OMC-1: Rainmaker Meditation COMPLETE

Given the recent serious turn, we’ve been asked to try something new. Take a deep breath…

The states of California and Oregon and Washington are on fire — indeed, the whole West Coast of the U.S. — and it’s artificial yet again. The PTW are attacking with heavy (orange) chemtrails, ship-based DEW weapons, and arsonists. Well, we’ve finally been given the green light to do something about it.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to meditate with your omata spirit-group (or just yourself) — along with all other positive participants at the below times — to create a gentle soaking rain that comes to CA and Oregon and WA from the Pacific Ocean. This RAINMAKER meditation will involve a bit of a time commitment, but you can jump in and do what you can when you can. A system is developing out in the Pacific and we might be able to snag it.

OMC Rainmaker Meditation

WHEN: There will be three half-hour meditations each day, starting Friday 9/11/20 and running till the equinox on 9/22; we’ll run group meditations for the next 11 days at…

    10:00 am PDT (17:00 UTC)
    4:00 pm PDT (23:00 UTC)
    11:00 pm PDT (6:00 UTC)

…and a final one at the time of the equinox:

9-22-20 @ 6:30 am PDT (13:30 UTC)

Each meditation will last 15-30 minutes. As always, if you’re tired or have a time conflict, you can ‘beam’ your meditation to the appropriate time. [FYI: The CATs are going to toss in random meditations here and there too, to keep the PTW off balance.]

This will be 11 days of rainmaking, and it will probably be cumulative. Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen right away. It might take all 11 days to see results, though some CATs are seeing it as early as the 16th. It will take time and effort, given how much energy is being used to stop the rain and propagate the fires and smoke… but if enough of us participate, perhaps we’ll be done early… and we can explore other opportunities. We will be joined each time by our Positive ET friends, and of course SOURCE and Gaia. Gaia has already been stepping thing up. (Note that both CATs and CAT commenters have reported the earth glowing at ground level: that’s Gaia.) 

WHERE: The entire states of California and Oregon and Washington.

HOW: We’re going to G+P+C, then join with our respective omata. We’ll then visualize a gentle, COLD rain system rolling slowly into the Western edge of and across California and Oregon and Washington, from left to right, to cover the states with gentle rain. You might have to imagine roping the clouds and pulling them in like stubborn cows, or use rod and reel. This rain will start and won’t stop till all the fires are out. There will be no special effects (no lightning), just rain… and a gentle wind. Lightning suppression will be in effect. [Leave the DEW ship to SOURCE, Gaia, and the SF. Would be nice if the U.S. Navy or Coast Guard could help, too.] 

We’re going to bring that storm system on the left to the West Coast — and others after that — over and over again… gently.

This will be a(nother) test of what we’ve done before — but this time with the omata as supercharger. We’re curious to see how this works. Afterward, if given the green light, we’ll address other problems, elsewhere. This will be our first test of this Omata Meditation Collaboration (OMC). Believe it or not, this is one of the final precursors to The SHIFT.

This is also what our higher-order-being (HOB) friends do on other planets throughout the Omniverse, so this is excellent training.


FYI, You don’t need to have a complete set of your spirit-self group (aka, omata) with you to do this meditation. You can just bring yourself to the mix and help us bring light to dark. As always, you are more than welcome. 😉


A few things…

  • FYI-1, we’re moving meterage info to a separate post. This post is only about this 11-day meditation directions.
  • From now on, multiple meditations will have a date/frequency designator. For example, the second of three meditations on the 12th would be “12.2” and the third one on the 14th would be “14.3.”
  • FYI-2, there is an artificial blob of high pressure out in the Pacific that seems to be the root cause of much of what folks on the West Coast are experiencing, weatherwise. It needs to go.

ACTION: Imagine a huge mountain/block of ice in the middle of that Pacific high pressure blob (hence, the P-blob):

That should eliminate it.


Good work, all. Looks like we are closer to actual rain:


Ok, let’s try to turn the counterclockwise Pacific winds CLOCKWISE. These anti-clockwise winds are artificial. Imagine all the winds off the West Coast rotating to the RIGHT (which is the way it naturally is). Let’s see if that helps.


FYI, we’re envisioning giant electric drills (with no bits) of LIGHT to turn the winds and water currents clockwise. Ask J and SOURCE and Gaia to work with you. Once it starts going, it starts on its own because this is the NATURAL direction.


We don’t know about anyone else, but in last night’s meditation (16.3), CATs were immediately set-upon by a profound dampening darkness that smothered all positive energy. A little disconcerting for a moment… but really, it was fine by us, because in the energy realm, thought takes form in action instantaneously. So, if something obviously reveals itself to you, it’s like a gift. Why is it like a gift? Well, we breathed in tons of SOURCE for a few moments, then sent all who created and touched this dark energy the following crystal clear energy message:

You are perfect immortal spirit, brothers, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.

Lo and behold, that darkness exploded. Things were clearer today, energywise.

