughts on “Reminder: Meditation Tomorrow

  1. So who's the slim woman, curly shoulder length brown hair, large glasses, standing in a sacred site outside directing golden light into it, oh and wearing a dark cape with hood on?While we're at it, who is the short older lady, grey hair, lovely smile, sitting in her white and grey kitchen, wearing glasses too if i recall?Anyone else see anyone else?Not sure about any internal changes yet, but I did see a scene where my higher self was involved with something that affects me?Mark


  2. No idea. That's not any of us. Interesting that you see specific people in the meditation.-CAT10


  3. Happy meditation day everyone! I gave this meditation my best shot, and thought you all would like to know my experience. Please note that I have been feeling extra heavy and dense due to my pregnancy…Right out of the gate I felt energy tingles, but simultaneously floaty like I was going to come off of the bed, such a cool feeling (glad I grounded). Then I saw cosmic divine energy coming down like rain onto Earth. Adults were acting like joyous children letting the rain fall on their faces and splashing around in puddles. So much joy and love! I curled up and slept after, and feel so refreshed now.So there it is, not much, but a wonderful experience anyhow.I love you all, and thank you for everything you do! Hugs! :)~Sharon


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