Meterage/Jumps 9-13 ~ 9-16-20 [UPDATE3]

Sorry, we need a new post. The comments were getting too deep in the previous one.

[Note: Please keep an eye out for changes in the OMC meditation schedule post.]

Ok, time for some meterage. This Wave X WHOMP was from a few days ago (since deleted by NASA):

We’re also seeing that timeline jump/missing sun (in the UV) thing again:

Aaand we’re also seeing a bit of SR pre-timeline-jump jam again:

This kind of jumpage is also starting to look pretty regular:

And yet another giant ship emerged from the portal inside the sun, ho hum:

If we could charge at the gate we’d have retired long ago.

And we are one about two days from rain in CA and the West Coast:

Note the DEW energy from that ship off the coast of CA, zapping inland targets in the BEFORE image.

More later.


More jumps and upgrades:


Wow. The higher we go, the lower the darkness goes. Many CATs are finding this current PAUSE unbearable. We don’t know what we’d do if we didn’t have Beethoven:


FYI, we’re in a timeline jump right now, but when are we NOT in a timeline jump?! Some will feel it more than others.

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  1. Hi Cats n ~M’s,
    Suddenly getting hit with massive wave like feeling. Not sure what this is it’s new. Lots of energy.

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  2. Did anybody missed me ?

    I had some things to sort out between me and myself 😇, but also my younger son started with his first year in the highschool, so I was busy with that…

    Friends are still up there, patrolling the sky, more and more it seems 😁

    I did not got a “call” to do the Omata meditation as well as I did not got a “call” to this Rainmaker meditation, and in the past I was usually among first to jump on the task. In fact, I got a message, well, more like order in this words “Stand down, it is not your battle”, and as I also did not got a “call” to do it, I done exactly that, I was standing down in preparation, for what, I do not know yet ?

    I will try to be more active in a future tasks, I promise ✨


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    1. Perica

      indeed I was missing you, even if I do not write
      I allways read all the messages. I understand your call to calm down
      listening to the inner voice… the CAT’s also are exausted
      you had several heard hurting days and so you did it good. Yust relax and trust in SOURCE.

      I hope all is well and a big hug from Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Thank You, Alinilam, Yes, beside the stuff I had to do for my little angel 😇, I needed some time to be off grid, that is the call I got. I feel better now ✨

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    2. o, yes, @ Perica,
      I saw no post of yours, and I certainly missed you.
      What amazes me, is the “order” you got!
      Have you ever been ordered to stand down in a meditation??
      Something similar happened to Lily.
      Maybe you could check, if these were your true Friends,
      or some not so true!

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      1. Oro, I first did not feel a “call” to do it for a start as I usually do, then when I was thinking about to do it anyway, I got that message in a fully awake state, and I was, what ?!, then it was repeated few more times, but it had order feeling behind it, not a request, so I decided to follow it, but also I got a call to go off the grid for some time ✨

        I was thinking about it, and maybe that was done for my protection, but maybe it was done because sometimes something has to occur for a greater good in mind, to polarize even more the population, to awake even more, even that is a bad thing to go on, but…. I think that the last one is more likely, and that was the reason I was ordered to stand down ✨

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    3. I didn’t feel the call to do it either. I am always passionate about the “missions” that you propose to us.
      In spite of everything I tried to do it three different times and nothing. Mental fog.
      She changed her intention and meditated without problems.
      The strangest thing is that when I asked my HS, I got the following response:
      Step aside. It is not your war.
      I didn’t mention it before because I felt ashamed and unsupportive.
      Now when reading Perica, I have dared to confess it. It’s strange. There is something behind that I still do not understand.

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      1. Yeah, we really had to work to break through the fog and the blocking energy. Of course today the jet stream is flowing over us BACKWARDS. Whatever. We’re over 3d. We might still be the monkey in the wrench, though…

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. This was the most difficult Cat’s meditation I’ve participated in so far. I’m still resting up!
          The resistance was incredible. I spent much of the time trying to clear and remove obstacles to the rain. It was rather surreal at times because it was raining a good bit where I live. -jane XX

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      2. So I was the brave one who lead also to your revelation 😉

        Yeah, it was strange for me, and I was even not in meditation at all, I was fully awake, thinking about to do it, then message came in and probably for me to be sure, as I was, what?!, it was repeated few times, soo….

