News, Meterage 9-9 ~ 9-10-20 [UPDATE5]

We have good news and bad news…

The Good News (For Some More than Others)

FYI, this is NOT the EMP timeline! Thank SOURCE for that. What a mess that is, you have no idea. And SOURCE is taking over the weather wars… and some other silly things the PTW were planning.

The Bad News (For Some More than Others)

Energywise, September will be “heavier” than August (as you can probably already tell). And October will be heavier than that. In the meantime, we were told to do things that were “funny,” to reduce agitation as things get more and more unbearable. Dwelling on things or trying to change them is not only useless at this point, it’s unnecessary. SOURCE is in charge. Be patient. Take up a hobby!

Also, take heart because there are lots of people ‘at the top’ who don’t believe what’s going any more than you do, but are giving some folks lots of rope, playing the game till it’s time to stop and yank the rope, as a way of keeping an eye on things, keeping some things from spiraling too far out of control, and being surgical other times. As usual, the PTW will go too far — again — but this time it will come crashing down around their ears. We don’t have long to wait.

Like most of the CATs, you probably don’t care much about any of that. You want a new world. It’s coming. One millimeter at a time.


Jumps and Wave X energy are slipping under-the-radar in many different ways… and many of us are increasingly feeling/sensing the energy more in our sensoriums and less in scientific instruments… which is no surprise, we predicted it months ago. That said, there’s not much earth-shaking happening with meters, but here are the highlights:

Jumps/adjustments. CATs felt a bizarre top-down (head) upgrade last night. Very interesting. Lots of new imagery afterward that we… frankly don’t understand. We have no words for what we saw. Was this the previous CME hitting us? We’ll know tonight.

More jumps:

And a good-sized, mostly earth-facing CME:

Might be here on the 12th.
Here you can see a new level from a past jump.

There’ve also been a TON of GRBs the past few days, coded in a zillion different ways, so many that only the higher-vibes can read them. Here’s just one… we can’t read it. It looks like… 400 bazillion rainbow-y ice crystals all glowing some special unique code that melts into another code and crystal data set depending on the frequency of the viewer, and then there’s a chicken up there or is that the way she’s holding the grapefruit? Oh, forget it. (In case you don’t remember us telling you, HOBs can take a GRB and “intercept” it — at light speed? must be an out-of-time thing — and code scads of info into it… then “release” it in the same direction. Got that?)


Here’s a close-up of today’s BOOM:

That’s enough for now.

Oh wait, speaking of BOOMs and such… someone asked and YES, quasars are indeed white holes, the opposite of black holes:

And YES, Eta Carinae has already exploded. It shuffled off 30 solar masses in the ’90s…

That’s a WHOOSH, not a boom.

…but it has exploded since then, the light just hasn’t reached us yet (it’s 7500+ LY away).

Meanwhile, VY Canis Majoris…

…has also exploded, but the light also hasn’t reached us, yet. SUPER BOOM. (If in place of our sun, VY Canis Majoris would extend out past Saturn’s orbit. Yow. (That other star in the middle is Eta Carinae, for scale.) Neither supernova will affect us.

Ok, a little more:

And it’s not even the biggest star:

A little size comparison:

The sun vs Eta Carinae. Being and nothingness.

Aaaand they’re all teeny next to quasi-stellar objects (bigger than Neptune’s orbit). Here’s a little one:

Oh, and NO, the sun will not turn into a red giant in 5B years. Astronomers still don’t understand stars or stellar evolution. Stars are ALIVE.

That’s enough of the Illusion.

Are we there, yet?


Worst Wednesday morning ever. Most of the CATs awoke to the sky looking like this:

“Let’s get small” has a whole other meaning here.

This is a still from the movie, “Phantasm.” For those unfamiliar with the plot… well, you can look it up. It was very weird for the time (late ’70s) — and for now — but, bottom line: Dead people were being taken by a creepy “Tall Man” in a hearse and squashed down into dwarves that were put into plastic barrels and sent through a surprisingly ET-modern portal to the above planet as slave labor — and worse. They even have action figures for it:


It was a metaphor that was WAY too close to the truth of that ‘go-into-the-light’ portal we wrote about that takes unsuspecting spirits to that Tatooine-y world the Reptoids (used to) control in Orion’s Belt. Yet another reason why we have our memories wiped before reincarnating. (However, the spirits there are currently having a much different — much better — experience than they ever have. The SF would’ve closed that portal completely — it’s still there, just not working the same — but SOURCE has plans for it.)

Besides “Phantasm” being the truth hidden in plain site, it was also another truth hidden in plain site: a metaphor for the pedo crowd and what they do. (The “Tall Man” grabbing little people, etc. So many metaphors, so little time.)

Anyway, waking to this sky this morning… it really looked just like this…

It was literally this color.

