702: Recap, RBMs, etc. ~ [UPDATE5]

Hooboy. A recap. And a heads-up. And an Archangel message. And RBMs…


  • Wow. The meditation worked MUCH better than we anticipated. In fact, from dreams and visions and scans and meterage (which we’re not going to bore you with, and you’ll see why), we’re pretty sure this meditation worked better than any other we’ve done to date. (M5 just said it kicked ass, and he’s right.) Because of this, from now on ALL our meditations will be “Rolling Balloon” Meditations (RBMs). (Red Balloon Madness?) You all did extremely well… but, we don’t need to tell you that. You can see/feel the effects right now. A sense of calm permeating our reality, finally. However…
  • …we’re going to have to do it again. Rather than say anything specific as to why, we’d like you to roll out the RBM starting Wednesday, September 15th till the 19th. We’ll be doing the RBMs at the 11:11 am/pm marks again — and maybe more, depending on what’s going on and how much you want to do. You’ll know what we’re talking about soon, unless we jump away from it. There’s no reason for fear, but we’re issuing a BUCKLE warning for the next ten days — which of course takes us to the Autumnal Equinox. Besides, it’s kinda nice (and fun) to be effective AND needed.
  • Btw, you know that part of the ‘Rolling Balloon’ Meditation where the CATs set up ‘special crystals in key locations’? We made that up as subterfuge so anyone monitoring the site would go after that red herring and leave the real meditators (all of you) alone. It worked; we could sense their extreme confusion. If you look at the original post, we even suggested that we were going to be wearing bowler hats… which is what that “Anthony Burgess” mention was. Actually, maybe we should really do this this time. Hm. We literally already have crystals all over the place, in the air and in the ground, in people’s pockets… Hmmm.
  • In other news… looks like the ‘droning’ of Harr1s actually killed her; a clone is being prepared right now (seriously). We try not to look at this stuff (’cause you get tired of seeing so many in the cabal screaming and freaking out), but that one image popped in there.
  • Ok, a little Wave X magic (SOURCE and Gaia):


So, you know how sometimes CATs wake up with songs in their heads? Lots of us woke up with THIS yesterday:


Nat’l Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation

It’s that time, Christmas time is here,
Everybody knows there’s not a better time of year,
Hear that sleigh, Santa’s on his way,
Hip hip hooray for Christmas Vacation.

Got a ton of stuff to celebrate,
Now it’s getting closer, I can’t wait,
Gonna make this holiday as perfect as can be,
Just wait and see this Christmas Vacation.

This old house, sure is looking good,
Got ourselves the best snowman in the neighbourhood,
Ain’t it fun, always on the run,
That’s how it’s done on Christmas Vacation.

Let’s all deck the halls and light the lights,
Get a toasty fire burning bright,
Give St Nick the warmest welcome that he’s ever had,
We’re so glad it’s Christmas Vacation.

And when the nights are peaceful and serene,
We can cuddle up and do our Christmas dreaming.

Christmas Vacation,
Christmas Vacation,
Christmas Vacation,
Christmas Vacation,
Christmas Vacation,
Christmas Vacation,
Christmas Vacation,
Christmas Vacation,
Christmas Vacation,

Peace and joy and love are everywhere,
You can feel the magic in the air,
Let the spirit of the season carry us away,
Hip hip hooray for Christmas Vacation.

Fa-la-la-la-la and Ho-ho-ho,
Jingle, jangle, jingle as we go,
Let the spirit of the season carry us away,
Hip hip hooray for Christmas Vacation.


What does THAT mean? Well. It could mean that that holiday feeling starts really soon… or it means that we’ll all be able to celebrate around the holiday season because it will all be over, finally. Or it means something totally different and we don’t understand what Spirit is trying to say… which happens a lot. Want a perfect cat? Good luck with that.

Suffice to say that something is going on. At least now you can have a serious effect on it… even if this site goes down.


Before we begin, it is important to note that:

1. This whole accessing-Angels thing is still kinda weird for us; we never thought we’d be talking to AAs. We’re not religious. None of us come from religious backgrounds. If Brother J hadn’t hit us over the head with a frozen salmon once upon a time, we’d be hunkered down in some bunker playing Terraria right now. Anyway…

2. Each time we’ve connected to AA Gabriel the past several days, he looks more and more ready to do this:

Other AAs are transforming into… their full VOLTRON mode. AA Metatron looks AWESOME… and rather inexplicable.

What does all this mean? We don’t know, but we’re all gonna find out. But first…

The Actual AA Message

(This literally happened as we were writing this.)

Let’s do a check. If those of you in the cabal knew (like you do right now, because you read these posts)… if you knew that AA Gabriel and the other AAs already knew what you’re going to do AND had not only already prepared for it, and shown it to all of us, but also had Angelic abilities and devices that can vaporize your “reality” in a nanosecond… AND that you have thousands of us hybrid volunteers not only here unafraid but also incredibly increasingly effective… wouldn’t you, cabal guy in the trenches… head for the hills? You must have more of a sense of survival than that. Guys, it is NEVER TOO LATE TO DO THE RIGHT THING. In fact, your Guides (yes, even you have them) would throw a party.

Archangels are staring at you RIGHT NOW, calmy wondering if they’re going to have to smoke you. For you, this will hurt and suck, not necessarily in that order. But it’s worse than that. It will hurt and suck for you for 40 million years. FORTY MILLION YEARS. In the 3d fun house. Do you know how many grueling lifetimes that is? Holy crap…


Ok. We were just told that YOU in the cabal, who are reading this, can avoid the icky maw of doom — which is truly icky, and one which you yourself created for YOU, as punishment for the things you think you’ve done… it’s not SOURCE or Angels who are doing this punishment thing, it’s you. Anyway, you can apparently avoid much of this and get a sizeable chunk of your rehabilitation waved… if you stand down now. Stand down, and do the right thing. Walk away. Go have coffee. Watch “The Blues Brothers” or whatever. Otherwise… well. We’re not here to sew fear. We’re here to give you HOPE. HOPE beats fear every time. Jeez, even Darth Vader switched sides at the last minute.

Hope is MANLY. Doing the right thing… is cool. Don’t forget: All expressions/actions of LOVE are MAXIMAL. This means that SOURCE energy goes to INFINITY instantaneously. Do the math, and live.
Oh, crap.
Nothing can stop the RBM. (Red Ball Madness?) MOMMMMY!


We delved into SOURCE’s offer a bit more.

People (as always) are battling moral and ethical situations that are eating them up. You cannot hide from the truth. You have SOURCE at your center, and your “inner-God” sense won’t allow you to hide from the light. Lots of pleas are being made and Source is indeed forgiving… IF you admit that what you’re doing is wrong and you try to do the right thing, working in everyone’s greater good. Wanting mercy with no action on your part doesn’t work. YOU have to take the first step. So… do it.

Get… me… outta….


And in case you missed Saratoga’s weekly card reading… right on cue.


Hm. We gave the cat deck to SOURCE and asked to see what’s going to happen Thursday through Saturday, and pulled one card (but we don’t have an image from that deck, so)…

So… basically, conflict and aftermath. But are we to timeline-jump away from it right before it happens? Could this could be the beginning of The SHIFT, the separation between the lower and higher timelines? We asked, and got…

Hm. This is a good omen card. It can mean a lot of things. Let us ruminate on it.


Check out the times of these GRBs on 9/10 and 9/12 during the recent meditations:

There are no concidences.


Don’t forget: We’re starting up the RBMs again starting today, with two-a-day single/group Rolling “Balloon” Meditations (RBMs) at 11:11 am/pm. Please see the next post for details.