        But despite that order, during one meditation I sent the rain to that area, I was always rebellious one 😁✨

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    4. Welcome back Perica, I was wondering where you were ☺️

      Hope all is well with you 🙏

      I am exhausted but let’s see who posts Blossom first 😉

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  3. Hello all,
    I came across this today describing the energy of this week, Sep 16-22, through a lens of Numerology. I respect the author and have been familiar with her for many years. Perhaps there is something of interest for you in here.

    excerpted from:

    “…WEEK 38 runs from September 16th to the 22nd….
    This 3 8 1 1 vibration can be extremely creative, provided the intent behind it is loving. Hateful intent, lack of empathy, carelessness, and outright denial of reality continue to attack our higher aspirations as a species – and are likely to be ever louder and more belligerent this week. This powerful ‘manifestation energy’ can bring plans and ideas to life, whether they have loving intent or not.

    This numeric pattern affects all phases of creativity: planning, starting, continuing, standing back and seeing the bigger picture, taking an overview of all the details, making vital adjustments, and finishing.
    8 = POWER
    3 = the PEOPLE.
    8 = POWER.
    38 = the POWER OF THE PEOPLE.

    3 is the number of creativity.  8 is the number of manifestation. What makes this combination so powerful is the fact that creativity and manifestation are basically the same thing.   8 is usually more focused and takes itself more seriously than 3 – but 3 has the ability to present in a way that appeals to the masses and holds people’s attention.  3 is the entertainer.  8 is the manager.

    3+8 = 11, and 11 is the evolutionary vibration that is helping us to move through this precarious gap in time, between the 1000s and the 2000s. (1+1=2).

    The old ways can no longer be sustained – and yet people are so desperate to get back to the way things were. What we believe is the ‘norm’ is disintegrating before our eyes. We will never get back to the way things were because that time no longer exists.

    With such a huge emphasis on COMMUNICATION right now, be aware of how the power of words, imagery, and sound is being used to create doubt, fear, and total pandemonium….The key is not to focus on the downward spiral itself, but on what it will take to pull ourselves out of it and ascend into present time (which is the only gateway into the future).

    This does not mean ignoring what is happening. It means being able to see a much bigger picture and connecting it all together. The human WILL (our feminine energy) is in the process of rescuing itself – and this will require great effort and resolve.

    This week is a time to exert yourself more vigorously against whatever is keeping you tied to the past. Express yourself honestly and openly, instead of holding it all in. And do so without harming yourself or anyone else.

    Matters of the past, personal and collective, are coming to a head in Weeks 38 and 39. Loving intent and determination are essential.

    No matter how small or large a breakthrough you experience this week, recognize it, appreciate it, and let yourself be inspired by it. Appreciate your small successes, and 3’s optimism will help you through these most unstable times. Optimism is HOPE – without which we have nothing. Hold on to it.
    Recognize your natural qualities and talents and be determined to expand them in some way.

    On this evolutionary journey, while others try to pull us backwards, we must steer ourselves forward. …Now is the time to be consciously more creative than you are destructive. That’s one of the ways the WILL of the people will lift itself out of this pit

    … We have to believe we can do it, otherwise the weight of our own self-doubt will pull us down. We need to be optimistic. And we need to be 100% realistic, too.


    4 is the number of BREAKTHROUGH….”

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    1. Friend ❤️ Thank you so much for sharing this and for all your comments, always so inspiring and uplifting 🙏

      I was sitting in the sofa today when something in the corner of my eye fell to the floor. I looked around to see the number 4 had fallen from Elsie’s fabric calendar!

      So much Love & Light ❤️🌟🙏🌟❤️

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  4. “A few words that came to me a couple weeks ago~
    What if we exercise our creative will and manifest heaven while the doers & the viewers play their silly game?”

    That’s what you were SUPPOSED to be doing, for the past 10 years in particular..
    …It was what you alll were supposed to be doing for the Earth ascension team, alllll along.