…made us wonder what this experience was for, besides making us hear the song, “1999” in our heads and thinking of one of the creepiest movies ever made. Guides have informed us that this is to deal with the PTSD of being sucked into this aforementioned alien world many many times, dragged in the reptoids bait-n-switch shop. We’d show you a real pic, but oddly, none of our cameras are picking up the extreme color. It’s like the worst smog alert you ever experienced back in the ’70s, or… being on that dreaded planet. Luckily, all those stars exploding around it should be the end of it. (One Betelgeuse supernova can ruin your whole day.) Jeez, talk about fascination of the abomination…


We looked at this:

…and this doesn’t look natural because it isn’t.

The orange skies above CA are artificial. The PTW sprayed some very heavy chemtrails (we’re still looking into what they sprayed) up and down the coast the night of 9/9. We don’t know how U.S. Air Force crews could do such a thing against their own people.

This is real, too:

They are using a laser (a DEW) to spark various new fires, just like they did last year. This is a act of war against the people of the U.S. by U.S. personnel. Well, you’ll get what you deserve. People are finding out about this. This might just be the overconfident STS overstep we saw when we looked at the ca8al recently. You can’t hide this. If various regular people found this and passed it around — using publicly available satellite images (that have since been scrubbed) — then that tells us that the U.S. military MUST know, and some of them (D-worshippers) have gone rogue for the ca8al, with some very dangerous weapons of mass destruction.

Odd how that pic that Da-da did for us has suddenly become prophetic:


Yesterday a CAT commenter (Friend) wrote:

FRIEND: “It’s a bit odd-  perhaps it’s only a trick of the smoky light, but today the ground has been sort of glowing, as if illuminated within and under it, glowing upwards. The sky has held a fairly steady dull light regardless of the hour but the nearer the ground the distinctly brighter it has been. Makes me think of your statement that SOURCE has taken charge of the weather wars. Perhaps it has something to do w Gaia?”

And some of the CATs saw it, too:

~M7: “It’s weird Friend says that. That happened to me today. As I was driving in the murk with my lights on, there was this odd blue glow coming off objects on the road and the road surface itself. I thought it was just my lights, but I’ve been driving for many years and have never seen that.” 

-CAT2: “Hey! Is the earth starting to glow, or is it just me??”

Others reported the same thing.

All vibrations/frequency have a color, we just can’t always see it. We get that it is Gaia, and her frequency or energy changed in such a way that we’re starting to be able to see it. Very cool.  


Another timeline jump. It woke a lot of us up:

Note the interesting activity on 9/9 @ 23 Tomsk time. CATs and commenters reported the earth glowing around then.


Aha. We gotcha. The DEW is not a satellite, it’s that same ship again, from last year. Looks like this:

Somebody get it. It might have Philippine registry.

151 thoughts on “News, Meterage 9-9 ~ 9-10-20 [UPDATE5]

  1. “Like most of the CATs, you probably don’t care much about any of that. You want a new world. It’s coming. One millimeter at a time.”

    And that mm is moving quite slowly, too. LOL

    Perhaps these meters help to explain the dream(s) I was having last night – yowsa, must be purging (made me think back Very Far Indeed to Dark Shadows or Paradise Island….)!!

    In any case, I’m just going to march on through September and October and Nov… well, keep marching until. Just that. Lettin’ SOURCE manage, and I’ll keep my cheerful attitude. That’s my intention!

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  2. thankyou for the information Cat’s, & M’s..
    this explains a lot, why i just want to sleeeeepppppp all day all night,
    wake me up when September ends…. aiieyeee..

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    1. Yeah, same here.

      If I didn’t have to go to work now and then to afford rent and food I would be snoozing 24h. My sleep changed the last few days though, I usually go really deep but now it’s very shallow; and perhaps even more enjoyable, feels like slipping into a hot bath; waking up is also somehow less painful.

      I definitely do not look forward to the end of this lunar cycle, the last one was horrible. Hopefully by then I’ll be out in the forest picking mushrooms and not even noticing.


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      1. Aaaand let me tell you, i falling asleep at my work time😭😂.. yes yess, you’ll be in the forest picking mushroom and I’ll be in my yard planting some flower..

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    2. Pvrba ❤️ I’ve had that song ‘Wake me up when September ends’ Green Day in my head for ages!

      Guess we just keep on putting one foot in front of the other…☺️

      Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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  3. Thanks for the info. I don’t understand the acronyms, only a guess. Also I have ringing in my ears more often than not lately.. is that due to energies? And also are LED light bulbs and/or wifi in the house linked to the ringing and I am only just noticing? I read recently that they are really bad for us? Should I replace them? Thank you. Cora ✨✨

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      1. @CAT Eds – ? does intense itching occasionally in ears count in this mix – have had it on and off past few weeks, sometimes multiple times a day – nothing in ears (like ear goo 🙂 )… esp. no bug crawling around or anything, lol…



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      1. Yes, that is correct. Sorry, that’s the first thing we should’ve said! The tone is a beacon to meditate because a download is ready.

        The CATs on the editorial desk yesterday were getting a little frayed given the current circumstances.

        -CAT Eds.

