News, Meterage 9-9 ~ 9-10-20 [UPDATE5]

We have good news and bad news…

The Good News (For Some More than Others)

FYI, this is NOT the EMP timeline! Thank SOURCE for that. What a mess that is, you have no idea. And SOURCE is taking over the weather wars… and some other silly things the PTW were planning.

The Bad News (For Some More than Others)

Energywise, September will be “heavier” than August (as you can probably already tell). And October will be heavier than that. In the meantime, we were told to do things that were “funny,” to reduce agitation as things get more and more unbearable. Dwelling on things or trying to change them is not only useless at this point, it’s unnecessary. SOURCE is in charge. Be patient. Take up a hobby!

Also, take heart because there are lots of people ‘at the top’ who don’t believe what’s going any more than you do, but are giving some folks lots of rope, playing the game till it’s time to stop and yank the rope, as a way of keeping an eye on things, keeping some things from spiraling too far out of control, and being surgical other times. As usual, the PTW will go too far — again — but this time it will come crashing down around their ears. We don’t have long to wait.

Like most of the CATs, you probably don’t care much about any of that. You want a new world. It’s coming. One millimeter at a time.


Jumps and Wave X energy are slipping under-the-radar in many different ways… and many of us are increasingly feeling/sensing the energy more in our sensoriums and less in scientific instruments… which is no surprise, we predicted it months ago. That said, there’s not much earth-shaking happening with meters, but here are the highlights:

Jumps/adjustments. CATs felt a bizarre top-down (head) upgrade last night. Very interesting. Lots of new imagery afterward that we… frankly don’t understand. We have no words for what we saw. Was this the previous CME hitting us? We’ll know tonight.

More jumps:

And a good-sized, mostly earth-facing CME:

Might be here on the 12th.
Here you can see a new level from a past jump.

There’ve also been a TON of GRBs the past few days, coded in a zillion different ways, so many that only the higher-vibes can read them. Here’s just one… we can’t read it. It looks like… 400 bazillion rainbow-y ice crystals all glowing some special unique code that melts into another code and crystal data set depending on the frequency of the viewer, and then there’s a chicken up there or is that the way she’s holding the grapefruit? Oh, forget it. (In case you don’t remember us telling you, HOBs can take a GRB and “intercept” it — at light speed? must be an out-of-time thing — and code scads of info into it… then “release” it in the same direction. Got that?)


Here’s a close-up of today’s BOOM:

That’s enough for now.

Oh wait, speaking of BOOMs and such… someone asked and YES, quasars are indeed white holes, the opposite of black holes:

And YES, Eta Carinae has already exploded. It shuffled off 30 solar masses in the ’90s…

That’s a WHOOSH, not a boom.

…but it has exploded since then, the light just hasn’t reached us yet (it’s 7500+ LY away).

Meanwhile, VY Canis Majoris…

…has also exploded, but the light also hasn’t reached us, yet. SUPER BOOM. (If in place of our sun, VY Canis Majoris would extend out past Saturn’s orbit. Yow. (That other star in the middle is Eta Carinae, for scale.) Neither supernova will affect us.

Ok, a little more:

And it’s not even the biggest star:

A little size comparison:

The sun vs Eta Carinae. Being and nothingness.

Aaaand they’re all teeny next to quasi-stellar objects (bigger than Neptune’s orbit). Here’s a little one:

Oh, and NO, the sun will not turn into a red giant in 5B years. Astronomers still don’t understand stars or stellar evolution. Stars are ALIVE.

That’s enough of the Illusion.

Are we there, yet?


Worst Wednesday morning ever. Most of the CATs awoke to the sky looking like this:

“Let’s get small” has a whole other meaning here.

This is a still from the movie, “Phantasm.” For those unfamiliar with the plot… well, you can look it up. It was very weird for the time (late ’70s) — and for now — but, bottom line: Dead people were being taken by a creepy “Tall Man” in a hearse and squashed down into dwarves that were put into plastic barrels and sent through a surprisingly ET-modern portal to the above planet as slave labor — and worse. They even have action figures for it:


It was a metaphor that was WAY too close to the truth of that ‘go-into-the-light’ portal we wrote about that takes unsuspecting spirits to that Tatooine-y world the Reptoids (used to) control in Orion’s Belt. Yet another reason why we have our memories wiped before reincarnating. (However, the spirits there are currently having a much different — much better — experience than they ever have. The SF would’ve closed that portal completely — it’s still there, just not working the same — but SOURCE has plans for it.)