This technique works esp. well if something reveals itself to you, something that’s trying to scare you or worse. We did this on one of the Mr. Nasty’s floating around (scare/sphincter factor 9.9) and they made a surprised noise and fled; they did not like that mantra one bit.

We even added it to the clockwise Pacific Gyre energy we were creating, so that all who touched it were touched by that mantra.

Speaking of that, please pause your clockwise energy spins over the Pacific to address the jet stream. Imagine it looking like this (on the Pacific side), though with the blue line more along the coast:

That’s why we were having you imagine those clockwise winds, to restore the jet stream to more of its natural pattern. HAARP heating and bad mojo have been subverting actual weather since the ’80s, often turning the coriolis effect backwards. Time to put a stop to that… then step away and let Gaia and SOURCE take over. Ignore any crap about the “changing jet stream” and “el nino” and “la nina” as this is all programming propaganda to make you imagine weather being a certain way. We’re actually getting closer to seeing what we’ve all been working toward:

After we’re done with this exercise (on the 22nd), charge weather energy with the mantra in your daily meditations, then put weather in the hands of Gaia and SOURCE.


Please note that we are suspending these set of OMC meditations early. The omata exercises were VERY successful, and those should be kept up, as part of your regular meditations, but the concentration on the rains will cease. We’re handing everything over to Gaia and SOURCE and taking a short break. Frankly, we are tired, and we need to recharge a bit. And the 3d days are winding down. Time to look within and meditate with your new internal spirit-groups. You’ve all done very well.


Ok, Ms. Friend has dragged us back! We’d hate to miss an omata party.

Skip all the instructions, now. Everyone freelance. Let’s let SOURCE and Gaia and the HOBs guide us:


The ca8al no longer controls the jet stream. 🙂


We’re now being instructed to work on making ocean currents along the West Coast — and the whole of the Northeast Pacific — to be ICE COLD and flowing south, with the major ocean currents rotating clockwise. Final push. Home stretch. For whatever reason we saw this as having something to do with opening up the New Earth (?). Yeah, we don’t understand it yet, either.


In our last two OMC meditations today, CATs reported not only seeing windows fill with blinding light at the end, but some also reported SOURCE and Guides showing them the fine line they will tread between here and the New Earth. The path to salvation will indeed be a razor’s edge yet again. We’ll have a lot more on all that after the Autumnal Equinox… which will be our last official OMC meditation for this first installment, at 6:30 am PDT on 9-22-20 (13:30 UTC). Phew. Hopefully we made a difference, but the main goal was to get those who were interested more in tune with their omata spirit groups.

312 thoughts on “OMC-1: Rainmaker Meditation COMPLETE

  1. So I did the meditation today. Protection was easier today, grounding was weird. I usually (not sure why) left leg I imagine grounding to Earth, right leg to new Earth. I feel and visualize the roots coming out of my feet with golden light into each. I usually feel the energy moving down my legs into my feet. Today I felt nothing…. and had a hard time visualizing it. Took a couple times to come through, but finally it did. I didn’t feel much on the left and more on my right.

    I called on all my Omata, HS, Bro J, Angels, Higher Self, etc… and then asked Gaia and Source to come in and assist. The jet stream was easy at that point to push into place and start it flowing in a natural manner.

    And then I heard the sounds of RAIN…… ❤ I Stayed here a while and visualized it raining and soaking the west coast.

    I thanked Gaia and Source and asked them to finish. I stated my intent that no more lies, corruption or manipulation of anything on the planet, not news, not control structures, not WEATHER.

    I thanked them for their help and I then did my personal stuff.

    Did something happen in the last day that changed something with earth / grounding? Timeline jump?

    Lots of birds singing here and lots of blue sky in my area in N. Ca. Reminded me of people saying 4d.

    Here's hoping !!

    ❤ kk

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  2. The [truly] gentle rain started yesterday here in the Portland, Oregon, area – marvelous, simply marvelous. The air is breathable, clean (or Much Cleaner), and I am immensely grateful for what The Collective You have done to this point, and beyond.

    Please take a moment to share my gratitude with yourselves, knowing that you have made – and are making – a significant difference. Thank you!!!

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  3. Are we still doing the rain meditations? Apologies I am a bit confused! I had a bit of a break to deal with some other matters and to try and get some rest, was feeling a bit overwhelmed with a ew things.

    Let me know and I will be happy to get back on the ‘rain train’ ☺️


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        1. We’ve been using a giant cosmic leaf blower to push the jet stream toward CA. After Tuesday, we’re going to open things up. If we get good enough, we might be able break up into smaller teams… which is sounding more like what Spirit does!

          -CAT Eds.

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  4. Hello all ~ An interesting thing happened concurrently with the 4pm OMC Rain meditation. This northern CA valley where I live was surprisingly thick with smoke again today after a few days of lovely fall weather. The air health level reached over 300. By 4pm even the other side of the vineyard was disappearing.

    When I touched the OMC during the meditation, it was a vast cloud-like blanket layer covering the entire North American continent, at the level of the stratosphere, and POWER FULL.