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  4. Cat Eds. Well the energies haven’t affected your senses of humour thank goodness.😁 Several parts of this update made me laugh. Very interesting collection of information thank you. The really good news for me is “take up a hobby” .I love hobbies and keep finding new ones. Every birthday I use my money to buy crafting stuff. Yay.Rug making next interspersed with sewing, knitting etc….
    Now I know why the top of my head and right eyeball hurts. It started yesterday.🙄💖💖💖💖

    Liked by 12 people

    1. Hi Newlynn, I love hobbies too, especially painting and needlework. I have knitted and
      crocheted lots of sweaters, afghans and clothes for dolls and stuffed animals. I am trying
      to show the sweaters I knitted for the toy cats using toothpicks! It was quite a challenge
      and I don’t think my eyes are up to it anymore.

      With love to all,


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      1. Coriboy. Ahh those toys look so cute in their snazzy outfits. I’ve never done something as tiny as toothpick work. That must have been hard to do. I went through a phase of knitting toys, teddies, penguins with scarves and hats on, ballerina mice and clangers. So much crafting to do, so little time (and eyesight lol) oh and clunking shoulder joints. Getting older is so inconvenient.😸💖

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  5. Apparently the CME was kinda huge. I always feel these things when they occur. It’s not a great feeling.
    On Monday I actually felt really good, like a new me! Yesterday and today was like back to the grindstone…

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      1. Me too! -It looks like the end Times out there and I swear it’s darker now
        than it was an hour ago. After the initial nerves (triggered by lifetimes of
        “Oh great, another disaster”) I started to laugh about it.
        It makes me want to gather with my peeps and sit around telling stories
        and jokes and talking about what magnificent things lie ahead!

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      2. PNW

        Had fierce windstorm alerts in Lane. Then the smoke into the night.

        We Cascadians got hit real hard by that gigantic cooling bulge blasted down with the jet stream just to the east.

        The normal onshore flows were overwhelmed and some small fires got highly magnified.

        Weather Control or Climate Change?

        Is there a difference

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  6. Yesterday was a strange day, I read that the others are reporting similar feelings, Lily also 😉

    I felt soo disconnected that I could barely function at all, specially the other part off the day, and at times I felt soo sleepy, which actually correlate exactly with the Schumann, this time around, specially that last white strip at 5 am Tomsk time (midnight my local time), I just had to go to bed, manage to meditate, and now in the morning, even I slept for about 9h, I feel soo exhausted. What was I doing while dreaming, I do not know, but it was some hard exhausting work, it seems 🙃✨

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  7. I didn’t realise the HOBS are all coders until now. Bill Gates must be their antichrist, actually, is probably everyone’s antichrist. What with quantum computers and holographic realities, we exist in a geeks paradise. NE is still a program, and we are all electrical. Still, better to go with the flow than be a matrix battery I say.


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  8. I am not really following this Paul Batler, but I received this link from a friend, it sounded interesting so I decided to share it here, at list part off it was interesting, with some really good intel, the rest is too unicorny for my taste, but it is what it is 😉✨

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    1. Now this my alone post is looking weird without that main post I was referring to, I guess that video did not passed the test 😁


      1. Hmmm, I hoped for some clarification about why that my post was not shown, I do not mind to not show it because that guy is not telling the truth, I am OK with that, as I really do not follow him, but the explanation would be nice 😉


        1. Perica. Probably Word Press playing up. I’ve had a lot of trouble with it lately. My “likes” are there one day and missing the next. Then they show up again when they feel like it.😸💖

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  9. YOWZER !! Thanks so much for this Cats, Ms. Helps keeps one going during this craziness. 😘 And hahaha re folding grapefruit description etc. 🤣


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    1. Just re-read your original post, along w Update 1. (Wow!). It’s “holding” the grapefruit, not “folding”. 🤣🤣🤣
      But seein as how it’s good to keep on the “funny side” (😉), it works totally.

      Btw, retookup an art “hobby” just yesterday b4 reading post. SOMEtimes i can be so On It. 😁

      Love the covered bridge image btw. THAT is very much the place/feeling I imagine especially at the end of my daily clearing meditation. One thing that helps me “get there” is imagining/remembering a sweet innocent time from childhood, usually outdoors, in nature. Just a “snapshot” of that can work.


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      1. @trinity,
        thank you for reminding me of that CAT s post photo – it had reminded me of a dream I had after one of my Great Aunts died. I was talking to her (I didn’t ‘see’ her) through such a passageway – I wanted to be with her – I didn’t see her often in life (she was sent to Europe when young, I believe so she wouldn’t continue seeing an ‘unsuitable’ (it was late 1800s) young man – she never married – I think she knew pain. I spent a week? with her in the 60’s at her cute little house with a whole wall window(small panes) looking over a long hill of green sward, I think that’s the right word – the whole house was practically surrounded in myrtle ( a very dark green ground cover with little blue flowers), my ‘job’ while there was to trim their beds- …. Anyway I think that week of her treating me like a REAL person saved my life and sanity – a GOD send… in the dream I wanted to be with her as ‘things’ were still happening to me – in the dream it was gently conveyed, not in words, that I couldn’t go be with her – I’ve never forgotten that dream…
        thank you for the memory – sorry to get wordy…


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        1. Kg…😁

          What a beautiful memory for you. I have a great great aunt who is special to me (rip) and your post has reminded me yet again of her! So thank YOU !! She was/is some kind of angel in my life, much like yours!! Sweet memories to visit…
          I have been “talking” to her more often these days. Oh these precious ones who have been / are in our lives. 💜💜💜

          Many Blessings Kg.