Besides “Phantasm” being the truth hidden in plain site, it was also another truth hidden in plain site: a metaphor for the pedo crowd and what they do. (The “Tall Man” grabbing little people, etc. So many metaphors, so little time.)

Anyway, waking to this sky this morning… it really looked just like this…

It was literally this color.

…made us wonder what this experience was for, besides making us hear the song, “1999” in our heads and thinking of one of the creepiest movies ever made. Guides have informed us that this is to deal with the PTSD of being sucked into this aforementioned alien world many many times, dragged in the reptoids bait-n-switch shop. We’d show you a real pic, but oddly, none of our cameras are picking up the extreme color. It’s like the worst smog alert you ever experienced back in the ’70s, or… being on that dreaded planet. Luckily, all those stars exploding around it should be the end of it. (One Betelgeuse supernova can ruin your whole day.) Jeez, talk about fascination of the abomination…


We looked at this:

…and this doesn’t look natural because it isn’t.

The orange skies above CA are artificial. The PTW sprayed some very heavy chemtrails (we’re still looking into what they sprayed) up and down the coast the night of 9/9. We don’t know how U.S. Air Force crews could do such a thing against their own people.

This is real, too:

They are using a laser (a DEW) to spark various new fires, just like they did last year. This is a act of war against the people of the U.S. by U.S. personnel. Well, you’ll get what you deserve. People are finding out about this. This might just be the overconfident STS overstep we saw when we looked at the ca8al recently. You can’t hide this. If various regular people found this and passed it around — using publicly available satellite images (that have since been scrubbed) — then that tells us that the U.S. military MUST know, and some of them (D-worshippers) have gone rogue for the ca8al, with some very dangerous weapons of mass destruction.

Odd how that pic that Da-da did for us has suddenly become prophetic:


Yesterday a CAT commenter (Friend) wrote:

FRIEND: “It’s a bit odd-  perhaps it’s only a trick of the smoky light, but today the ground has been sort of glowing, as if illuminated within and under it, glowing upwards. The sky has held a fairly steady dull light regardless of the hour but the nearer the ground the distinctly brighter it has been. Makes me think of your statement that SOURCE has taken charge of the weather wars. Perhaps it has something to do w Gaia?”

And some of the CATs saw it, too:

~M7: “It’s weird Friend says that. That happened to me today. As I was driving in the murk with my lights on, there was this odd blue glow coming off objects on the road and the road surface itself. I thought it was just my lights, but I’ve been driving for many years and have never seen that.” 

-CAT2: “Hey! Is the earth starting to glow, or is it just me??”

Others reported the same thing.

All vibrations/frequency have a color, we just can’t always see it. We get that it is Gaia, and her frequency or energy changed in such a way that we’re starting to be able to see it. Very cool.  


Another timeline jump. It woke a lot of us up:

Note the interesting activity on 9/9 @ 23 Tomsk time. CATs and commenters reported the earth glowing around then.


Aha. We gotcha. The DEW is not a satellite, it’s that same ship again, from last year. Looks like this:

Somebody get it. It might have Philippine registry.

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  1. Cats wrote: FRIEND: “It’s a bit odd- perhaps it’s only a trick of the smoky light, but today the ground has been sort of glowing, as if illuminated within and under it, glowing upwards. The sky has held a fairly steady dull light regardless of the hour but the nearer the ground the distinctly brighter it has been. Makes me think of your statement that SOURCE has taken charge of the weather wars. Perhaps it has something to do w Gaia?”

    I had an experience yesterday while receiving some non-local image data. Was looking at a console and saw this bright glowing mass under Portland Orego on this console that looked something like a tall Ms Pacman video game table. I don’t know what to make of it. Magma? Filing it on the shelf as “to be figured out later”…. and what the heck and where the heck was the console?


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