Your Meterage & Timeline Jumpy House for 8-21-18 [MAJOR UPDATE]

  On and on it goes (and on) as we try to sort out our various futures and wishes and dreams vis-à-vis the energies and shifting timelines. What we’re seeing is a kind of “stepping-stones to The Event” situation, with lots of little steps instead of the bigger Steps we were seeing before (which may come back), with some of us like-minded SOURCE enthusiasts being … Continue reading Your Meterage & Timeline Jumpy House for 8-21-18 [MAJOR UPDATE]

UPDATE for 4-12-18: Red WHOMP [UPDATES]

Everyone’s horizontal hold is messed up right now. We don’t know who suggested the term “RED WHOMP” but we love it. And that’s good, ’cause that’s what’s goin’ on. Lookie: …also known as WHITE WHOMP (no offense) in Moscow. No worries. But note that this energy might make you… UPDATE1 Interesting. This GRB actually woke some of us up. Continue reading UPDATE for 4-12-18: Red WHOMP [UPDATES]

Here Comes… Something

One guess what this is. We’ll tell you at the end. We’ve been waiting for something dramatic to happen before posting yet another “meters” post… and besides the graphic above (which we’ll tell you about shortly), here it is: Three big gamma ray bursts (GRBs) in the past two days alone. Lookie: Boom. Boom… boom. BOOM. Neutron meter in THULE, Antarctica. We’re unsure if these … Continue reading Here Comes… Something