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  10. Had a dream this morning that I was introducing a good friend of mine to my dog Buck, a bull mastiff sweetie pie with a lion’s body – we grew up together and were inseparable. I led her down to the basement in my Mom’s house, just as it was when I was a kid, to his usual coolest spot and as he came loping over to us, I said isn’t it amazing how he still looks the same after all these years (I’m 63)?! And we hugged him and it didn’t seem weird at all…. I can’t wait to see all my furry friends again!!
    On another note, the scale of those planets is incomprehensible, isn’t it? And to think they’re ALIVE, just WOW! BTW, what is the EMP timeline please? Don’t remember seeing that.
    Thanks Cats as always and everyone here for the sanity while life in the workplace just feels more bizarre every day!

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  11. Dear CATs,

    Today morning after I woke up, I did light channeling ( and then slept off again. I saw a very clear and lucid dream or maybe an astral experience.
    Many people were falling of the sky like something catastrophic happened to humanity. All were in silhouette and hence looked black in color. Their screaming was bad. I felt a little tension in me. However, the next thing I remember seeing was a vibrant and brimming earth, perhaps the new earth. The Sun’s rays itself was kind of shining with many different colors which I can’t put it in words. How much ever I would explain, I will not be able to let you know how much love I felt. It was a very graceful experience.

    Love & Light
    Ajith Gopinath

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  12. Feels closer, to me. But at the same time, the atmosphere here is getting more and more oppressing. Good thing I’ve got a few hobbies and my cat’s company to enjoy, or I would’ve lost my marbles a loooooong time ago.

    I’m especially sick of this whole beerbug craze. If only I could Thanos-snap things out of existence…

    In other news, my grandma’s slowly approaching her limit. But after 96 long years, an ictus, and a brain hemorrhage a few years back, I’d say she’s earned some well-deserved rest. I can’t even see her due to the aforementioned beerbug crap, so that adds insult to injury…

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    1. Much love and light for you and your grandma! So sorry you can’t be with her in person right now! This beerbug insanity will go “poof” eventually, but this must be so frustrating for you! Lots of hugs!!!!

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  13. Just read the last update (2)- maybe that’s why I kept looking at the sky this morning wondering why I felt off about it – total weird feeling grey blank clouds – it must have snowed a bit over night as there is a bit still on car tops and hoods – ground is clear, ground still must be too warm from our toasty (high 80s-90’s) last few weeks – will be in 40s F today and warm up to in 60’s the next few days – not going to freeze at night (here at 5000 + ft altitude) the rest of week… slightly above freeing at this time – close to 10:30 am MT…

    Not looking forward to more INTENSE months, but as Doris Day would sing… Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)
    (listened to it, feel oddly a NE type of feeling, peaceful – a feeling a bit of what life would be like, just a feeling… – another song came up right after – I don’t think a co-incidence – like don’t forget what is ALSO here right now even with all the cr**pola going on – I’ll post it beneath this…)
    ❤ to all,

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    1. Kg-you gotta love Doris Day. Thanks. I’m a big fan. Maybe I’ll re-watch the D.D. comedies starting with “Pillow Talk” Ahhh, the 50s and 60s! Good times. Har!

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  14. Cat Eds. It sounds dreadful where most of you live. It’s hard to imagine what you and all others that are affected are going through with these fires. Sending love, rain and cooling breezes to waft the smoke away. May the fires cease and desist soon.🌧️☔💦💕

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  15. Sorry for mis numbering the update – getting ahead of myself??? 🙂
    Here’s the other song that came in the positive energy line up this morning right after
    Que Sera Sera.
    Ahhh, Louie – you are such a light! ❤
    – such a beautiful man…


    Louis Armstrong – What a wonderful world ( 1967 )

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  16. CATs could you comment on this please!?


    Thank you!
    Stay safe!


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      1. And for Source sake stop saying and spreading,

        “Stay safe!”

        Those words are the carefully constructed ‘normie’ programming to circulate the FEAR amongst themselves and keep it fresh and alive.
        Keep ping-ponging that stupid saying to everyone of your reflections in your ‘reality’ illusion here as a Creator, and watch what happens to you.

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      1. @The CAT(s) That Lived

        “Hm. This might be true.

        Could you please clarify?

        Thank you!