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  5. Hello all,
    I read today’s newsletter from Sophia Love. She includes an excerpt of a conversation she had with what she calls “ONE” from Aug 31. After reading it, I continue my previous sense that “ONE” is not the SOURCE I know. I will include the small section I find the most off kilter. I wonder what feelings others of you might have, after reading it?

    PLEASE NOTE, this is only a few lines from her already excerpted content. The full conversation appears in her new book, she states. Her newsletter is an email subscription, free, but not readable on her website. I apologize to Sophia for not including the full text, as she generally asks. If anyone wants to read her excerpt in full, I will see about getting it in a form to include in a comment here.

    with love,


    “S- Why have you done this? What is the purpose of you contacting me?

    O-The purpose has always been redemption.

    S-Of who?

    O-Of those who would deceive and operate solely for self.

    S-Who does that???

    You make it sound as if this whole thing is orchestrated by you, for a select few – That our pain matters not – That until they turn over and figure it out it…


    O-They are human and this is true.

    S-We will not receive help until they seek redemption?
    (I was shaking here, as the gravity of what was said was sinking in and being realized.)

    O-Not all of them, but many and specific of them.

    S-Are you f****** kidding me? They will not admit to their crimes! They will be hung, or worse…

    O-This is the part where humanity enters.

    S-What. Are. You. Saying.

    O-That the race must stop the activity, yes. But love anyway.
    Once that happens, they will stop on their own.
    The fear is at an all-time high now, from every angle and all sides. It needs to subside.

    S-It will not subside until there is help given. The violence is worsening and becoming more and more visual.
    It approaches chaos.
    We are breaking apart.

    O-You will not be permitted to break. You’ll see.
    Something will occur.

    S-Please. Stop with the forecasting.

    O-You will come together and forgiveness will override the fear.
    Once that occurs, redemption is sought. And then help comes.

    S-I will stop now. (Meaning: stop the current conversation.)

    O-Yes, Sophia, yes you will.

    You remain my chosen one regardless of what you do next.”

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    1. Hi friend,

      We all have our moments of wobble. When it gets personal is when it gets more real than we want it to be. It’s difficult to hold the beam when it means too much to you. And I never though One was Source. Perhaps a greater collective of which we or some are a part of. Sophia hears her greater part of the One, much like we have access to our Omata. And to larger and larger collectives. I’ve always found that Sophia’s information dovetails roughly with my own knowing, in the major drops.

      But it’s not always easy to hear clearly, so I’ll hold the beam for her to find clarity and peace in where she finds herself.
      It’s hard to realize that we can’t really save another. We can only trust that they have this, and be there for them. It’s been a hard won lesson for me in my life too. Maybe the hardest. Love to you friend, Angela

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    1. Interesting is a mild word. Har! I reflect upon my life here at the farm and am clearly reminded of the truth of the words from Rose. Some long time ago I stated that chaos tries to get in this sacred space with sharp little teeth trying to chew in. I realize that to ever expand the plants and plantings and, of course the expanding energy, is my purpose. To create joy, tranquility, and peace. (not neglecting laughter) (As an example of laughter therapy, I purchased the whole series of Laverne and Shirley. I must say, never having seen many of the episodes, I laugh out loud. Great way to clear the lungs of smoke, let me tell you) Anyway, I digress. To put it another way, remembering who WE truly ARE has and continues to be an “interesting” experience. Har again! Now I must go into the paradise I call the garden, sip my first delicious latte of the day and await the first gentle raindrops.

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      1. @J,
        You would be truly horrified by the drink I just made – I asked my daughter for her used grounds from the pot of coffee she just made (she practically lives on coffee…)
        I dripped it through with hot water (it did boil first 🙂 ) through my cone whatchamacallit – added a quantity of warmed milk and a bit of vanilla stevia AND a dash of salt (WHAT!!!), hehe – sorry, body wanted it – latte from H3ll?? lol – I think it was more a body request for a body purpose than an actual enjoyable drink of renowned… I don’t tend to drink either tea of coffee as a rule. (NOT rule) – and it turned out lukewarm… I can hear your, “ARRRRGGGGH”
        sorry for any coffee trauma I caused you… love you…


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