    Less than 2 hours later, the valley was markedly clearer, the far ridge and individual trees visible again, and the air measuring 100. It is even better now.

    Coincidence perhaps, or evidence of our collective intention in all its varied forms of imagination.

    I will be able to sleep with open windows again. On behalf of my patch of planet, Thank You All!
    Love, friend

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  5. Hi Cats n ~M’s. Dealing with an allergic reaction. We tried something new hoping for the best. Probably not the best idea right now. And it was a bust. Now dealing with the aftermath. Ah well.
    We are freely singing. My daughter was having a hard time with CA. She said it was too chaotic, she couldn’t get a read. So I said don’t worry about it, just sing. Sing your notes with joy and let Source take the rest. Then it was easier.
    It’s so hard to work right now, my mind keeps sliding all over, in pieces. Feels like a great Song is getting going. Lots of strands of notes. Feels good to add my note to it.
    Love to all. See you in the maelstrom of the orchestral piece….building, building..

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  6. Wow! Just finished the meditation. There was a pattern with the clockwise motion. Started off easily, flowing round and round, beautiful, then resistance, breakthrough, resistance, breakthrough, went on for quite some time but at the end it was flowing perfectly smoothly…Sending Icy cold water South off the west coast was fun, penguin and polar bear throwing icebergs into the water to cool it down…heard ALOT of cheering at the end ☺️

    Off to bed, Night night ALL


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  7. Just finished the ocean currents meditation. Imagined being a giant and stirring the ocean water over the N.E. Pacific clockwise. It went smoothly. 😅

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    1. You can stop, now. The first OMC set of meditations is over. If you’d like a project… try making it rain in Tsavo National Park in Kenya. It hasn’t rained there since June of 2019. They’re bringing the animals’ water in by water truck.

      -CAT Eds.

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  8. Beautiful meditation today, felt very powerful. At the end I saw gentle rain and a huge rainbow over the West Coast of America which then grew and expanded across the entire planet, complete with rainbow spheres floating around the atmosphere.

    Thank you Source, Thank you Gaia, Thank you positive ETs, Thank you Super friends, Thank you CATs and everyone here and ALL our Omatas too 🙏

    Not long after, I saw a grasshopper crawling up the window at the front of our home:

    Grasshopper Symbolism . . . Grasshopper leaps into your midst from out of nowhere, it carries the high vibration of the mystical beauty of a free spirit… free to do and go as it pleases, with no one knowing what the next move will be. The life of Grasshopper is a mystery to us, he invites us to a dance with imagination. With our imagination we can glimpse into the life and the realm of the Grasshopper, where quiet observation reveals the multiple choices of our future. With each choice we make new dimensions open up to us.

    Grasshopper Meaning and Balance
    The realm of the Grasshopper conveys a dynamic connection between the earth and the breezes that circumvent the earth, one part being totally grounded, and one part being totally free. There is an ongoing dance of balance of having your feet on the ground, of being in tune with the energies and cycles of the earth, and having your thoughts in fanciful flight of daydreams, and your head in the clouds. Grasshopper encourages you to dream and to put your dreams into action.

    Much Love ALL


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      1. Here is some more:

        “They only have the ability to jump forward though, nor backward, nor sideways.
        Due to this distinct feature, grass-hoppers symbolize moving forward. If you see a grasshopper often in a short period of time, they bring you a strong message from the universe to not hesitate any longer, jump forward fearlessly. Do not feel threatened by doubts or ego, instead, trust your instincts and make the jump. You will be supported by Divine forces into a perfect unfolding of events and situations. Grasshoppers are also a confirmation of recent acts and changes you have made that they are indeed in perfect alignment with your path.
        Grasshoppers also signify enlightenment, a spiritual growth, and a divine guidance. You are indeed supported and there are great changes occurring on a spiritual level connecting you to your life’s purpose. Follow your intuition and the guidance you receive. Notice your thoughts the moment you see grasshopper. What is it that you are thinking about? Are you wondering if something is for your highest good? If that is so, then let the grasshopper be a great confirmation to those thoughts.
        The more grass-hoppers you notice, the more intense the message that comes from the universe that asks you to make the jump, stop hesitating nor doubting you are ready for the changes. Prepare for the unfolding.”

        Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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        1. ~ Lily ~ Thanks for the symbolism. I wonder how that might fit with the grasshopper ‘plagues’ in Africa lately- I hear there are masses of them in Montana this year too. Curious.
          Love, friend

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          1. Friend ❤️ Hmm, that is curious. Isn’t Africa supposed to be very important in the ascension? I’m sure I read an article somewhere, wish I could remember the details, my mind has gone completely blank, its happening a lot recently! Maybe the mass appearance of grasshoppers means Africa is raising it’s light, or is about to find relief from oppression, I do hope so 🙏

            Hope you are faring well ☺️

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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            1. ~ Lily ~ I was thinking the same thing about Africa. It can certainly do with a great deal of SOURCE light/water! 💦

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