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  17. Amongst my many comments I just have to add Har! FYI, the first ginormous bulb order is being shipped last week of Sept. New Rhododendron order shipped first week of Oct. (I figured I might just keep on planting ) cheers

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  18. 💜🌻💙thank you cat’s for the news 💜🌻💙

    I wanna send you all in California a cool breeze and rain 💙💙💙

    and to all the other friends bunches of Light
    especilly for Lilly and Elsie healing light 💜🌻💙

    Love Alnilam 💜🌻💙

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      1. dear Lily❤️🌈

        your new avatar reminds me at a lucid dream
        I saw this bridge and plants growing on the bridge leading to NE❤️🌈

        big big hug to you both

        love Alnilam ❤️🌈

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        1. Alnilam ❤️ Glad you like the bridge, the photo was taken at our local country park that Elsie loves so much. It’s a little bit of heaven there! And there is our bridge to NE!

          Big hugs to you too, hopefully the rain meditation will put some pow wow back into our energies!

          Much Love 🤗❤️🤗

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      2. dear Lily

        love and sunshine…. 🌈 ❤️☀️❤️🌈

        at the moment I am feeling like living in two different worlds
        one world is NE 🌈 ❤️☀️❤️🌈 (my husband feels the same)
        the other is the Here and NOW…. so muh noise everywhere

        I really live in a wonderfull place but in the moment I do not want any noise.
        I also know that my frequency has to match the high frequency of 5 D and NE
        only loving my 🌈 ❤️☀️❤️🌈NOW🌈 ❤️☀️❤️🌈 can bring me to NE

        what can I do? I am a bit sad and delusioned about this 3 D world…
        hopefully tomorow feeling better…

        Much Love to you and less noise over your house (airplanes)

        Alnilam 🌈 ❤️☀️❤️🌈

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    1. Blooming heck! That is RED! Hope it’s cleared now CATs? Can’t be pleasant waking up to that in the morning esp if you have whomp headache!

      Blimey 😳

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  19. Hey all! Love that tune, thanks for posting. I am definitely feeling these energies, a heaviness. I usually feel it around this time, sharing a birthday with that day in September, but that’s not it. I am willing myself to take some walks, and keep the vibration high through laughter, but have been in need of a nap here or there.

    Had a lucid flying dream, but cannot recall any details save for taking flight. Still holding the light in NY, and sending it out to all who need it, and on to infinity. Especially my friends and omata out in California, animals included. One Love All. 🙏🏽❤️🌎

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    1. Mootzfriend ❤️ Happy ‘early’ Birthday wishes. Hope you have a wonderful day, filled with Love & Light, Music & Cake! Oh and a spiral from Elsie!

      Much Love 🎂❤️🌈🌼🎁☀️🌀

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      1. Might as well join the Band Wagon! Have a most Joyous (early/actual)Birthday with Light cake/ice cream. Peace.

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        1. Thank you! Gratitude and Love for the wishes, the Light, and the Spiral from Elsie! Sending out infinite rays of Love and Light to all, will be a day of cake, ice cream…and napping.

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  20. Okay, who said Wednesday was ET night?!

    I am having a light show treat tonight!

    I heard really loud jets going over the house so just looked out of the window to see what was going on (north facing). I saw a bright white light going across the sky blinking three or four times then off, three or four times then off. Then I saw another close behind it following, same light pattern. Then another appeared, then another, appearing out of nowhere, flashing a few times then either vanishing or appearing somewhere else!

    I then went to look out of the back window and saw a steady white light arc over the sky…

    Going back to see if it’s till happening!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Hmmm curious! It’s funny how excited I can get about a few lights in the sky because unless you can see inside the ships or know who the ships belong to and what they are doing, they are just lights in the sky!

        Much love ❤️🙏❤️

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  21. Hmmmmm:

    “Last night people said they could not see the beam. This is a short 45 second long video… thanks to animattronic… we now have an easy to see enhanced color view of the energy beam emitted from over Oregon (likely from a satellite in space in my opinion)… the beam going from Oregon into California last night September 8, 2020 directly into a fire.
    Notice the fire gets excited wherever the beam moves.
    The beam has been detected again going to a different location and different fire. This time coming from above the ocean (likely in space) and beaming down into a fire in Oregon. Link to see that current live view here:
    Brightness and Saturation were increased… that’s it… nothing added… same images etc… you can still get the GOES 16 live link and do this yourself as well… Sept 7, 2020 after sunset West coast time is when the beam first starts… goes through until basically sunrise.
    Then again… next day (today) Sept 8 2020… just after sunset again… TWO BEAMS point to a different fire in Oregon coming from off the coast of California (likely coming from up in space).
    NOW THE BEAMS TONIGHT (sept 9, 2020 after midnight central time) SUDDENLY JUST SHUT OFF!!! This proves it’s not a reflection… since the fire is still going strong and bright!”

    From here:

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  22. I meditated directly into that GRB chart

    It became a hall full of columns of reflective crystals.

    I was flying into that hall and through the crystals.

    I consciously slowed my forward motion to stop on a plane of counter-rotating fields with designs cut through each and backlit.

    I focused on one single bit with seemed locked in static wave.

    I pushed in on that until I was confronted with the eye looking back.

    Only this time, the iris of the eye (not same color as my physical eye) was rotating around the pupil in a glittering way.

    Then, unexpectedly and very rare, the right eye shifted into view and it’s iris was spinning as well and now both eyes pulled back and a blue Vishnu-like fellow, perhaps a statue or artwork pulled into view and grinned at me and drifted up and to the left away from my field of ‘vision’ (like many such apparitions do in my head).

    There may be ‘code’ right there in the charts.

    Thanks for listening.

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  23. Tuesday was very low energy for me. Heavy to. Put, it mildly. I began with my husband making breakfast and cracking a rotten egg. The odor caused both of us to throw up and we were unable to eat for the rest of the. Day. Strangely he told me about A superstition of sorcery, evil, intentions, and directed black magic which surround the appearance of a rotten egg. By the end of the day I believed! it was such a dense oppressive feeling all day long. Fortunately it passed.

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  24. Some say worst Wednesday, I had one of the bad weekends, thru L-day. Dark kept on trying, so I watched what went in Me, grounded often, reciting, I Am The L,L, T, O, + coursian mantra many times. Tuesday neutral, today, Bright and Beautiful. Sending Much Love/Light buckets to You All. Peace.

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  25. Today’s waking dream [brackets are my added reflection]:

    I was in the back of a suburban-style SUV, it was a beautiful day outside and I was on the way to a vacation spot. The SUV was towing a HUGE sailboat with a giantly tall mast [Humanity]. My dad [SOURCE] was driving as I in-joyed the views from the backseat. I knew we were driving to a nice lake, a few hours away.

    As I observed and rode, the journey passed by – then there was a moment when I realized how delicate it was to be driving this ship, and how perfectly of a path must be taken to assure the roads all catered to the size of the sailboat and especially the high mast.

    I smiled, as I trusted the path was perfectly mapped out.

    I awoke before we arrived [the journey is now].


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  26. “We’d show you a real pic, but oddly, none of our cameras are picking up the extreme color.”

    That’s because the auto white balance on the cameras can’t believe that the sky is really that orange, so it’s trying to compensate.

    These last few days have been terrible. Just realization after realization after realization that my life has been a failure. Could have been a highly-paid minion in Bill Gates or Tim Cook’s army, if it weren’t for the health problems. Could have found love, if I was taller. I literally have nothing to show for being alive. Am probably one of those bad grapes that got pruned away.

    I don’t even have the energy to try to meditate or to fix anything, just sleep much longer than I should. If September is already this whack how are people going to survive October?

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    1. Hi Elemental. Yes I went through this as well. I called it a type of life review. But it wasn’t fun or pretty, and fairly geared toward beating one’s soul down with the negative. So most likely not a life review, but a sort of walk thru the shadow of the valley type thing. It passes, if you can manage the walk. It’s very heavy, soul heavy. I don’t know if it’s engineered, or part of a stretch that is necessary, that we have to navigate to get out. The gauntlet.
      Holding the love and light for you as you make your way through. This is not who you are. Love Angela

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    2. Elemental. Your life has not been a failure at all. The only criteria that’s important is that you are here as a wonderful spiritual being and you are spreading your light and energies just by being here. All other factors used by us to judge ourselves are truly unimportant. Love yourself for you are magnificent. Never doubt that. Sending a big hug and much love.💖💖💖💖

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  27. Stay safe all those in Cali and surrounds, sending light.

    Interesting vid from an aussie girl who did a meditation/remote view of what is under Uluru, she seems genuine and doesn’t care for likes or any of that social media stuff. Info on Melbourne also.

    Would be interesting if others could confirm her insights/visions as this Uluru area sounds quite critical for the awakening process to take off.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this video!! It came at quite the right moment for me. I am sharing her latest one. She is a little surprised at the viral response to her arrival at Youtube and says “I’m not your Guru” while simultaneously sharing more specific and uplifting news. She is in alignment and standing in her power. She blessed me today and I hope she blesses others here. ~ Gary

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    2. I listened to all of her videos yesterday (there aren’t many, because she just started doing this). It feels like truth to me……

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    3. Children farms were/are being cleansed. Much Love/Light for the Kids and the Marines/Soldiers in the experience. Peace.

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  28. The skies truly look apocalyptic in California and Oregon today…….I seriously don’t remember a time when everywhere throughout both states the skies looked so red! It’s like there’s fire in the sky…….I know that sounds crazy but it just doesn’t all seem natural. Can the fire on the ground reflect upon the smoke in the air and cause the intense colors of red all day long? It’s like the color of the ginormous living stars UY Scuti and VY Majoris! I know that sounds bizarre but the intensity and color of these wildfires seems other worldly.

    Sending cool ocean breezes followed by clouds full of rain to all regions in Cali and Oregon.

    Stay safe and much Love to All!

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    1. The skies are artificial. We looked at this and the PTW sprayed very heavy chemtrails up and down the coast the night of 9/9. We don’t know how U.S. Air Force crews could do such a thing against their own people.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I knew it! I had a feeling but I wasn’t sure if was PTW or Gaia. Yes, it’s wicked to so disregard their fellow people/humanity……….

        The Earth/Gaia glow is pretty/very cool to hear and that the vibration is raising!
        Yes, well done Dada!


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      2. Military enjoy recruiting Ones they can control to harm even their own families. There Will come an end to military “his story” as the Feminine balanced the teeter totter. Peace.

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      3. I was wondering about that lurid orange sky color too. We had massive smoke up in BC where we live last year, so thick it was like a fog, but it was always brownish-yellow.

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    2. I dreamed about this earlier this year but I saw the whole world with red fire skies I thought in the dream earth had truly become hell totally.

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  29. I realized yesterday that many of us are essentially human lightning rods. Sure sounds less impressive than light worker/warrior/whatever; but I find it more accurate, since the actual work/war is simply being here, the rest takes care of itself.

    Maybe its time speeding up, maybe something else, but I feel like I’m close to sleeping more than 24/day at the moment. And during my brief moments in upright position I barely know where I am most of the time. Welcome to the life of a lighning rod, I guess.

    I think I might be quitting nicotine soon, it’s not really working anymore, more habit and nostalgia than addiction lately. The weird part is that I find myself missing the addiction, at least it was something to hold on to.

    Come on mushrooms, we can do this.


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    1. Hi Sifoo, yes I was feeling as the lightning rod lately as well. I even told my daughter I’m being the peacock in my mosaic. Stepping down the energies and grounding them in and disbursing. It’s a very necessary job, otherwise how would it all reach everyone at the level they can tolerate and not implode. Many many are needed in that capacity. So never feel less than for that function of your gifts and strengths. Not everyone can offer to step it down, it can be hard on the body.
      There are also other jobs, that come and go with the Source wind. It’s definitely a Dance, one orchestrated with Source Love as the director. Love guide me True, in every now moment, so I know the moves to the Dance without thinking getting in the way.

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    2. @Sifoo, I know this may sound weird, but I think part of the smoking habit – besides the brain chemical nicotine replaces, is that the habit for adults replaces thumb sucking as a soother – there’s a reason it soothes – some children do it, some don’t – one of my step daughters never stopped – she’s in her early 40’s now, I think and part of my multiply run life did it also…
      How about switching to lollypops – I’m cheerfully serious – there must be healthy ones out there, somewhere – I think it’s why some office workers (and others) are pen/pencil chewers –
      The inside of the month is also an area of reflexology points, too…


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      1. Thanks!

        Reminds me of a favorite movie quote:
        “May you dream of offered tits”

        May we indeed, in a totally non-sexual way 🙂

        Wouldn’t surprise me at all, having seen first hand what a difficult time children have to break the habit and give up the comfort.

        The association is probably the last thing we need though, given how badly tolerated tobacco already is and how sensitive we are to nipples 🙂

        Though my biggest issue right now is missing the addiction, as in not being addicted; which feels really weird and silly.

        At first giving up everything seemed impossible, unthinkable even. Step by step I reached a point where I couldn’t care less about most of the 3D experience. Apparently there are still some minor hangups lurking in there.


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  30. Hi Cats and ~M’s. I’ve been ambivalent about being involved as you say. Limiting myself to holding Love and TRUTH.
    And now that Florida is being attacked, I have the right…..what fun. Let’s play.

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  31. We weren’t sure, so we checked… but at the 6:55 mark, just to the right of Tom’s head, a Pleiadian craft on patrol zooms up and then zooms away. Very cool. It happens on the other side of him a little while later.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. The Pleiadian craft first appeared even at the very beginning of this video at 0:03 and then disappeared at 0:05. Perhaps it’s another Pleiadian craft ?

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  32. Thinking of all of you, my Friends, on the west coast of the USA. I’m sending this short video from Lorie Ladd. She likewise is in California and is dealing with red sky’s and falling ash. She is sharing how she is staying in a higher vibration despite the chaos. It is quite helpful no matter where you are and what kind of 3D chaos you and I are experiencing in the now. Blessings, comfort and high vibrations for us all. ~ Gary

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  33. I haven’t looked at new comments, just popping on to relay extreme weirdness of dreams this morning before I lose the bits I’m recalling:
    There was a secret assassin part – secret mission –

    A Star Trek-y episode part – undercover operation – unofficial – remember Spock and Chekov?
    (I think I feel Leonard Nimoy has been in a few dreams lately) there was a rock in the dirt on a hill above a facility of some kind and a white van drove into the facility area – it seemed to trigger the rock and it slid in a direction and revealed/opened nearby a lighted hollow and something else nearby too… – don’t think big enough to be an entrance but it was significant to the mission – it was not supposed to be triggered this was as no one could see it(anyone involved with the mission) – don’t know if that was good or bad – it had a capital M faintly inscribed on it’s top surface to find the right one –
    Then (another dream), and a older man who lived or at least came down from ‘upstairs’ came into the apartment waking me, asking me (good naturedly – I think he just went over somewhere and made himself a cup of coffee before sitting down to ask me questions – very cheeky cheerful attitude) questions were partly about the second Star Trek movie, I think the name I tried to remember in the dream was ‘the undiscovered country’; significance? I don’t think it mattered if that was the correct name of that movie as much as the name itself.

    Ahhh it’s all fading… a lot of ‘missions’ last night, also family things, I think – I was not with them – I was sleeping restlessly on a couch in a ‘living’ room and there were a series of windows in the wall that I could see the staircase that the older questioning, cheerful gentleman came down and waltzed into the apartment – didn’t know him – I felt like I was in a friend’s apartment for some reason.
    I think there was something about a large body of water, too… not an ocean – a large lake maybe??? – not enough of that one left…

    Exhausting dream times… OH, all this remembering upon waking, this last time was to the background music of – wait for it… 🙂 ‘UNCHAINED Melody’ by the… get it – Righteous Brothers – no symbolism there, right… 😀

    I need more REAL sleep – all be well


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  34. Oh my source yess, this afternoon, im on the road from work, and im in awe . The first word that left my mouth is “freakin beautifuuuul” i screamed, yes. I saw the sunlight hits the ground and its so pretty its like glowing!!!!!. Then i saw update 3 my heart just stopped for a second.. holy moly gaia.. 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  35. Sorry, I must have skipped one post at some point. What is this EMP timeline, or why is that good? Thanks a lot! 🙂

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    1. Not sure we made a big deal about it. There was a timeline we just missed where the PTW unleashed an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) weapon and really messed up the world. And with that threat gone, we are all coming out for the next bit: CATs, ETs, Gaia, SOURCE, the SF… and more. They won’t want to sleep.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. That’s really good =D
        I believe the more positive we envision the next future, more positive it will be.
        I don’t know about everybody, but I’ve surrounded by 111’s lately. Maybe we are on a good moment to lift up these timelines into the best possible one

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    1. Thank you CAT Eds for clarifying it!
      I hope enough people will know about their plan so it will not come true!


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    2. I was seriously considering going on hunger strike anyway, the energy of most food feels slightly off to me lately and I still have a tiny bit of panic over being hungry since Italy that needs to be dealt with somehow.

      Just need to find a window of opportunity in my schedule where I can afford to be completely dysfunctional for a while.


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    3. “Just yet”
      Will they really be allowed? Enough is enough with this.

      and what about the election fraud they’re going to try to pull off?


  36. Thanks to CATS, M’s, AM for the recent posts and great information, and to all the commenters. I’ve been trying to figure out some extreme symptoms, that have been progressing, and have been kicking my bum. I’ve had several bad water intrusions in my apt. & I’m certain there’s mold toxicity. I’m running several UV filters, dehumidifier, and, on some supplements to help detox, and plan to check if insurance covers physical testing. The cognitive decline, and a few other symptoms helped narrow it down, bleah. Hope to be improved soon, and also looking to move. Take care all, Much Love!~scott

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    1. Some dirts such as diatomaceous earth/zeolite are great for detoxing. I mix bentonite clay with them in juice, sometimes just water. Mild dirt flavor, yet add some peppermint oil/baking soda(sodium bicarbonate)/raw stevia(green) and You have a potent mineralizing toothpaste. Drink much from the source spring water. No bottles or tap water for detox. Peace.

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      1. Thanks Christopher! I started charcoal and will look into bentonite or diatomaceous/zeolite. I drink only spring or RO water with trace mins. added, many thanks. I’m taking oregano oil and doing a liver detox along with NAC, and a few others. 🙏

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  37. *sigh* just yesterday started noticing getting VERY hurty headaches right after certain interactions with family – nothing super serious, but maybe related to the kind of energy they were putting out at the time – I didn’t really need another sensitivity like this… and don’t understand why the pain reaction so quickly – they weren’t even especially negative interactions –
    Anyone have some insight??

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    1. I was dealing with pretty serious headaches myself yesterday, which is very unusual for me. Nothing I can put my finger on so I chalked it up to the Schuman Show. Today is much better though, so hopefully yours will be gone by the time you read this.


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  38. Cats wrote: FRIEND: “It’s a bit odd- perhaps it’s only a trick of the smoky light, but today the ground has been sort of glowing, as if illuminated within and under it, glowing upwards. The sky has held a fairly steady dull light regardless of the hour but the nearer the ground the distinctly brighter it has been. Makes me think of your statement that SOURCE has taken charge of the weather wars. Perhaps it has something to do w Gaia?”

    I had an experience yesterday while receiving some non-local image data. Was looking at a console and saw this bright glowing mass under Portland Orego on this console that looked something like a tall Ms Pacman video game table. I don’t know what to make of it. Magma? Filing it on the shelf as “to be figured out later”…. and what the heck and where the heck was the console?


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